How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Complex Dieting?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you worried about how to lose belly fat naturally without complex dieting? You are not alone many are there struggling with their belly fat. Why many people can’t look down after lockdown? Though COVID would cause mass destruction it increased the mass of an individual person by increasing the belly size. Take a measuring tape and measure around your belly button. If the size is more than 80 centimetres for women and more than 90 centimetres for men, this article and video are tailor-made for you.

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Complex Dieting?

Please remember there is no shortcut to reducing belly fat. You might have read many people saying on social media that”Reducing belly fat in 3 days”. That will not work as the next 3 days will come back again soon. We have abused our bodies to build up belly fat and it is time for us to work hard and smart to reduce it. This is a type of intermittent fasting coupled with the benefits of the circadian rhythm. This post is based on the video talk of Dr Palaniappan Manickam (Dr Pal), a Physician in California. In the video, he assures us that If you can stick to his suggestions on a daily basis for at least 6 weeks, you can surely see results. Patience and consistency is the key.

How to measure your belly fat?

Belly fat measuring
Belly fat-measuring

The inch tape should be around the belly button and not at the place where your pant on it is above it. Please make sure that you do this the first thing in the morning, do not have any clothes on and most importantly do not inhale. Please exhale.

Belly fat risks – causes cancer

Abdominal obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and more importantly if you get COVID the risk of complications is even higher. Obesity can also cause cancer and cancer will kill you. So please take that action right now. Please do not postpone things.

Why do you get belly fat?

There are only two ways to get belly fat

1. If you eat more than you should.

Over eating causes belly fat

Most of the time if you eat yummily, you will get a tummy.

2. If you eat food at the wrong time.

To decrease belly fat you need to control any of the above two factors. The first factor of eating more than what you should is very difficult to control right away. It requires a lot of willpower. But the second factor is easy to be focused upon regarding the time that you are eating.

Why does eating at the RIGHT TIME matter?

Eating Time to reduce belly fat
Control your eating time

Why this is important? Because similar to us where we sleep at night and then get recharged and then wake up in the morning all our hormones do the same thing as well. They have a particular sleep period, they have a particular wake-up period. For example growth hormone which is a repair hormone that increases the growth of the body, not the horizontal growth, the vertical growth of the body, is secreted only at night.

Growth hormone is like batman who repairs the city of Gotham at night.

How does INSULIN work?

Insulin which is a hormone that decreases fat and builds up in the body is secreted during the day when there is sunlight and when people are active.


Insulin is like a superman who flies from one side to another during the day when there is sunlight. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and it is the most important hormone when you eat glucose or carbohydrate-rich foods to convert the glucose molecules to energy. You need insulin to be at its hundred per cent quality whenever the load is heavy, especially after an Indian get-together. But think about it. Insulin is very tired after being worked out during the day and after sunset, it is going to take some rest but most Indian get-togethers happen only after sunset and when you eat something after sunset it is like making the insulin up. You are asking insulin to wake up.

Not only insulin usually all eating hormones die down after sunset and the quality goes down significantly if we wake them up. It’s almost similar to buying a full-length pants at a 50 per cent discount of low quality and after washing this full pant becomes half pant.

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If you eat a gulab jamun after sunset initially the insulin will be like that’s okay I will digest this for you but in due course of time, it will try to cut corners and will digest only half of the gulab jamun and the remaining half it will park in your belly. After a while, there will be no space in the belly to store the fat. So fat will migrate into the heart, liver and brain causing a heart attack.

Imagine the gulab jamun that you ate travelling all the way from the belly into the blood vessels of your heart blocking the circulation completely.

What should you do to lose belly fat naturally?

First, you need to understand what is your eating pattern and the timing of your eating.

What are your eating pattern and the timing of your eating?

The first bite or drink that you are taking in the day. For example, if you wake up around 7 a.m and drink a coffee at 730 a.m, then 7 30 a.m will be your first bite. Anything other than water is considered the first bite. Preferable to avoid black coffee as well. If you absolutely like black coffee that’s totally okay. Anything other than water, like adding lemon in the water, adding vodka in the water is considered the first bite.

Similarly towards the end of the day when you have your last bite or drink that will be considered as the end of your eating period. For example, if your last drink is around 8 p.m, let’s say you drink milk then 8 p.m will be considered as your last end of the eating period.

So from 8 a.m to 8 p.m would be a 12-hour eating period. More importantly, you should time the eating period with sunrise and sunset. Your eating period cannot go beyond 12 hours if you want the best results. It is best to stick to an eating period of eight hours between sunrise and sunset.

Imagine your body is the earth, your belly is the moon and your foot is the sun. When you look down there is a solar eclipse going on. You cannot see the sun at least in the universe solar eclipse lasts only for a maximum of seven point five minutes.

How to lose belly fat NATURALLY without complex dieting | DAWN – DUSK method to BURN fat

“WHEN” you eat matters more than “WHAT” you eat. Find Simple Tips For Weight Loss


From the above, you must have understood the reasons for belly fat and how to lose belly fat naturally without complex dieting. Also, you must have understood the complications of belly fat, if not controlled timely. Take care of your health, both physical and mental health. Control your diet, avoid all types of junk foods, eat naturally, live naturally and lose belly fat naturally.

Do you have obesity? Are you worried about how to lose belly fat?

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References and credits: Dr Pal YouTube


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