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Back To Offline Class Challenges Faced By Students

Updated on July 5, 2024

Most parents are not aware of the switching from online to offline class challenges faced by students. Schools have started again after the closure for almost two years due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. As parents rejoice in the fact that, their kids are back to school, students simultaneously face certain difficulties that need to be addressed. Most of the students are relieved to go back to school and are very happy that they can interact with their classmates and teachers in person, rather than talking to them across a screen. The transition is challenging.

The pandemic brought a drastic change in the learning spectrum. School systems also have changed from pre-pandemic times. Over the past two years, the children have grown physically, mentally and emotionally. Most students have come back to school as grown-up adults. At this moment both parents and teachers face certain concerns primarily.

Offline Class Challenges Faced By Students

According to reports many Indians, students, youth and adults are depressed in covid times but are unwilling to talk about it. Most students are finding the transition phase difficult and refrain from participating in various class activities and would rather keep themselves to the lack of human connection. As they returned to in-person school and learning also things will not simply spring back to the way it was. After this pandemic as we shift back to offline classes, many students might need a boost or correct guidance for a smooth transition. 

With online classes, the routine of students has changed. Their eating habits are changed, their writing skill is registered deeply, their eyesight got affected and this list goes on like that. Now adapting to the routine like getting up early, attending classes, writing notes, doing the homework, and going to tuition, all become stuff for them. 


We are going to discuss a few ways to help students cope with offline classes after this pandemic situation.

10 Tips to solve offline class challenges faced by students

10 Tips For Offline Class Challenges
10 Tips For Solving Offline Class Challenges

1. Get organised

The first tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to get organised. As you know staying organised always makes students feel fresh and it gets in the mood to study. The parents can help them to organise and remove the distractions like smartphones and other books etc. Many parents don’t realise the fact that smartphone addiction is more dangerous than drug addiction.

Students can make studying more enjoyable by preparing course material such as writing notes beforehand and finding course material and guides. An excellent way to cope with offline classes after the pandemic is to find a good study environment and effective study materials.

Organised study room

2. Stick to a routine

The second tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to stick to a routine. Say goodbye to the lazy day online classes. For many students, the online classes were more of a relaxed day-to-day routine and hence offline classes might feel too much initially. sticking to a routine is the key to balancing study and life in offline classes. Students must make a tight schedule and parents need to make sure that their children are following it. Following a plan gets a person hooked on to the practice and then he or she can not back out of it.

The 21/90 rule is the best method to achieve your new routine which takes a straightforward approach to develop a habit. Commit to a professional or personal goal for 21 consecutive days, in this case, it would be your academic course. Make a timetable and pursue the goal repeatedly for 21 days. The goal will probably turn into a habit. Once you are used to this habit push it to another 90 days and feel the change in you.

3. Take breaks

The third tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to take breaks. Let students know when to take a break. Everyone deserves a break no matter how packed the offline classes are. Students have to go through a lot of stress in studying. With the new regime and the new academic stress added to it.

Parents must make realise this fact and allow children to take a break to relieve stress and also helps to energise them for the upcoming schedule. Let them listen to their favourite music, go out with classmates and good friends, eat whatever food they need, and have an outing with family. Make their favourite dishes, and encourage their new hobbies to make them feel their efforts are worth it. Overall the students who often give themselves regular short breaks and then get back to study concentrate better

Family on the beach

4. Sitting tolerance

The fourth tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to adjust sitting tolerance. During the online classes period, studying from home and roaming around the house was normal. For many students, it is a burden for getting back to school and sitting in one place for more than 30 to 40 minutes. Most students regularly on their benches find it very difficult to maintain attention in class.

5. School rules

The fifth tip to solve offline class challenges faced by students is to adhere to school rules. Most schools are particular about the dress codes of the students. Some students are entering the classroom with coloured hair, long nails, undersized uniforms and digital watches which are not allowed in the school. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure their child adheres to the school rules very clearly. 

6. Career counselling

The sixth tip for solving offline classes challenges faced by students is to get good career counselling. If your children often find themselves in a dilemma, they probably need good career counselling. Having a clear career path can help them concentrate on their studies. Parents can enrol their children with some experts to get their suggestions and good career counselling helpful for them for the next academic selection procedures and higher studies. This will make them confident about their outcomes for the next higher studies. Always choose the right career best for you.

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7. Focus on health 

The seventh tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to focus on health. Many students typically experience negative emotions such as fear, disappointment, sadness, anxiety, anger etc. The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has escalated the situation. During the pandemic and online classes increased screentime strain, family relationships or lifestyles at home affected the children’s mental and physical health.

The best way to help your children is to take care of themselves. Be calm and proactive in your conversation with them. As they prepare themselves for a new phase of offline classes often check with them how they are doing and guide them. They have been with this busy routine for a long time and hence their emotions might fluctuate. Parents should realise this and need to show them it’s ok. Whether at school or at home, giving care for them helps them deal with negative feelings they may be experiencing lately.

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8. Sleep hygiene

The eighth tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to follow good sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is very important which includes having a fixed time to sleep and waking up every morning. During online classes period, their biological clock has changed and hence most students are unable to set an appropriate body clock. Owing to online classes many students were habituated to sleeping and waking up very late. Many were logging into the school offline and going back to sleep. Thus this new transition is difficult for them. Maintain an ultimate sleep routine for high performance.

9. Fear and anxiety 

The ninth tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to control fear and anxiety. Certain kids live in a lot of fear and anxiety post-pandemic because they might have lost someone loved in their family. These children need to be managed very sensitively. It is important to focus on their emotional well-being before their academic performance. Some students are unable to attend their practice papers because they lost their practice of writing. They are used to online multiple-choice questions. It is a human tendency to adapt to changes. However, it is not possible for everyone to adapt to changes very quickly. Learn to face challenges fearless of failures.

10. Socio-emotional support 

The tenth tip for solving offline class challenges faced by students is to get socio-emotional support. As students are back to school, they have to develop their social and emotional skills. Most schools provide counselling and support to all students along with sessions in managing emotions and rebuilding their social skills. Building these habits in students and helping them support each other is very essential to reconnect and maintaining a sense of community and friendship between them.

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Having a friendly and supportive environment will make this transition very easy. Parents should realise that this will not be the sole responsibility of the school. Working in tandem with the school and keeping track of what is happening at school will help your child do a lot better. Do not overly pamper your child, give the support and time to adjust to the new norms, and work towards helping the child change for the better and great results. Parents and students should realise the facts and follow the guidelines from teachers and experts for solving offline class challenges during this transition period.

Dealing with this transition was not only been difficult for students but many adults too. Many have admitted to missing the comfort of working from home.

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