How To Lead A Peaceful Life

How To Lead A Peaceful Life?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you worried about how to lead a peaceful life? Are you craving harmony and peaceful life filled with full of happiness? There can be many reasons for these, but one of the main problems is you are focusing your energy on the wrong things. If you are tired of the raging storm in your head and life, continue reading till the end and watch the video talk. This article is based on a beautiful speech by Dr B M Hegde about how to lead a peaceful life.

What is a peaceful life means?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling stressed? Do you find it difficult to concentrate better on your work because of the unwanted thoughts coming into your mind? Are you not able to sleep at night because of tensions in your mind?

According to you what does it mean to live a peaceful life? Money, wealth, status, social networking? None of these will give you a peaceful life. All these will give you temporary happiness only. Being in harmony with yourself and the surrounding world is the only way for living a peaceful life. So, peace begins within your mind. Once your mind is at ease and peaceful, you will find the effects in everything surrounding you. If you have a peaceful life, that doesn’t mean you have a perfect life, but how you handle things around you. How you grow self-love, turn failure into success, cope with anxiety, control anger and other such things are the stepping stones for making your life peaceful.

How To Lead A Peaceful Life?

All things in this world have a very simple solution. Be complicated, anything in a very complicated problem is a very simple solution but if you ask a specialist for a solution he will complicate the solution to a problem.  We are born to last as long as we can survive in this world. Do you think the human body is made because of the doctor, the medical colleges, the tests, the operations, the surgeons, and things like that? No, we are made to be our own and we are born with a doctor inside. This is the most important thing. And this doctor is so powerful that it can correct any disease from the common cold to cancer only if you keep your mind clear.

Ayurveda so beautifully says, “You get up in the morning, and you shit well, you piss well, you eat well, you drink well, you work very hard, sleep very well, and then don’t hate nobody, you will live as long as you live.”

There is an Irish couplet that so beautifully says it “I eat when I am hungry, drink when you are thirsty if heavens don’t fall down, you will certainly live well till you die.”

Can you try all these methods including NONI and be here forever without dying? NO.

Bernard Shaw beautifully wrote:

Do not try to live forever. You will not succeed.

George Bernard Shaw

Just imagine, if all people born don’t die, there will not be space even to stand. So death and birth are two things that are not in our control.

Whenever you get into trouble you say “Why me?”

Have you heard about Stephen Hawking?

Stephen William Hawkin was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author who was director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge at the time of his death. This man had a Peculiar disease when he was just 24 years old, known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease), a fatal neurodegenerative disease that affects the motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord, which gradually paralysed him over decades.

Most people with ALS die between two and four years after the diagnosis. Around half of the people with ALS die within 30 months of their symptoms beginning, and about 20% of people with ALS live between five and ten years after symptoms begin. Stephen Hawking lived for 55 more years following his diagnosis, but they are considered unusual cases. Source: Wikipedia

Our ingress into the world was naked and bare; our progress through the world is trouble and care; our egress from the world will be nobody knows where; but if we do well here we shall do well there.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What is your aim in life?

This is life. We predict the unpredictable future of human beings, nobody can predict the future. So don’t worry about death.

So our aim in life to have a contented life is to do well here. Death is not impossible, possible.

You are born with your own doctor, not your family doctor, your personal doctor is inside. Where is he is the question? We are a colony of beautiful 50 trillion cells, happy jumping 50 trillion cells in different parts of the body. These 50 trillion cells love one another so much, they dance with one another.  When they don’t jump and sing, one is angry with the other, which means you are not well. So health is when your cells love one another and they work together and that is the beauty of your body.

 All these things are controlled by the human mind.

Selected points from Dr B M Hegde Speech

How To Lead A Peaceful Life? Where We Make Mistakes?

The first step to success is dreaming big. But never try to become another person. Don’t expect more than your capacity. Because if you can’t fulfil your expectations, that will disturb your mind.

Do you know the benefits of forgiveness and self-forgiveness? Many times it is difficult to forgive others, but once you forgive, your mind will become free and you will enjoy a peaceful mind. Forgiveness Leads To Light, Love And A Joyful Life. Forgiveness is essential for your well-being and peace of mind.

Better sleep at night is very important for good physical and mental health. A good sleep at night will wipe out all the stress and pain and also give enough rest to the body and mind. Many of us cannot sleep well at night because our thoughts are so disturbing. Stop dwelling on negative thoughts that weaken you.

These are simple tips about how to lead a peaceful life.


Are you still worried about how to lead a peaceful life? You are not alone, but everyone wishes to live a peaceful life. The problem is most people are clueless about how to achieve a peaceful life. Some people think earning more money will bring happiness and peace of mind. But they don’t understand money can’t buy everything required for a happy and peaceful life.

If you put your mind towards a positive attitude and make a few changes in your life, that will surely help you to experience the pure joy of living a well-balanced and peaceful life. You can’t make changes in your life overnight but have to change gradually over time.

What do you do for living a peaceful life?

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