Easy Ways To Make People Remember You

Easy Ways To Make People Remember You For A Life Time

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know how to make people remember you forever? We meet many people through out the journey of life. But from all the people we meet, we remember only selected people for a lifetime. There is something special about them, that leaves an unerasable memory in our brains. Do you want people to remember you for a lifetime? In this article you can find easy ways to achieve that. This personality development article will teach you the essential soft skills required to create an important impact and leave a positive memory about you in other’s mind.

Build a personality to make people remember you

In the journey of life, we always remember some beautiful places we visited, some happy incidents and some people we met. Why we remember such people, such places and such incidents? Because there is something special in them which impressed our mind. We remember some great leaders and successful people whom we never met, but only heard about them through reading or from studies. How come people and personalities like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Oprah Winfrey and so many more out there have left an impression of a lifetime on us? Have you built a personality that make people can remember you for a lifetime? in this article you can learn certain tricks that will help you to make people remember you for a lifetime.

The world remember many great persons who were not even born in this new generation of stardom from social media and internet. They made their own personality and we remember them forever because they have something special in them. Some people who are not personalities or celebrities have left a long lasting impression in a positive way in the mind of the people and hence people will never be able to forget them.

make people remember you
Easy Ways To Make People Remember You
  1. Always start with a bang
  2. Remember to be remembered
  3. It should not be always about you
  4. Genuine compliments always make you standout
  5. Be kind and compassionate

Always start with a bang to make people remember you

I am sure you might have heard the phrase, ‘First impression is the best impression‘. First impression is something that actually matters a lot in many ways. So, you should open with a bang. Your personality, your attitude and your introduction should be a bang. When you meet someone, your first introduction should be something that make people attractive and giving a good impression about you. Introduce by saying your name with a wonderful smile and a sturdy handshake. Smile has numerous advantages and throws positive vibes towards the people around you. Your smile makes it easy to spot you in their mind. Avoid passing unnecessary weak comments on others because they won’t respect you and that’s not how they you want to be remembered.

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Remember to be remembered

If you want others remember you, you must remember them. If you are a busy person meeting many people in a day, you may not be able to remember all about them. But at least you can try to remember the names of others. When you meet someone try your best not to say, ‘I don’t remember you’. If he/she is a person who had helped you in trouble in the past, that person may feel bad about you.

It should not be always about you

Some people have the habit of speaking all about them and force others to listen them. They don’t allow others to speak or not interested to listen to their words. If you do that, nobody will remember you because people want who are listening to their problems, caring and respecting them. Do you know Why Speaking With Candour Is Important For Success?

If you are strong and have valid or logical crisp points, speak about them. Even when you know you are right never speak in a way disrespect anybody in front of you. Sometimes take a back seat and listen others. Only then you will be successful in creating a long lasting impression because people are not there just to hear about what you have to say. Sometimes listening is also good. Listening is the best sincere form of respect.

When people come to you and talk about their problems, pay attention to what they are talking and listen to them patiently. Never ignore their talk or problems. Listen to them and solve their problems as far as possible. Never Speak About Things Unclear To You

Genuine compliments make people remember you

Everyone like a compliment. Don’t make people uncomfortable with your words. You must do a quick check on what seems decent and what seems a little indecent. Don’t forget to make genuine compliments because people like compliments and rewards and always remember such incidents.

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Be kind and compassionate

Compassion and kindness are important in human life. Are you a kind person? Do you think being kind is just about donating or sponsoring some fund or food or helping people with money? Not at all, it is also about showing care and being nice with others. Compassion and kindness should be towards every other human and not just towards the underprivileged. Many people will show little response to your kindness, but they will remember it all their lives. If you add a unique piece to their puzzle of life; if you are able to influence their life in a way small or big, people will surely remember you forever.


What makes you remember others? Look back at your life and find the answer. It’s not their status or wealth, it is not what they taught you but it is how they treated you. So, what will make people remember you? That is your attitude towards them and how you treated them. If you want make people remember you, do unto others the way you would have them do unto you. Be kind and generous to others. Take interest in people around you. Don’t expect anything from anybody. Never hurt others. Always help people who are in need of help. Do you know How Helping Others Will Brighten Your Life? Be joyful and cheerful and make others happy.

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