Never Waste Energy To Your Fears

Never Waste Energy To Your Fears

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2018)

Never Waste Energy

If anyone say he/she has no fear about anything, that may not be true. Because everyone has some kind of fear. If that fear not solved timely that can create major problems.  Never waste energy to fear on something least likely to occur.

Gabrielle Bernstein is a woman who went from being a PR party girl to becoming a No.1 New York Times best selling author. She is a successful international speaker and a spirit junkie. Her inspiring talk explaining her success rules will help you make your life successful.


More About Gabrielle Bernstein

  • Featured as a “next-generation thought leader” on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.
  • Appears on The Dr. Oz Show as an expert.
  • Since 2004 she has been on an international speaking circuit.
  • Presented lectures at Google, The United Nations, TEDxWomen, and The Huffington Post.
  • Certified instructor of Kundalini yoga and meditation.
  • Practices Transcendental Meditation as taught by the David Lynch Foundation.
  • YouTube chose as one of its 16 YouTube Next Video Bloggers.
  • Forbes called her one of the 20 best-branded women.
  • The best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back.
  • Gabrielle launched her sixth book, Judgment Detox, Release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life in January 2018.

Never Waste Energy – Gabrielle Bernstein – Top 10 Rules

  1. Appreciate what you do have
  2. Manifest what you want
  3. Change your perspective
  4. Be authentic
  5. Give love
  6. Improve your productivity
  7. Don’t give energy to your fears
  8. Make feeling good your priority
  9. Follow the fun
  10. Be the light



1. Appreciate what you do have



If you’re in that job where you’re feeling like this isn’t working for me, I’m not into it, I’m mad about it, I get I get upset every time I walk into the office. The thing that you’re missing here is that, that she’s looking at me she’s like, what’s she gonna say I need to, I need, you know I give it away got me give it to me. The thing that you’re missing is that when you appreciate what you do have, you create more of what you want.

Appreciating even the job that isn’t the one that you want forever actually helps you attract the next career path. And you think it’s counterintuitive because you’re thinking, well I don’t want to appreciate this thing, I don’t want that’s sending out a message to the universe that I want something I don’t want. Actually no.

The more you appreciate what’s in front of you, the more you become a magnet for what it is that you desire. So if you appreciate that job that’s not that great and you bring an energy that’s a little bit more of a high vibe frequency and you show up to work and you’ve got a better attitude and people start to like you a little bit more because you’re in that appreciation of whatever is around you.

And they start to see you a little bit differently and then maybe they give you a raise or maybe they see some potential in you or maybe one day you’re just in a really good mood. Because you’ve been appreciating everybody  and you’re not you’re not mad anymore not complaining on your Instagram about how you hate your job. And  you’re walking through the office and you’re in a really good mood and you get in the elevator and you bump into somebody and they say Oh what do you do? And you say I’m a copy editor at this company. And boom vibe they said oh how interesting we’ve been looking for a copy editor. Because it’s your energy and your appreciation that creates that opportunity.

so the more that you’re in an energy of lack or fear or negativity the more likely you are to deflect the creative possibilities in your life. The more you are to deflect the new opportunities and the less fun you have real. You know what I mean like the key to attracting what you want people is to have fun straight up have fun.

2. Manifest what you want

So for our audience can you define what exactly is manifesting?

Manifesting is acquiring the experience of what it is that you want to feel and being and living and believing in that experience and then allowing that experience to come into form.

Manifesting is very creative. It is the process of using your power energy and being in that presence of your high-powered energy and allowing the energy to co-create with the energy that’s around you. So you’re vibrating at a high frequency. I’m vibrating at a frequency uh!

We’ve done a lot of work, we’ve cleaned up a lot of our own crap, we leave in ourselves today. Yeah and that act that energy of believing in ourselves has attracted us together today and brought us into this space where we together are co-creating and teaching.

If I hadn’t cleaned up my side of the street and if I didn’t believe in myself the way I do, I would never have manifested being on marietv.

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There’s a really nice line from A Course in Miracles which is the metaphysical text I teach and it is miracles occur naturally and when they’re not occurring something has gone wrong. That interesting. It’s a good one. Right. So what happens is is that that synchronicity that flow that effortless action that just sort of allowing oh I was thinking about that and it just showed up.

