Healing Emotional Pain

How To Heal Your Emotional Pain?

Updated on July 5, 2024

What do you do when you feel frustrated, sad, unhappy, or depressed? Do you try to heal your emotional pain or add more negativity to your mind? Emotional pain is a completely normal thing and hence should not add more negativity to it.

Emotional Pain

Do you cry when you are emotional? When you cry, it shows you are strong because it takes a lot of courage to cry out and let out all your pain and anger, aggression, rage and frustration. So, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to let loose, it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to be broken, and it’s ok to be emotional rather than pretend to be strong, but broken from the inside. Releasing emotional pain is not a weakness, but your greatest strength because it makes you realise you are a human being.

All human beings go through emotional pain in their life. Sometimes, emotional pain is unbearable and looks like there is no light at the end. In the last 2 years, we have all faced a lot of emotional pain because of the unexpected disaster of COVID-19. The lives of many people affected by COVID-19 and that pain keep constantly nagging everyone. Physical and mental pain makes them feel worthless and empty. We should realise that struggle and pain are part of life and it takes time to settle and heal emotional pain.

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The pandemic COVID-19 and also the present situation we go through are just a part of life. We must realise all these are normal and part of life. Hence, we should avoid feeling guilty about the negative emotions and adding negativity to our thoughts. We can find so much negativity around us, and adding more to it will affect our life.

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Realise emotional pain is normal

Most of us do not realise the fact that feeling frustrated, depressed, anxious and worried is normal and part of life’s journey. It is normal to worry about the future and how things will happen. Feeling disappointed and depressed about things happening around us is normal. Sometimes we feel lonely, completely lost, or feeling a little nudged by family members or friends. When we don’t find a space or face hurting actions or words from the people whom we trust and love, we must understand that is normal.

Most times, we forget we are not machines or robots. We are human beings with emotions and feelings and hence we would get hurt. As long as we are alive, we have to face problems and will experience pain. But we do not understand feeling sad, depressed, lonely, or getting hurt by someone’s insult, all these are completely normal and part of our life.

The only difference is some people can handle emotions, but some can’t handle emotions. The one who can’t handle emotions often gets hurt and adds more to it through unwanted negative thoughts, making a painful wound in their mind. When we do not know how to heal emotions and mental pain and that affects our health and life.

Release the emotional pain

When we do exercises, our muscles are being toned, and that causes pain. When we rest, the muscle tissues repair themselves and it develops firm muscles. In the beginning, we feel severe pain that we can’t handle. But after a few days, we understand that pain is part of the healing and growth of muscles. We learn to handle the pain and not resist that pain.

When there is emotional pain in our minds, that pain comes out through our eyes. This is simply a manifestation of emotional pain and we should allow the physical manifestation to happen. If we do not release the emotional pain, that becomes toxic and affects our health.

Most times, we do not realise feeling emotional or negative in a negative situation is normal and hence nothing much to worry about it. When we feel emotional pain, we have a wrong thinking that only we have such pain and others are always happy. That is not true. All human being has pain. The only difference is how we handle it. If we do not release emotional pain and hold it for a long, that can cause mental health problems like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. People who have faced such mental health problems only know the actual pain in the mind and body. So, always try to release your emotional pain to keep your mind free and cool.

Remember, Life is not like a candy shop, but like a classroom where you study yourself by facing different emotions and circumstances, allowing you to build a better version of yourself.

Frankly speaking, I cannot handle emotional pain because I am a very sensitive person. You may ask then how can I write like this? I am sharing what I learned from reading and watching videos because I feel sharing is caring.


No need to worry about why you aren’t being in positive feelings all the time. Sometimes we exaggerate our emotions more than they do. If our mind is not cooling, that can cause problems for us as well as for others by hurting them with unwanted and unimagined incidents. While giving expression to our pain, we need to be mindful of not venting out our emotional pain on others, making them target our negative behaviour.

Are you able to handle and heal emotional pain?

Do you help others to heal emotional pain?

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