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How To Become Rich | Expert Advice From Successful People

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you searching for easy ways to become rich? Do you like to know how to become rich? In this article, you can find expert advice from Oprah Winfrey, Mel Robbins, Robin Sharma, Lewis Howes, and more. As you know they are experts and world-famous motivational speakers helping people to make their life happy and successful. Their simple tips from their life experience will surely help you to learn how to become rich. Continue reading till the end and also watch their video talk.

How To Become Rich? 7 Easy Tips

  1. Have a good morning ritual
  2. Work on your soul
  3. Define the feeling you are after
  4. Develop a good evening routine
  5. Learn more
  6. Stop wasting your days

1. Have a good morning ritual – Oprah Winfrey

Every morning I prepare myself for the day. So I listen to some form of either a spiritual song or I read some kind of spiritual passage. I read something called the bowl of saki which is written by a Sufi master or I’ll read a daily word. And then I meditate and I do a gratitude journal and whether I’m doing it electronically or whether I’m writing in my little journal that I can. I don’t carry the journal around if I’m going to be on longest vacations, because once I left a journal in a hotel and God only knows what you could sell that for. So I don’t do that. But I keep some form of spiritual practice where I remind myself daily of where I’ve come from.

Good morning ritual
Have a good morning ritual

The above is a selected quote from an interview with Oprah Winfrey. You can watch the same at the bottom of the article. If you start your day right, you can win the day. Starting your day with a small prayer or meditation will bring peace to your mind. Many people have a routine of morning walks, exercise, yoga, etc. Do you know the benefits of a morning walk every day? 

2. Work on your soul – Robin Sharma

I believe that potential unexpressed turns into pain. And when we are born we’re born as children into awe and wonder. Adults are nothing more than deteriorated children. But as we leave the perfection of childhood where we’re intimate with our gifts and our talents and wonder. Our parents doing their best say you want to be an astronaut, be practical. Then we go to school, we say I want to be a rock star and I want to be an actor and I want to be Jay Shetty. When I grow up and they say oh no no he’s a different kind of cut from a different cloth than you. And we get seduced by the beliefs of the people around us and we go from this on wonder and intimacy with our glory our primal glory. That’s just the human condition and we start to forget who we truly are.

And as our dreams start to fall apart, and as we lose that connection with our best selves, and as we get sad and disappointed, and as we failed that’s just part of life, a lot of us shut down. And we don’t know how to process that pain. so we repress it.

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Mindset Heart set Health set  Soul set
Mindset Heart set Health set Soul set


Many people are talking about mindset. Would you agree? Absolutely. Everything is the mindset. If you just dial in your mindset you’re going to go out there and you’re going to change the world, well, here’s what that model is about. I think the mindset is only 25 per cent of the personal mastery equation.

Why it’s very important to have a great mindset? That’s your psychology you want to wire in the beliefs of world-class. No question but a great psychology with a broken heart or a heart full of pain if you haven’t forgiven the unforgiven. If you’re stuck in the past you can read the books and go to the courses and get a great mindset. You’re all on fire but you sabotage yourself because your emotional life is toxic.

Heart set

So it’s not just mindset there’s a second word I’m introducing which is it’s going to transform people. It’s a heart set, but it’s not only purifying your heart set. You want to calibrate your mindset and purify your heart set.

Health set

And then it’s this other word I’m introducing health set. That’s the third interior empire because if you want to change the world don’t die. One of the keys to legendary is longevity and there’s a lot of the book on how, how the best in the world, the great geniuses manage their vitality. So they were like in their 90s still rocking their craft. So it’s a mindset, heart set, health set which is your physical life.

Soul set

And here’s a key that I think will resonate with you. It’s the fourth interior empire that is your soul set. Yes, now some of your listeners from across the planet will go well I’m a business builder or I want creativity, and productivity. Why are we talking about the soul? so well, if your ego is running the day you’re never going to go out there and change the world. A bad day for the ego is an awesome day for the soul. So working on your soul sets.

