Childhood Injury

How To Avoid Childhood Injury?

Updated on July 5, 2024

In the current world childhood injury is a serious problem. Many parents are facing this problem and are very much worried. Working parents have to leave their small kids with their grandparents or maidservants who find it difficult to handle these small kids. This article explaining on children’s safety and how to take care of your energetic and active children.

How To Avoid Childhood Injury?

A lot of parents have been asking how to take care of my younger one with so much energy while we are working in offices. When we come home we are unable to handle the whole energy of the child and sometimes this energy translates into simple unintentional injuries which can happen in their home or immediate surroundings in the playground or in the school.

Childhood injury is a serious problem in today’s world. Because as parents we are always, always distracted, and as Grandparents, we are kind of old to look after the energetic child who’s running around all over the place.

The data is shocking. Every single day one child in Bangalore loses his life for an engineering problem. Every 15 minutes one child is seeking medical attention for an interrelated problem. Childhood injuries are preventable and predictable only if as parents, as adults, as teachers, as caretakers and as doctors we understand what goes on in a child’s mind. Less than five years accidents are one of the largest killer of children on this planet. Every single minute one normal child loses his life for an unintentional injury. That’s mainly because we have failed to understand what’s going on in our child’s head.

For example, a one-year-old child has got a very large head. So the moment he starts to lean forward he has a chance to topple and fall and because of the large head when the head hits the ground it will always hurt. And the baby falling from a height will always have a head injury. He has very weak legs. He will mount everything even if it’s a button battery or an insect or a pin which is lying down on the floor. The moment a child learns to run and walk then he is unstoppable and because of this fearlessness as well as lack of insight they put themselves at danger. These children though they are like little scientists exploring their immediate environments it is primarily our responsibility as adults to baby-proof our immediate surroundings so that these normal children do not fall prey to injuries which can cause disability and sometimes unfortunately even death. So child safety is not our choice it is our responsibility. 


From the above, you must have understood the main reason for childhood injury is a lack of understanding. Always someone should be with the child. If you find the child is picking anything from the floor or table, immediately check it, and remove it from the child’s hands. Never allow the child to put anything in their mouth. When the child starts walking, always be with the child. In the present world, some parents are busy with social media notifications or tv serials and at that time, the child will be playing on the floor or on the bed. There is a good chance that the child may fall or put something in their mouth. Take care of your children.

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References & Credits: Dr Chetan Ginigeri, Consultant in Paediatrics & Paediatric Intensive Care at Aster RV Hospital in JP Nagar. You can watch the video

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