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Ignore Baseless Comments | Know Who You Are

Many people fall and can’t succeed in life because they have to face baseless comments and unexpected judgements. They find it difficult to handle the situation and that becomes an obstacle to the growth in their life.

Ignore Baseless Comments

Moral Story – Sweet Apple Plant

Small boy planted the small plant he got from the school. He planted it thinking it is a sweet apple plant. After a few days, his sister told it is not a sweet apple plant, but an ordinary plant only.

Hearing this, their elder brother reached near the plant, checked the leaves and said, it is a waste tree only and not a fruit plant. He suggested cutting and throw the plant.

Since their father didn’t allow, none cut the plant. Years passed, the plant has grown up and fruits appeared on the tree. After taste the fruit their mother said, it is the sweet apple only.

Apple Tree
Apple Tree

Elder brother reached near the tree and whispered to the tree, “even after hearing our talk to cut off, why you didn’t fall?” The tree replied, “I know, who am I, so I ignored baseless talks and stood strong”.

Moral: Keep silence instead of reacting on baseless comments or provocative talks.

Baseless Comments And Posts

Today we can find many baseless posts, videos and comments on social media like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. If you look, you can find these posts and videos are fake or spices added (their own views) to get more likes and shares. Their aim is only to promote their channels, and it does not bother them about the harm to others or society.

Another group is very much active to make spices added bad comments on those posts and videos. They do not even try to confirm the validity of the matter. Even though no idea about the content, they make bad comments which give a bad name for an individual or community.

We find people having this bad habit not only in the new technology world but also in real life. They are expert in spreading fake news, baseless talks and making bad comments to prove they are good and others are bad.

If you spend your valuable time to listen and react on such silly matters, you can’t grow and become successful in life. Time is precious for success in life. Stop wasting time and become the master of your life.

No tree will ever self stop growing but always add more roots and new leaves. Do not allow anyone to become an obstacle to growth. The tree self absorbs enough water by spreading its roots far and sunlight required for the growth. And become a shade even for the people who wanted to cut off the tree.

Don’t get upset, disappointed or fall. Maintain a strong mind, ignore insults and baseless talks against you. Have a positive attitude and move forward to success without fear.


Remember, everything has its own time to produce fruits. Hence, never cut off anything or anyone in the beginning without realising the value. Ignore baseless comments and insults, spread love and peace, become a shade for others who are in need.

Do not spread fake news, baseless comments about a person or community, avoid making bad comments or publishing posts on social media which are harmful to others.

Can we stop baseless comments? If yes, How? If no, why not?

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Have you ever faced any baseless comments or insult in real-life or on social media?  If yes, what was your reaction?

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