How Loyal Should Be To Your Boss? How To Become A Star?

How Loyal Should Be To Your Boss And Become A Star

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2018)

You must be loyal to your employer. As part of being a professional, you must have loyalty to your work. That means you should do your job to the best of your ability and satisfy your employer. Are you thinking how loyal should be to your boss to become a star?

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.’ Colin Powell

How Loyal Should Be To Your Boss?

Whether you are an employee, employer, a brand or a leader, loyalty needs to be earned. Loyalty is all about the relationship. The work environment will never be perfect. There may have up and downs. The employer deserves loyalty only if they treat their employees well. If the employees feel they are being taken care, there wouldn’t need to question loyalty.
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Your boss exhibits loyalty to you by:

  • Trusting you and treating you with respect.
  • Having your back at all times.
  • Checking on your welfare if you become ill or injured.
  • By always maintaining an arm’s length relationship with you.
  • By not taking advantage of you “as a personal favour.”
You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day. Jeffrey Gitomer Click To Tweet


How to be a star in front of your boss?

  • Walk the talk
  • Be pro-active
  • Choose request over a complaint
  • Become a solution solver
  • Manage your own growth
  • Become a star team player
  • Ease your boss’s life

Walk the talk

What does it mean?  It means to do what you say and say what you mean. Make sure you fulfil any commitment made in the workplace on time. You may be busy with other work, but take the extra effort to live up to your commitment.

Be pro-active

As a boss, you may not like an employee who has to do the work as per the direction of the head. Try to be an employee who comes up with excellent ideas, executes and shows results to the boss. Stretch your abilities beyond your role and always be willing to take any responsibilities. Remember that a pro-active person is also someone who is self-motivated.

Choose request over a complaint

The work environment can challenge for you to keep calm and work harmoniously with everyone. People working in a place have different characters and thinking and hence you may encounter certain interpersonal issues with others. You may want to speak about your issues with others to your boss.  How you put it before the boss matters. Do not make a complaint because that doesn’t show in you in a positive light. Choose request over a complaint which proves your maturity, professionalism and team spirit.

Become a solution solver

There can be many problems in the working place. Be a person who always comes up with solutions to solve problems in your organisation. Come up with a creative solution to a problem and this effort will make you highlighted as an asset in your workplace.

Manage your own growth

Have a vision of your growth. In order to go on the path of that road, make sure you are working for yourself,  work hard and sincerely, do all the things correctly. Don’t keep waiting to be grown and wait for the boss to work on your growth. Manage your own growth.

Become a star team player

Teamwork is important for success. Be someone great to work with, supportive, friendly, positive and has great interpersonal skills. This will help you become popular among colleagues, develop good relationships and make the work atmosphere positive.

Ease your boss’s life

Make your boss‘s work easy by taking responsibilities and giving solutions without being told. This will prove you are loyal to the company.


Always be loyal to your employer and also to everyone you like to associate. Loyalty is very expensive quality with no cost involved, one can always Boast of one Intangible valuable.

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