Naveen Jain Entrepreneur Inspiring Story

How Naveen Jain Became A Billionaire?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Naveen Jain is a man who went from growing up very poor in India, sometimes not having any food to eat, moving to the US with just $5 in his pocket. He became a billionaire and involved with space travel and redefining healthcare. Let’s find Naveen Jain’s inspiring success story and his top 10 rules for success.

Naveen Jain – Inspiring Story

Naveen Jain Rules For Success
Naveen Jain Top 10 Rules For Success

Top 10 rules for success

  1. Pursue crazy ideas
  2. Question everything
  3. Enjoy the journey
  4. Follow your passion
  5. Think like an entrepreneur
  6. Be honest
  7. Believe
  8. Have intellectual curiosity
  9. Focus
  10. Change your thinking

Watch the video explaining the above 10 rules for success.

More about Naveen Jain

  • His family was poor, largely because his father, a civil engineer, refused the common practice in Indian construction projects of accepting bribes.
  • In 1979 he earned an engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.
  • His first job out of college was at Burroughs (now known as Unisys) in New Jersey as part of a business exchange program.
  • Moved to Silicon Valley for its warmer climate and worked for “a bunch of startups” before joining Microsoft in 1989.
  • Worked on OS/2, then MS-DOS, Windows NT, and Windows 95.
  • Awarded three patents related to Windows 95 and became best known for his work as a program manager.
  • Started InfoSpace with six employees, mostly from Microsoft, and began developing e-mail and telephone directories.
  • He’s the co-founder of Moon Express, the company that is attempting to build machine-operated spacecraft that can mine materials like gold, platinum, and Helium-3.
  • Moon Express won a contract from NASA and is participating in the Google Lunar X-Prize.
  • In 2016 he founded Viome, where he is the CEO.

Source: YouTube

Why Curiosity Will Save the World?

Naveen Jain’s laser focus on solving big problems has made him one of the most important voices in entrepreneurship today.

He was named Ernst and Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year,” Silicon India’s “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur,” and continues to pioneer unprecedented achievements in multiple industries.

Naveen came to America with only five dollars in his pocket and used his energy, enthusiasm, and undying optimism to turn it into billions.

His radical belief in transforming philanthropic ideals into self-sustaining economic vehicles is astounding.

His company Viome aims to one day make illness a choice.

Take a moment to get to know the entrepreneur and philanthropist who emphasizes the importance of solving actual problems.

Naveen Jain with Tom Bilyeu

Points in this discussion with Naveen Jain

  • Clarifies why doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive.
  • Explains why philanthropy is not about just giving money.
  • Why entrepreneurs will be more powerful than nation-states.
  • How to solve the real problem and not the symptom.
  • Breaks down his approach on how to learn and understand anything new.
  • Talks about pioneering breakthroughs with his new venture Viome.
  • Naveen reveals the most important trait of entrepreneurs.
  • Dive into the disconnect between instant gratification and happiness.
  • Shares how to celebrate entrepreneurs and why entrepreneurs never fail.
  • Uncovers how to translate audacious ideas into actionable outcomes.
  • Expounds on the importance of education and how to find your passion.
  • Describes the impact he wants to have on the world.

Source: Impact Theory

This Is The Root of All Chronic Disease | Naveen Jain on Health Theory

Naveen Jain, billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Viome, joins Tom to discuss the microbiome, why all chronic disease starts in the gut, and how Viome can help you fix it.

Points discussed in the video

  • Making illness a choice.
  • What is the microbiome?
  • Humans as ecosystems.
  • Why there’s no such thing as a “healthy food”.
  • What are the microbes actually doing?
  • Why we’re only 1% human?
  • Your genes are not your destiny.
  • How the effectiveness of your cancer treatment depends on your microbiome?
  • Why addressing inflammation can get rid of a chronic disease.
  • How stress impacts your microbiome?
  • Why inflammation manifests differently in different people?
  • How symptoms and organisms both transfer with fecal transplants?
  • Naveen’s Dad’s cancer diagnosis.
  • DNA vs. RNA.
  • How Viome has helped Lisa’s gut health?
  • How to repair your microbiome over time?
  • Why fad diets harm your microbiome?
  • How dietary recommendations caused gut problems in the first place?
  • Naveen’s surprising dietary recommendations.
  • Do food sensitivities go away when you heal your gut?
  • What you can learn from a stool sample?
  • Why Naveen started Viome?
  • Where you can find Naveen and Viome online?
  • The one change you need to make to change your life.

Source: Health Theory


Could you find any points from Naveen Jain inspiring story and his rules for success to follow in your life?

What is your crazy idea?
What do you question that others don’t?
How will you Believe more in yourself and your ideas?

These people have overcome the obstacles in life and became successful. Read their inspiring story to know their success rules.

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