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5 Ways To Increase Self-Esteem And Improve Relationships

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know having healthy self-esteem can influence your mental well-being, your motivation, and your overall quality of life. Self-esteem describes a person’s overall subjective sense of personal worth or value. Self-esteem impacts your decision-making process, your relationships, and your emotional health.

There are five positive and constructive behaviors that you can practice to boost levels of self-confidence and increase self-esteem in others and improve relationships and the way that you get along with other people. Each of these appeals to the deep subconscious needs of others to their needs to feel important valued and respected are very powerful.

1. Be Agreeable

The first behavior to increase self-esteem is simply to be agreeable. When you smile and agree with a person who is talking he or she feels more valuable and respected. He or she feels that what they have to say is important and therefore he or she is also important.

The best way to disagree with someone you feel is incorrect, if you have to is by using a third party. For example, you could ask “what do you think our customers would say if they knew that we were doing that?” Your decision to become an agreeable and easygoing person will lower your stress levels and increase your ability to influence others to help you.

Are you a person who is always arguing or disagreeing with others?

2. Acceptance

The second behavior to increase self-esteem is acceptance. When two people meet it’s important to establish a certain level of acceptance. When you express genuine unconditional acceptance of another person, you raise that person’s self-esteem, you improve that person’s self-image and you make him or her feel relaxed and safe in your company.

3. Smile

The third behavior to increase self-esteem and others is simple, just smile. It only takes 13 muscles to smile and 110 muscles to frown. A genuine smile directed at another person says a lot. When you smile at another person he or she feels valuable important and worthwhile. You will raise your own self-esteem by making an effort to raise the self-esteem of others and you can do it by smiling.

Always Stay Happy And Smile At Life

4. Appreciation

The fourth step to increasing the self-esteem of others is by expressing appreciation. Whenever you express gratitude or appreciation toward another person for anything that the other person has done, you make him or her feel more valuable, more competent, and more worthwhile. The words thank you have tremendous power each time you say them to another person. His or her self-esteem goes up. Develop the habit of saying thank you to everybody for anything and everything they do. Send thank-you notes. Those are some of the most powerful self-esteem and relationship builders ever invented. Develop an attitude of gratitude. The happiest most popular people are those who go through their lives being genuinely grateful for the things that happen to them and for everyone they meet.

Read the Importance of Thank You

5. Express Approval

The fifth way to increase self-esteem of others to make them feel important is to express approval of them. On every possible occasion tired children who are praised and approved by their parents or teachers actually perk up and recover their lost energy. When people are genuinely praised by someone they respect their enthusiasm and alertness increase and they feel much better about themselves.

It’s impossible to improve relationships in one day. It’s a long process. Begin the process by smiling at everyone you meet and remembering to say thank you. Read How To Maintain Happy Relationships


Don’t let the actions of others bring you down. Never Keep Bad Friends. Surround yourself with positive people and if you have to be around a-holes. You can be nice without being stupid and letting them take advantage of you. Just like how you can forgive people but not forget, just learn from their actions and treat them accordingly. If they’re liars, don’t believe anything without evidence or a second opinion. Read How Forgiveness Leads To Light, Love, And A Joyful Life

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Reference: 5 Ways to Increase Confidence & Improve Relationships

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