Never Speak Unnecessary things

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Updated on July 5, 2024

Never speak about things that are unclear. Have you ever paused to consider the weight of your words when engaging with others, whether in intimate conversations or before a larger audience? It’s a reflection worth pondering. In our world, some individuals readily offer opinions and guidance on subjects they’ve scarcely grasped, seemingly oblivious to the potential harm their words might inflict on both individuals and communities. They overlook the repercussions their words may have. This blog underscores the importance of exercising restraint when discussing topics that elude your comprehension. After all, the influence of words is formidable, capable of etching deep scars in the minds of those who listen.

Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Moral Story – Three Men And The Building

Three individuals, renowned as the sages of their homeland, embarked on a voyage to foreign lands. They believed that venturing into different countries would enrich their knowledge by immersing themselves in diverse cultures and engaging with the people they encountered.

Upon reaching another nation, they were greeted by the sight of an immense silhouette looming in the distance. It resembled a towering edifice, but its true nature remained obscured to the naked eye. Their hearts swelled with excitement, for it marked their first encounter with such an enormous entity in their entire lives.

However, they hesitated to approach closer, driven by a fear that the colossal shadow might pose a threat. Drawing upon their wisdom and past experiences, each of the three sages formulated their own interpretations of this enigmatic phenomenon.

Upon their return to their homeland, they sought an audience with the King and eagerly shared their newfound revelation. They implored the monarch to prepare the army, as they had beheld a colossal and fearsome creature in a neighbouring realm, one that harboured the potential to launch an assault on their own country at any given moment.

Do not speak about a person based on the look

Frequently, our assessments are influenced more by our perceptions than by the objective reality of what we have observed. Often, we judge individuals and their actions through the lens of our personal beliefs and experiences. It is a crucial reminder that we should refrain from passing judgment on others without a thorough understanding of the truth about them. Never judge a person without knowing the truth about that person.

Some individuals, lacking knowledge and experience in addressing even minor issues within their own families or communities, tend to offer advice and solutions to others and society at large. These misguided recommendations can lead them astray and serve as impediments to the success of others.

It is imperative never to speak on a matter without a clear understanding of the facts and the full context. We should avoid attempting to elucidate subjects that remain unclear to us. Before offering suggestions or commentary on any topic, it is advisable to acquire at least a foundational understanding and, ideally, a deeper knowledge. Always bear in mind that a single word has the potential to either uplift or wound, to be a source of reward or insult, in the lives of those who hear it.

How to deal with fake news and baseless comments?

Certain individuals possess the detrimental habit of propagating false information. It is essential never to share such misleading messages or spread fake news on social media platforms. In the contemporary world, the influence of social media is formidable. It offers a platform where numerous videos and posts with negative content, targeting individuals or entire communities, abound. These posts are often created with the sole aim of garnering more viewership.

Regrettably, there are those who have a penchant for making baseless comments on such posts and videos. They exhibit a blatant disregard for seeking the truth within these contents. For them, leaving baseless and hostile comments seems like an amusing pastime, all without considering the harm their words may inflict.


In conclusion, the power of social media in today’s world is undeniable, and with it comes the proliferation of both genuine and fabricated information. It’s imperative that we exercise caution and responsibility when engaging with content online. Spreading fake news or contributing to baseless arguments can have far-reaching consequences, and it’s crucial to resist the temptation to participate in such behavior.

Instead, let us all strive to be discerning consumers of information, seeking the truth before passing judgment or sharing content. By choosing not to perpetuate falsehoods and by refraining from participating in toxic online conversations, we can contribute to a more responsible and respectful digital landscape. Remember, our words and actions online have the power to shape perceptions and affect lives, so let’s use this power wisely and thoughtfully.

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