That’s how life is supposed to be. We get in the way our negative belief systems, our fears, our anxiety, our anger towards the past. That future tripping and projecting all of that energy gets in the way of allowing all of the miracles to occur naturally.


3. Change your perspective

The third step obstacles are detours in the right direction.

So maybe you can begin to look at your obstacles of, maybe that divorce is a opportunity, a detour in the right direction, an opportunity to start to love yourself some more, maybe that loss of that job is an opportunity to begin to do that thing you’ve been dreaming of, maybe that diagnosis is an opportunity to get closer to God.

Take that in. Let’s reorganize your obstacles right now, what are the opportunities, what is the detour in the right direction in what way can you begin to turn it upside down and see it as an opportunity to thrive and an opportunity to get more connected to the truth.


4. Be authentic


Early in my career I was always trying to be someone else. I tried to be the cool girl or the successful girl who had it all. But what I’ve learned is that to be truly confident I didn’t have to try so hard. I merely had to strip away those pretenses to release the blocks the presence of who I truly am. When I became more me, I started living my purpose of confidence and taking action on my dreams. And that’s the lesson.

All the world wants from you is your authentic truth. When you truly get that you’ll feel the confidence to step into your purpose, own your power and make an impact in your own unique way. Think about that today. Think right now about what makes you you. When do you feel the most authentic and genuine.

5. Give love


What to do when you feel judged?

I have a very important lesson that something I’ve been applying in my own life in. A girl friend of mine called me yesterday and she said that she was feeling really attacked and judged by someone at work. And my response was don’t defend yourself, don’t fight back, don’t judge back.

Your work, I said to her, is to, the moment that you feel judged an attack, do something immediately to make somebody else feel loved.  So, when you feel as though someone has attacked you, judged you, bullied you, done anything to make you feel inadequate or unlovable, do the opposite, do the exact opposite. Go and do something to make other people feel good.

So, go make somebody feel lovable, adequate, and good enough. And that simple practice of just taking yourself out of the knee-jerk reaction to to fight back or defend but instead to go give love. That can change everything for you.

When you feel judged, immediately go give love. Go do something kind, do something compassionate, do something loving.

That will be the quickest way to stop the momentum of the negative energy. There are way too many haters out there. There’s so much negativity, there’s so much bullying and there’s so much attacking judgment.

And that’s why I wrote an entire book about this topic. So my hope for you is that when you feel judged or attacked, instead of attacking back, you go give love. You do something to make somebody feel good, you do something that’s based in compassion and love and joy. You make somebody, you make someone feel good about themselves.

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Easy Way To Get Love Wealth Success


6. Improve your productivity



Many of us have issues with productivity. Maybe we are overly productive, but we’re feeling burned out all the time or we’re not productive at all because we don’t know where to start.

I found personally being in business for myself for the last 20 years that I have been a little overly productive. I almost did too much and I was constantly multitasking and making things happen and just moving so fast, that ultimately, I really burnt out. And I started feeling brain fog, I was feeling disoriented, I couldn’t focus, I was feeling like even though I for so many years was priding myself on the fact that I could get so much done at one time. I actually don’t think I was being nearly as productive as I could have been.

So I hit a bottom recently with this productivity overload and I realized that I had to change my patterns, I had to change my ways. I was then blessed. I said a prayer. I said I need some help with my brain fog and I need some help with my productivity issue. And I that day got an email from the dr. Oz Show asking me to come on and do a segment with this lovely author and dr. dr. Mike Dow. And me and Mike had been in touch many years for many years just because he didn’t been an author we were published by the same publishers and Mike had we had written a book about brain fog.

So that day I’m like, thank you universe, you’re giving me exactly what I  need. I go on dr. oz with Mike and I’m backstage with him and I’m like listen, I’m feeling so chaotic and I’m multitasking so much and my but I feel like I’ve got brain fog and I’m forgetting things. And he look to me, he says how much are you doing at one time? And I said Oh Mike I’m doing a million things at once, I have a thousand tabs up on my screen and he’s like these are big  brain, no nose and they’re also productivity no nose is what he said. Because he said that the more I try to do and the more I try to multitask the less I’m actually getting done.

So he gave me a tip that I want to share with you that has changed everything for me.

