Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Job

Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Job

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)

What is your opinion about assigning a responsible job to an ineligible person? If you get a responsible job and you know that you are ineligible for that job, what will you do?

Never Keep Ineligible Persons On Responsible Job

We all know candidates have to pass many tests to get a good job. But sometimes ineligible persons get good and responsible jobs. After a few days of work, such people themselves prove their inefficiency.

Keeping ineligible persons on responsible jobs becomes a liability for others and society. We should not encourage such wrong methods. We should not recommend or help an ineligible person to handle a responsible post.

Short story – Lion and Fox

This is a short story showing the example of the above point.

The Lion And The Fox
Left side – The Lion sitting on the wood. Right side
The fox is standing. Background forest.

The Lion and the Fox were friends. They hunt the prey together. One day the Lion was sick and hence entrusted Fox with the task of hunting.

The fox knew he has no strength to attack and catch an animal. Hence he used his craftiness. He met the Donkey and told, follow me, the Lion wants to make you the minister.

The stupid Donkey followed the Fox. As the Donkey entered the cave, the Lion killed the Donkey and went out to drink water from the spring.

The Fox could not control his mouth watering looking at the meat of the Donkey. Hence Fox started eating the Donkey.

On returning the Lion found the Donkey’s brain is missing and asked the Fox ‘where is the brain of the Donkey?’

Instead of a reply, the Fox asked another question to the Lion. “King Lion, if this Donkey had the brain, would he come here?

What did you learn from the story?

This is an interesting short story. From childhood, we learn Lion is the King in the forest. A donkey has no brain and that is the reason there is a saying, ‘ carrying Donkey’s load’. The poor Donkey carries the heavy load kept on his back.

Some people are like this. They carry their own and others’ burdens also. People take advantage of their innocent nature.

We have heard stories about the craftiness of the Fox. We can see this type of people also around us. They look simple, innocent and friendly. But they are cunning. They look for the chance and make others fool.

The fox knew he has no strength and was not eligible to hunt alone. So he uses the wrong method of cheating the Donkey with a great offer and brought in the cave of the strong Lion.

After that also he could have waited for the King to eat the food together. Because the Lion is really eligible for the meat. But the greed of the Fox made him forget everything and ate the main part alone.

We can see people like the fox around us. We trust and give them responsible jobs or valuable properties to keep in safe custody. We should be cautious and avoid negative friends because they may take advantage of the chance and cheat.

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The greed of the ineligible is a liability to others

The greed of the ineligible is a liability to others. We should give positions and awards only to the eligible persons.

Otherwise, that will affect the quality and respect for the post and award. That can even become an insult to that post and award.

Proportionate matching with the hunger to grab the post and the performance efficiency is necessary. The person who gets a position the wrong way will end up as none.

Everything does not match for everyone. Only eligible persons should handle each position.

Incompetent persons placed through any wrong measures will themselves prove as inefficient.

Great actions for the welfare of people and society reveal a person’s majesty and not the actions for fame only.

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We should not encourage ineligible persons to handle a responsible job. Avoid using the wrong methods to get jobs, positions and awards. Be satisfied with the things you have the right and eligibility for. Let the eligible persons use their rights and enjoy their life. If you grab other eligible person’s right wrong way, their tears will fall on you.

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