Meaning Of True Love

The Meaning Of True Love 

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2022)

Many people do not know what is the meaning of true love and that is the reason for the failure of their relationship. A happy relationship happens only when there is true love. Some persons may not be able to express true love although there will be true love in the mind.

The Meaning Of True Love – Short Story

In a small town, there lived a very poor man with his wife. His wife had beautiful long hair. One day she came up to him and asked him if he could buy her a nice comb and some good hair oil so she could groom her hair nicely and grow it even better. The man felt extremely sorry because he had to say no to her. He told her that he didn’t even have enough money to fix the broken strap of his old watch and the strap would actually be very cheap, what then to speak of affording expensive hair grooming stuff. She understood his condition and therefore didn’t insist on her request.

When the man went to work that day, he passed by a watch shop. He went to the shop and sold his old damaged watch at a low price. He definitely couldn’t buy the hair oils yet, but at least he could afford to get her a good comb that evening. When he came back home with the comb, ready to surprise his wife, he was surprised by what he saw. His wife had cut her beautiful long hair and now only had very short left. She’d gone to the salon to get a haircut and sell her hair to them knowing that the salon also ran the business of supplying hair to a wig manufacturer. With the money she had purchased a new watch band for her husband which she was now holding in her hands to give him.

They both had tears flowing down their eyes not because of the futility of their actions but because of the reciprocity of their love.

What did you learn from the above story?

Do you have any such experience in your life?

What is the meaning of true love?

The meaning of true love is to make personal sacrifices for the beloved, pleasing, serving and acting for the welfare of the beloved. True love feels happy when it sees happiness on the face of the beloved. True love happens only when both understand the real meaning of true love and live by it. Many times it seems difficult, and that is the reason for the failure of true love. Sometimes, small or even big adjustments are needed for true love blooms and prosper.

In any relationship, be it husband and wife, parenting, children, or any form, sacrifice, value, and respect is the ultimate answer to love. Beyond feelings and words, true love is an active process to serve the beloved. Life is beautiful. Understand the true meaning of love and make your life extraordinary through love, not a single day but every day. There’s no more powerful reminder than positive love affirmations. Here are 10 Positive affirmations for true love. Remember True Love Do not Mind Deficiencies Of Relation


True love happens only when you are ready to make small and big adjustments for your beloved to make your relationship blooming and prosperous. Your priority should be the welfare of the beloved to foster and nurture deep, meaningful, and happy relationships. You may like to read How To Maintain Happy Relationships

Are you experiencing and sharing true love?

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