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14-YO Girl Janhavi Panwar Giving Motivational Speeches to IAS Officers

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

Many of us search for the source of inspiration in others because we believe we can’t become successful without inspiration from others. We often forget that we are the best source of inspiration for our success. Janhavi Panwar, the Wonder Girl of India has a different perception on self-help. For those looking for challenges motivation and struggle motivation she has a special takeaway.  

Janhavi Panwar, The Wonder Girl Of India

At the age of 15 when most of the students are in school or completing their schooling, Janhavi Panwar is pursuing her graduation second year from Delhi University. But her extraordinary skills do not end here. 

Janhavi Panwar Covers – Love me Like you Do(Ellie Goulding)

In addition to learning new accents and languages, the young girl has a beautiful singing voice. When she isn’t busy reading a complete book in two days, she records song covers.

About Janhavi Panwar

  • Born in the village of Malpur, Haryana to a middle-class family of a teacher and a homemaker.
  • Besides basic French, basic Japanese, English, Hindi, and Haryanvi language she is mastered nine foreign accents British, American, RP, Polish, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, Norfuk, Cockney.
  • She is a motivational speaker.
  • Anchored for BBC and CNN
  • As a motivational speaker, she has spoken to IAS officers and educational institutes across eight states in India.
  • She is running a successful YouTube channel ‘Wonder Girl Janhavi’

How Janhavi Panwar Overcame Challenges To Become India’s Wonder Girl?

The Wonder Girl – A 14-Year Old Who Gives Training To IAS Officers

Transcript – Janhavi Panwar Talk

We look onto others. We need popularity. That person is getting fame and popularity in that field, let go into it.

Why follow others, why not do something in your own field that other see you and want to follow you?

Janhavi Panwar

When I used to speak English, people would ask me, why are you acting like an English woman? Those people, the ones who were criticizing me. I took them as a helper.

You’ll fail once, twice, but the third time after gathering so much experience who will be able to fail you?

Janhavi Panwar

Who Is Janhavi Panwar?

Hey, everyone, I am Jahnavi Panwar and I am renowned as Wonder girl of India. You know me by the name of Wonder girl of India, but there’s a story and journey behind it which we term as a struggle, but in reality it is not a struggle.

In this talk, I will tell you how to become a master in your field after crossing all the difficulties, in your own field.

I’m 14 years old in my second year of graduation From Satyavati College, Delhi University. I speak 9 different accents British, American, RP, Polish, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, Norfuk, Cockney and basic languages French and Japanese, Hindi and Haryanvi are my own languages, which I love with all of my heart.

And I am an anchor for BBC News and CNN. Recently I gave a speech to 50 IAS Officers. Your Confidence in Everything And everything just happens to you when you just have it in your heart, that I have to do it. So you just get it. And that is all that my story is.

Everyone has a story behind their success and the story is a great journey. Janhavi Panwar Click To Tweet

And all of you can do it too, decide it and do it. Everyone has a story behind their success and the story is a great journey. A roller-coaster ride. And that’s super-super amazing. In that struggle, that story, what we think is. When we look at the person, we only take notice of their success, fame, popularity and money. But somewhere we forget the story behind it, the failures, those criticisms of the people and the hurdles they have crossed.

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Our main goal

So, let’s talk about something. The first and foremost step of this story is that we are unable to see our dream, our main goal. We choose our dreams based on our conditions. Remember, that it’s your decision, not your condition that determines your destiny.

It’s your decision, not your condition that determines your destiny.

Janhavi Panwar

Remember, that it’s your decision, not your condition that determines your destiny. So what are our conditions, we look on to other people. We say to ourselves, that we need popularity. And that person is getting fame and popularity in that field, lets go in that field. Hey, I need money, I want to earn a lot of money. That business has a lot of money because my friend in that field is earning a lot of money. So let’s go into his field. We start copying others. Why do we do it? How about we do something in our own field, where we have the full mastery?

What Is Next?

Okay now, dream decided. After the dream is decided, we come across two things. Those two are failure and criticism. I would like to repeat the fact, that criticism and failure is something we have named it. Everything works on the basis of our mind. In this world, whatever happens, is on the basis of our mind, our perception.

In this world, whatever happens, is on the basis of our mind, our perception.

Janhavi Panwar

I’ll share what happens through the mind, with a story

Short Story

There was a student, who used to stay asleep throughout all classes. He was a lazy student. He used to stay asleep the entire time that the teacher used to teach. That teacher wrote a problem on the board telling his students that it was a problem which even he hasn’t been able to solve. The child was sleeping, and he wasn’t aware of anything. The bell rang, and the child woke up unaware of what had happened. The child thought the problem on the board was for homework. He didn’t know that even the teacher had been unable to solve that problem. So he noted that question as his homework. For him solving the problem was a must otherwise, he would get a scolding from the teacher. So, he did it.