So you are a titan of humanity and you’re intimate with your highest nature and you’re wiring in the great values and you’re living for a cause that’s bigger than yourself, that’s what allows you to go out in the world and move through failures and really own your domain.

So those four interior empires once you work on those you go out in the world and automatically everything you touch is golden because our outer success is always a function of who we are on the inside.

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3. Define the feeling that you are after – Brendan Burchard

One of the major keys we found in the first high-performing habit is seeking clarity. And what we found is one of the practices that high performers do is they define the feeling they’re after. And so when we had to explain that and later talk about it in the energy chapter we had to differentiate between feelings and emotions. And they are different emotions that tend to be they’re the same like we have they’re physical, and they’re almost always automatic even though when the brain is creating associations. There’s also happened for us it’s kind of emotion that comes up.

If you’re not happy right now, it’s because you’re not serving enough.

4. Develop a good evening routine – Mel Robbins

Develop a good evening routine - Mel Robbins
Develop a good evening routine

My night routine is very simple. Complete the day and leave no tasks that I have to finish in the morning. It’s not necessarily that I have a specific order but there are particular things that I do.

I’m doing this so that when I leave my bedroom in the morning and I walk into the kitchen to have 30 minutes of quiet time for myself to get focused to plan my priorities. Everything’s set. It’s all been handled. There’s no thinking involved. It’s amazing. Then once that’s all handled I turn off all the lights, and lock the front door. When I walk into my bedroom the very first thing that I do I set my alarm and then I plug my phone in my closet that is the single most important aspect of my evening routine.

5. Learn more – Lewis Howes

I wish someone had told me to master more skills like becoming a master of your curiosity. So I was mastering my sports but I wasn’t mastering necessarily relationship skills early on. And I wish I would have learned more about communication, more about speaking in front of others, more about articulating my idea, and packaging and delivering it to peers friends teammates., whatever it may be learning communication.

I think that is one of the most important skills in any business, getting any job is to be able to deliver our message or our ideas in such a way that it moves other people to action. Whether that action is to hire you to take your advice and use it to enrol people in your vision whatever it may be learning to communicate. And it took me until I was about 25 when I started to take public speaking classes.

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Because I saw the value and the importance of communicating your ideas and your message and if you want to generate any type of results and get people behind anything you’re up to, you need to learn how to communicate what that is to them and get them to take action on it. Otherwise, it’s gonna be hard to get your ideas out there or get people to buy into who you are and how you can support their company if you’re looking for a job.

6. Stop wasting your days – Deangraziosi

I hear this all the time and talk about it all the time but it hits me at different moments in my life at the end of our life man we are going to look back and wish we didn’t get mad at one thing or let things bug us or worry about if someone took advantage of us.

I want to ask you why are you wasting any days, especially on things people probably have taken advantage of, people probably hurt you in the past. But if you want the millionaire success habits to go to another level the same habits that’ll bring your joy, abundance, happiness, wealth, and prosperity all together let go, let it go. You might never get the apology, you might never get I’m sorry, you may never get the money back, and you may never get what you deserve. But that’s okay because it’ll come someplace else remember karma.

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It’s not about getting back from what you gave, just give everywhere and all of a sudden someone taps you on the shoulder and behind you without you even knowing it was coming. Come becomes the perfect relationship comes the perfect business partnership comes the money comes to the company. And the more we can remember that the more we can practice it on a regular basis the more success we’ll have in our life.

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How to become rich?

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Hope you like the article about how to become rich. These are a few selected tips from experts, but this doesn’t mean this is the only way to become rich. Don’t try to become rich with money, but become rich with good qualities, a good human being. Do you think money can bring you happiness? Do you think all the rich people, billionaires are happy and they have no problems at all? They have more problems than you. Money can provide you with a comfortable bed, but money can’t give you better sleep. Money Can Not Buy Everything Required In Life.

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