Jeni Jerome First Commercial Woman Pilot

Jeni Jerome First Commercial Woman Pilot From Kerala’s Coastal Belt

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you heard the inspiring story of Jeni Jerome, 23, the first commercial woman pilot from a coastal village in Kerala? Jeni made her maiden flight to home town after receiving the commercial pilot license. On 23rd May 2021, many newspapers reported this happy news. Air Arabia flight G9 449 from Sharjah touched down at the Trivandrum International Airport around 4:30 am on Saturday. It was a moment of pride and joy for the coastal population, because Jeni Jerome, a co-pilot, native of their village was one among the crew in this flight. The inspirational story of Jeni Jerome has struck a chord with netizens. Continue reading to know more about her.

Jeni Jerome First Commercial Woman Pilot From Kerala

Despite years and years of patriarchal oppression women are marking their place in the world. Setting another example of women empowerment, Jeni Jerome, a 23-year-old made history on Sunday. Jeni, a 23-year-old, native of a small fishing coastal village, became the first woman commercial pilot of her home state Kerala.

Who is Jeni Jerome?

Jeni Jerome, daughter of Jerome and Beatrice was born in Kochuthura, a small village of fishermen, near Poovar. Kochuthura is a coastal hamlet among the numerous ones, located more than 25 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram. Her father Jerome has been employed in the Middle East for the past 35 years and currently, he is a manager with a British fabrication firm. After finishing her 12th grade, Jeni Jerome attended an aptitude test for the pilot training course. After some failed attempts, Jeni was determined enough to clear the aptitude test and then she was enrolled in Alpha aviation academy.

Jeni Jerome had spent her early childhood in Kochuthura. She pursued her education in the UAE. For two decades, Jeni Jerome has been settled in Ajman, UAE along with her parents. CA Jeby Jerome, her elder brother, gave all kinds of support and encouragement on her first flight.

The flight to Trivandrum was a surprise to Jeni Jerome. Jeni was actually scheduled to fly to Armenia but later rescheduled to her home town Trivandrum in Kerala State.

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“She is obviously excited, but she has been trying hard to focus. It’s her first flight so naturally, she will be tense and she will have to get everything right about it. She is a quiet girl who goes about with her studies in a focused manner and doesn’t like any kind of publicity. She is not even on Facebook. So all these friend requests and messages on her Instagram page is pretty new to her,” says Jeby, her brother who is employed as a Chartered Accountant.  Source: Times Of India

Her father Jerome first shared about his daughter’s first flight on the WhatsApp group, after which it gradually went viral on social media. 

Photos of Jeni Jerome

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Jeni Jerome First Commercial Woman Pilot From Kerala’s Coastal Belt

Before flew the aeroplane, she received a plethora of love on social media, including a tweet from Shashi Tharoor, Thiruvananthapuram MP who applauded the young woman’s ambitions. In his tweet along with pictures of Jeni, he congratulated Jeni on her first flight. 

“Congratulations to Jeni Jerome from Tvm’s Kochuthura on her maiden flight as co-pilot. When she flies today’s @airarabiagroup flight SHJ to TRV, it’s the realisation of a childhood dream of a girl from a small fishing hamlet to be a commercial pilot. A real inspiration!” reads the caption.

The post is complete with pictures of Jerome in the cockpit of her flight to Sharjah International Airport in Dubai.

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Jeni Jerome is a real inspiration to many young people. Since Saturday, Social media has been flooded with praise for the young commercial pilot. Coming from a small fishing village, her journey is indeed an inspiring one. She belongs to the marginalized fishermen community who struggle a lot to feed their families. Jennie Jerome fulfilled her childhood dream of flying an aeroplane. Through her success story, she poured fuel in many to illuminate their dreams. Let’s congratulate Jeni Jerome on this wonderful victory. Her parents are role models to society and giving a message to extend support to the girl child. They also give a message that parents should allow their children to choose the right career as per their interests and skill. Many parents force their children to study a subject of their choice and the children fail in their careers.

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