The next day at school, he went up to the teacher, saying “Sir I have solved the question”. How did you solve this, the teacher asked. Because his mind was already conditioned, this is my homework for the day just like I have to do the homework on other days, I have to finish this too. The other students had conditioned their minds that if the teacher hasn’t been able to do it, how can we solve it? How can we solve it? No. The attitude should be, even I can do it everything in the world is easy. Just the point is that we’ll have to think that it is easy. Yes. That’s actually easy.

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So in criticism what we see is, people, stop us time and again. Hey, this isn’t your cup of tea.

Janhavi Panwar Sharing her journey

Now looking at my own journey when I used to speak in English, people would comment why are you trying to behave like an English woman. Those people who were criticizing me. I took them as a helper. They were challenging me. That you can’t become an English woman, why are you trying to impersonate one? So I became an English woman, I started using English. After I started speaking English, people criticized me once again. The world speaks in English, what’s so great about you speaking it? The world uses it, everyone does, what’s special about you? Things again turned upside down. Now that people have started it, let’s do this.

So people are really your helpers. People are your helper. And after that, I started using accents. And then people said you’re just copying them, nothing more, even we can do that. Again, another problem. I am just copying, mimicking, how do I do it in reality? I learnt phonetics and the rules. After achieving so much, I can affirmatively say that yes, you are brilliant. So not taking those things as difficult, but as your next challenges, you will be here.

Failure is just an excuse

And another factor is failure. Failure is just an excuse.

You’ll fail once, twice, but the third time, after gathering so much experience, who will be able to fail you. Why don’t you think that that failure is just another opportunity you have?

Janhavi Panwar

You’ve just created one more opportunity by yourself. You’re getting a chance to glance over all the mistakes you’ve made in the past. You’re getting a resting period and those people who are always successful. You’ll have so many ideas. Because the need of the world is ideas. Instead of emphasizing that, you’ve failed, you should say, it’s an experience. And you have the ideas. You’re getting experiences out of failures and these experiences are the basis of success.

Success always comes from experience

When we’re looking for a job, the only thing that matters is, how many experiences we have. Success always comes from experience, and experiences, believe me, should always be bad. Everything should be noticed. The experience of travelling by a car or bus, an aeroplane or auto. Having all those experiences is good. Never break down, stop, bow down Just keep moving forward. But not moving forward without an outcome. We should know the outcome, that which path are we taking.

If you want to become something, then you'll have to escalate your standards to that level. Janhavi Panwar Click To Tweet

Be it any condition, you have to keep doing it. That’s your goal, your aim, right in front of you. Keep doing, keep walking. After doing it, the world is yours, the skies are open. Just do it, complete it. And you’re here. But we often think, let’s copy him, he’s also heading in that direction, let’s follow him.

Why try and copy others, why not do things, that you set standards for others to follow. Janhavi Panwar Click To Tweet

What is the worst that can happen, you’ll die. Die in a manner that people remember your name that on the last day she did this work. And now people are following you because you did something great. If you’ve promised yourself, that you’re going to do something, then you have to do it, and that’s it.

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Thank you so much, everybody, for listening to me. And thank you so much, you guys are the best.

Believe in Magic | Janhavi Panwar Wonder Girl

Inspirational Talks by Youngest Motivational Speaker Janhavi Pawar

Her father Brijmohan Panwar told to Better India

“As busy as most of us are, it is important to give our children the time they deserve. It doesn’t matter if they are academically bright or not, believe in them and support them in their dreams.”

“When my wife was pregnant, like most families in rural settings, our family thought it would be a son. But Janhavi’s birth was celebrated with just as much zeal. I’ve always maintained that my daughter is my pride. Girls are in no way secondary to boys.”

“When she was only one, her vocabulary was equipped with 500-550 English words. When she turned three, she wasn’t admitted to Nursery but directly to Senior KG because she had picked most things at home. As years passed, when we spoke to the school management, they realised Janhavi’s potential by looking at her scores, and she was given special permission to clear two classes in the same year.”

Credits: Better India

Don’t let Your Situation Determine Your Dream |
Janhavi Panwar


This story of Janhavi Panwar is inspirational and a lesson to all the parents who think a girl cannot achieve success like a boy. Women have reached the moon, many powerful and successful entrepreneurs, holding great positions and controlling big companies and countries. Even today, many people are not happy and do not celebrate the birth of a girl child.

The talk of the day is women empowerment and equality, but the fact is that some women have reached success above men. If you ask aged parents, they will tell you, their daughters are taking care of them better than their sons. Be happy with your girl children, give good education and make them successful persons in life.

You may like to visit her YouTube channel ‘Wonder Girl Janhavi

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