And his suggestion was to just do five things a day.

To make a list of the five most important things that I need to do  that day.

Not do number two until I’ve completed number one.

And then once a complete number one move on is number two.

Then on to number three.

And if I don’t get through all five in one day, I’ll just pick up the fifth the next day or wherever I left off I’ll pick up the next day.

And to really stick to that list and not move back and forth and not try to make a million other things add it on to that list and just be really committed to that five task list.

I did it. I started to just be very clear about the five things I was doing in a day. I told my team I made a list in my base camp which is where we keep all of our notes. And I made it really clear to myself these are the only five things I’m doing throughout the day. As a result of making it super clear and conscious to myself that I was only gonna do five things. I have been more productive, I have created more, have been more intuitive, I have been more inspired and I’ve been more creative.

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7. Don’t give energy to your fears



Cheryl says what is Gaby’s biggest fear?

Good question. You know I think that I think that I don’t even want to say them out loud, yeah how about that.

Cool I say if I be yeah.

Because I don’t want to bring energy to it.

Yeah sure I like that you know expanding on that bit.

We all have fears you know no matter how committed to love we are no matter how deeply deeply connected we are to our own our own spiritual practice and to God into the universe. We will always have fear you know unless we somehow become enlightened which is possible. But we will live with fear and it’s it’s it’s not that the fear goes away completely as the spiritual student, it’s just that you don’t believe in it anymore

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So when you ask me to share my fears it’s like talking about something that it’s like not true for me. So of course there’s fear and they pop up and they’re you know it’s present but it’s not real for me. So it feels like like I’m doing the world a disservice to say it out loud.

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8. Make feeling good your priority



As a teacher of the law of attraction I believe that abundance begins by feeling abundant. When you take on the energy of what you want to create your desire becomes your reality. Many people think they’ll feel good once they have that money in the bank. But the truth is they’ll have that money only once they feel good.
So make feeling good your number one priority.


9. Follow the fun



I live up in the country most of the time. And I have a very good-a new friend. She just had a baby. She’s up in the
country, living in the country. And she kept her her apartment in New York City, because she’s like, “I’m a New Yorker. I gotta keep my apartment. You know she’s cutting checks every month, and she’s not there. She said my landlord is raising my rent. I don’t know what to do.

And I was like, “Okay, let me ask you a few questions. I said how does it feel to think about writing those checks every month to something that you’re not using?”

And she said, “Oh, that does not feel good”.

I said how does it feel to to think about getting that baby in the car driving down to New York City, finding a parking spot on the street of 13th Street, walking up for four flights and stares with the baby”.

And she said “Oh, that sounds really overwhelming”.

I said “well Laura, how does it sound to save that money, get cozy in that house you have up in the country, and then when you want to come to New York City, just get the fanciest apartment you could possibly get, just get like $1,000 a night apartment, because it doesn’t matter because you’re saving that.”

And she was like, “That sounds really fun.”

Laura texted me yesterday that she did not resign the lease.

So follow the fun, follow the fun, follow the fun, this is the lesson here.

We’re always like,  “Where do I wanna be?, Where do I want to get to?” But we’re never asking ourselves, “How do I want to feel?” And the moment that we start to ask ourselves, “How do I want to feel?”, then everything changes. Our point of Attraction begins to shift.


10. Be the light



So we’ve been talking a lot about ourselves how do we deal with friends, loved ones who are going through the same challenges that we discussing, fears, anxiety, nervous not living their purpose of that what about if it’s the people around us that are really struggling?


So be the light. Right! So I think a lot of people want to change the people around them. They want to say you know read this book or watch this video or do this meditation and it doesn’t work. You have to the only requirement for for membership as a spiritual student is the desire is that is that what is that wanting. And so if somebody doesn’t want that then then you’re gonna be you know a broken record.

So be the light, practice your own transformation, get grounded in your own spiritual healing and and live it.And in the expression of your light you will reflect that on to others and they will recognize their own light in yours. So
you have a much more like a much higher likelihood of elevating somebody and healing somebody by just being the presence of that light, being that presence of that transformation.


Help others to never waste energy to fears.

Do you appreciate what you do have?
What perspective change do you need to adopt?
How do you make yourself feel good?

Feel free to share your comments.

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