Must Learn Soft Skills

7 Must Learn Soft Skills Timely To Achieve Success In Life

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know you must learn some soft skills timely to achieve success in life? Life is a continuous learning process. Throughout your life journey, you may be learning some important lessons. While learning these lessons, you may have to face many ups and downs. Many lessons you learn through experience and motivated people around you. But there are some lessons that can only be learnt through practical experience. Some lessons you learn only after facing difficult situations in life. You must learn soft skills to face the situation beforehand, which will surely help you to handle the situation easily and sail through it successfully.

7 Must Learn Soft Skills

7 Must Learn Soft Skills
7 Must Learn Soft Skills
  1. Living in the present
  2. The should and should not’s
  3. Stop negative thoughts
  4. Overcoming the fear in mind
  5. Be steady and never quit
  6. Don’t waste time worrying
  7. Appreciation and gratitude

Many times a thought might have come to your mind that better if you would know this when you were young. Sometimes you might regret that if you were wiser and smarter, then you could have handled the situation in a better way or you could easily avoid the bad incident.

You must realise that only through your bad experiences and failures you can learn new things. These bad experiences are absolutely unavoidable because they are part of your life journey. It is not possible to grow without overcoming obstacles and without facing failures. You have to hit that cross point to learn the most important lessons in your life.

1. Living in the present – Must learn soft skills

Woman living in the present
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Living in the present is a must-learn soft skill. Do you spend too much time remembering and even regretting the sad and bad incidents that happened in the past? How much time do you spend planning for the future? Do you realise that you are entirely forgetting about enjoying the present moment? You must have heard many wise people advising you to live in the present. According to experts, the past has gone and regretting the past is a waste of time and also brings unnecessary stress to the mind. Learn to overcome stress. You really don’t know what is going to come in the future. You don’t even know about what is promised for your tomorrow. So don’t waste time recalling the past and worrying about the future.

So, what you should do? You should actually be thinking about your present. This doesn’t mean that you should not plan or think about the future. You must set effective goals for your future and take necessary action to achieve the goal. But don’t spend your whole time thinking about the future and the past. You can enjoy the present at this moment only and will never get the present time later. Time is precious and priceless and hence never waste time.

2. The should and should not’s – Must learn soft skills

When you feel stress in your mind, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Think of what is happening to you right now. Thank God for everything happening in your life. This will help you to relieve stress and open up for a bright future. To make the day better you should live in the present and let the future rest. Living in the present is the key to success and happiness.

Little girl praying - must learn soft skills
little girl praying with closed eyes Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

You might always tend to think that there are certain things which are very necessary. Your family may have many expectations. Living your life the way you want to is the only way to become happy and successful. It is your life and no one else’s life and hence you should not limit yourself because of other people’s expectations. Never let yourself be bound by others, rule your own life.

3. Stop negative thoughts – Must learn soft skills

Do you know who is your worst enemy? Your negative thoughts are your worst enemy because they can torture you and make you fearful. You think of something as the most difficult thing but they are actually not that big. They are very small things but your negative thoughts and fear make them bigger. Some small problems you don’t even remember after a few days. But sometimes out of a small problem, you like to make a much bigger issue. When you are worried about a problem stop negative thinking and start positive thinking. Because negative thinking will not help you to solve the problem. Having a positive outlook towards your problem will lead you to success. Negative self-talk will make your day stressful. Hence avoid negative self-talk.

Negative thought girl
Sad girl sitting and looking through the window Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

The sad part is that our minds have a bad habit of often bringing unwanted negative thoughts and worries to the top. These thoughts make a stressful mind filled with anxiety about the future. Some people with strong minds have the ability to ignore such thoughts and handle the situation. Are you facing the problem of disturbance from negative thoughts? If yes, you must stop dwelling on negative thoughts. Otherwise, negative thoughts will affect your mental health and slowly affect your physical health also. Unlock the full potential of your mind through positive thoughts. Do you know you can change your life by changing your thought process?

4. Overcome the fear in mind – Must learn soft skills

Boy speaker
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Some people are intelligent but they have a fear of public speaking. Are you afraid of speaking in front of a public audience? Why don’t you try to overcome the fear of public speaking by starting with some small steps? You can start practising in front of the mirror. You can practice in front of family members or a small group of people. This small step will help to boost self-confidence and overcome the fear to face the audience. When you are more confident you can put yourself out there on the stage and speak to an audience of more people. Remove the fear of failure from your mind and turn failure into success.

5. Be steady and never quit – Must learn soft skills

never quit
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You must have heard the story of the turtle and the rabbit. What happened in the story? The turtle was slow but he still won. Do you know the reason behind the success? Because the turtle was steady. The word steady means don’t stop. Even though the turtle was tired he didn’t stop. But the rabbit stopped and that is why he lost.

In the same way most of the time we are trying to run fast through our lives and when we feel we don’t have the energy we quit our goals. It is okay to be slow but you must be steady, you should not stop or quit. When you quit, you are already lost the race. Learn to stay motivated in hard times. The key to success is to never stop, never quit. Don’t worry about tough times because tough times can make you stronger. Face challenges fearless of failures. Learn to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

When you climb a tree the first time you may fall. In the beginning, when you drive a car you drive slowly because of the fear in your mind. But after a few months, you become an expert. If you quit driving after a mistake one day, you will never become an expert.

6. Don’t waste time worrying – Must learn soft skills

stop worrying
Girl sitting on the chair head on the table worrying Image by Phan Minh Cuong An from Pixabay

Do you waste most of your time worrying about what other people are thinking and judging you? Do you know why is this happening? Because you always feel that people think bad about you and they have a bad opinion of you. For example, you may be often helping others. But one day in front of your friend you ignored someone who requested your help. Your friend criticised and judged you for this. Later his criticism disturbs your mind. You keep thinking about it, “What would be people think about me, would they be thinking that I am a bad person, I am not compassionate and I don’t care about people who need my help”. You must stop these kinds of negative thoughts for small matters.

7. Appreciation and gratitude – Must learn soft skills

Remember that you are not the most important person in the world. People have their own problems in their lives to think about and worry about. They don’t have the time to actually think about you or create opinions. The chances are that they are not paying as much attention to you as much as you think. It really doesn’t matter what other people are thinking or judging about you. Stop assuming that people are judging bad about you because that is nothing to worry about. That will not help you to become more productive but will surely affect your life in a negative way. Stop bad habits that destroy motivation.

Appreciation and gratitude
Girl with raised hands on the green field looking at the sky Image by 4653867 from Pixabay

Spend your precious time creating your own positive opinion about yourself and who you are. Never stop believing in yourself. Appreciation is the true key to motivation and success. Appreciate every small win. Be thankful for whatever is happening in your life, thankful to God, and thankful to the people around you. Be thankful for the present and the potential that you have. You can achieve so much in the present without worrying about the future. This will open your mind in a positive way and fill you with positive vibes and happiness. Do you know the power of gratitude can change your life?

Grow Self-Love. If you are a lazy person, you can overcome laziness in simple practical ways.


Hope you could find some must-learn soft skills for success in life. Start learning things that really matter to a successful life full of happiness. These are the lessons that you should learn right now and it’s never too late. Live your life in the present moment with all the gratitude that you need in your mind. Add positive things to your life and live life to the fullest. This post is not a complete list but just mentioned a few must-learn soft skills.

Are you following any of the above-mentioned must-learn soft skills?

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