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7 Important Life Skills That You Never Learned In School

Updated on July 5, 2024

Real-life is quite different from academic life. We have learned so many valuable lessons in schools and colleges. However, they don’t teach us some important and practical real-life skills for success in life. The moment we step into this competitive world of challenges we realise these life skills are missing. In this post, you can find a few essential life skills you were never taught in school. These self-improvement skills would help you develop and improve your self-confidence and stay ahead in life.

What Are The Important Life Skills That You Never Learned In School?

Are you thinking what is the meaning of life skill? A skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life is called life skill.

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. This concept is also termed as psychosocial competency. The subject varies greatly depending on social norms and community expectations but skills that function for well-being and aid individuals to develop into active and productive members of their communities are considered as life skills. Source: Wikipedia

We all know good academic skills are important for a successful career life. But are you aware of the fact that life skills are equally important for a successful life? The problem is that these life skills are not taught in schools or colleges and hence there is a good chance that these life skills are fairly unknown to most people. As a result of this many people with good academic skills are facing difficulties in achieving success in life. If you know certain life skills your life will be a whole lot easier and successful.

School seldom teaches how to deal with emotions and other people, which are essential for reaching the high levels of your potential in life.

1. Logical Thinking

In schools and colleges most often students learn specific things to memorise information about a particular topic. They need to memorise and write that in the examination, apply the same in the practical session and also in their related job. However, that is not practical in real life because you have to make decisions for the short and for the long term which will have direct consequences in the direction of your life.

logical thinking Life skill memory
Lady thinking

In real life many times you need to take quick decisions which require logical thinking. You need to use logical questioning which makes you think through scenarios and situations in life. This logical thinking will equip you to make the right decisions on the right time which helps to lead a successful life.

2. Conversation

In every aspect of life, a conversation is prevalent. The conversation could be with spouses, boss, colleagues, classmates, friends, many other people and even with a stranger. In the present digital technology world, conversations don’t require us to actually speak with someone. Social media, chat apps, e-mail and others are doing this job for us.

Our fingers and eyes are doing conversations more than the mouth. So personal communication skills are completely destroyed in life. It is easy but sometimes this kind of communication does not pass the correct meaning of what is in your mind. It is also possible that the other end person misunderstands your message. 

You need to know how to correct with others through personal conversation. You should be empathetic and listen effectively. Listening is one of the best forms of respect for others. Wise people never interrupt while another person is speaking. 

spouses, boss, colleagues, classmates, friends
Girls sitting on the stairs having a conversation

To acquire conversation skill you need to spend more time in conversing with other people. Good conversation skill is important for rewarding careers and great relationships as well.

If you feel your conversation skills are not good, start today working to improve your conversation skill.

3. Handling Finances

Money is a vital part of living because we need money for buying things required for a living. But do you know money can’t buy everything required for a happy life? 

Money Finance life skills commerce
Man opening purse

Most people know how to earn money but they don’t know how to handle money properly. They don’t have control over their expenses, don’t know how to save money for the future. Normally these things are not taught in schools and colleges. These things are surely taught to commerce students, but not a topic for other subjects. Poor financial management will lead to poor quality of life. It is essential to learn the right way of handling finances including saving.

4. Family Life

In the present world, many families are being broken within a short period of married life. Why this is increasing in India, a country where married life is treated as divine?  The main reason is people are not made aware of how they need to work on themselves and how they should respect the partner.

Many people have expectations from the partner the same as they read in books, articles on the internet or watched in the movie. They compare their knowledge with real life and that makes them take quick decisions to break.

Family Life Skill Parents Parenting Tips Spouces Children
Parents kissing the child’s head

It is a very important life skill which requires to work on personal development. You need to understand how to choose the right partner, what to look for and what to avoid. Many time you have to compromise and adjust with the situations. Give proper respect and love to each other. Be a better parent for your children because parents are the first and best teachers of children. Sharing problems with family is important for happiness in family life.

5. Learning From Failures

Learning from failure is an important skill that everyone must have in life. We have to face many failures in life. How do you face failures? Do you feel sad and quit your goal or face challenges fearless of failures? How To Turn Failure Into Success?

 patience, positive attitude strong mind self-confidence life skill
Depressed man sitting with folded hands on the forehead

If you look into the life of successful people, you can find they struggled a lot but never quit. They tried learning from failures and faced obstacles without fear of failures. You need self-discipline, patience, positive attitude and a growth mindset to make the right decisions.

You should boost self-confidence and never stop believing in yourself. Do you know you can Change Life By Changing Your Thought Process? You must overcome self-doubt, negative self-talk, Find your passion and increase the confidence level to make life awesome. Always be happy in life.

Don’t lose your confidence in failures because failures are not the end. Make your mind calm and peaceful. Remember Tough Times Can Make You Stronger.

6. Time Management

Managing time is crucial for your personnel and career life. Time management helps you to live a stress-free life without any kind of clutter. Time management is a life skill that will pay off for years to come. Time is precious and priceless which is important for you to become the master of your life. 

Time Management Skill career precious priceless
Clock in the hand

7. Win without technology

Today technology is a very integral thing in our lives. Most things are accessible on a fingertip sitting at home or travelling. You can read an article or watch a practical video on your chosen topic. Even students write essays and project works simply by copy and paste from the websites. Aim of essay writing and project work is not to copy other peoples hard work but to improve the writing skill and thinking skill of the student. Now many learning apps are available on smartphones so that the student can get answers easily without using the brain. 

This has affected good habits like book readings, writing with hands and other manual works. You should not be always dependent on technology for everything. You can use technology wherever necessary but allow your brain to think and work properly. Today smartphone addiction is a major problem. Fake news, baseless comments on social media are creating a lot of problem in the life of the individual, family and society.  

Technology social media internet life skills
Man using the internet and holding a cup on the left hand

Win without technology doesn’t mean that you should not use technology. It means you should use technology only on necessary things and time, but never be addicted to unnecessary things on the internet.


You must have good academic skills and knowledge. You must be a success in your career. But have you ever felt you are missing some important life skills to take important and quick decisions in life? Many people think good academic skills are enough for success and happiness in life. That’s not true. You must have some life skills to manage your life successfully. If needed, you must consult an expert for his advice and guidance to make your life successful with full of happiness. As a human, it is your responsibility to make your life and others life wonderful. Start today for self-improvement and help others in improving their life for living life to the fullest.

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