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Unveiling Hidden Potential: The Story Of The Broken Crayons

Updated on July 5, 2024

Welcome, young adventurers, to a world where hidden potential lies within the most unexpected places! Today, we invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey, where brokenness turns into beauty and discarded crayons reveal their true magic. Get ready to witness the incredible tale of how hidden potential can shine, captivating our hearts and igniting our imaginations. So gather around, dear young readers, as we embark on a remarkable adventure of transformation and discovery.

Hidden Potential: A Moral Story Of The Broken Crayons

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Timmy who came from a very rich family. Timmy had a collection of old and broken crayons that he no longer wanted. He thought they were useless and made his bedroom look messy. Determined to tidy up, Timmy went to his mother and said, “Mom, can we throw away all my broken crayons? They’re just taking up space.”

Timmy’s mother loved him dearly and wanted to make him happy, so she gathered all the broken crayons and placed them in a box, which she then promptly threw away. The next day, however, Timmy seemed sad and upset. Curious, his mother asked, “What’s the matter, my dear?”

Timmy sighed and replied, “I don’t like the smell of the air fresheners and fragrance oils in my room anymore. They make me feel sick. Can we get rid of them, too?”

His mother understood and agreed to remove the scents from his room. She collected all the bottles of air fresheners and fragrance oils and disposed of them. To replace them, she bought new scents that she thought Timmy would enjoy.

One evening, as Timmy and his mother were driving home from the grocery store, they passed by a busy street. Timmy looked out the car window and was amazed by what he saw. There, on the sidewalk, was a poor boy selling colorful candles that he called “the magical candles.” One candle in particular burned brightly, emitting delightful scents that filled the air. People gathered around, fascinated by the expensive and unique candles sold by the young boy.

Timmy couldn’t contain his excitement and tugged at his mother’s sleeve. “Mom, look! Those candles are so beautiful and smell amazing. They would make my bedroom look and smell incredible. Can we buy some, please?”

His mother wanted to make her son happy, so they got out of the car and approached the candle boy. However, to their disappointment, he said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but all the candles have been sold. There are none left.”

Timmy’s face fell, and his mother felt a pang of sadness seeing her son’s disappointment. She couldn’t help but ask the candle boy, “Where did you get those special candles? I would love to buy some for my son.”

With a humble smile, the candle boy replied, “I didn’t buy them. I made them myself.” Timmy’s mother was surprised and intrigued. She asked, “But how did you create such wonderful candles all on your own? What materials did you use?”

The candle boy paused for a moment, then answered, “One day, I saw a woman throwing away a box of broken crayons. I was so happy to find them, so I took them all. The next day, I found some bottles of fragrances in the same trash bin. I took those home too. I melted the broken crayons and mixed the wax with the fragrances. It was with that mixture that I created these magical candles.”

Timmy’s eyes widened with amazement as he realized the potential of his discarded crayons. He had never thought that something broken could be transformed into something so beautiful and special. Inspired by the candle boy’s creativity and resourcefulness, Timmy learned a valuable lesson that day.

From that moment on, Timmy began to see the beauty in everything, even the broken and discarded. He started collecting his broken crayons again, determined to find new ways to bring them to life. With the help of his mother, Timmy explored various art projects, using the melted crayons to create vibrant paintings and unique crafts.

Timmy’s room became a colourful masterpiece, filled with his own creations. And whenever he looked at the broken crayons, he no longer saw them as useless, but as the building blocks of something wonderful. His heart was filled with gratitude for the candle boy who had shown him the true magic that lies within the broken pieces of life. And so, Timmy and the candle boy became friends, sharing their creative ideas and inspiring each other to see the world through a new and colourful lens.

The moral of the story

Don’t let others’ opinions define your worth and potential; stay focused, positive, and have hope for a better tomorrow.

It’s important not to let rejection or judgment from others define our worth or potential. Just like the broken crayons that were initially discarded and overlooked, we all have hidden talents and abilities that may not be immediately apparent to everyone.

Instead of feeling discouraged, it’s crucial to stay focused and positive. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Sometimes, it just takes time for others to recognize and appreciate your true value.

As the broken crayons were transformed into amazing candles, remember that with patience and perseverance, you can also undergo a remarkable transformation. Embrace the journey of self-improvement and personal growth, and trust that, in time, you’ll reveal your true potential to the world.

Never lose hope for a better tomorrow. Keep shining brightly, just like those candles that captured everyone’s admiration. Embrace the uniqueness within you, for it is what makes you truly special. And remember, those who may have rejected or looked down on you in the past might miss out on the opportunity to witness your incredible transformation. So, stay determined, stay positive, and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.


As we reach the end of our marvellous journey, remember the remarkable lesson that the broken crayons have taught us. Each one of us possesses hidden potential, waiting to be unveiled and cherished. Just like the crayons that were once discarded, don’t let setbacks or judgments define you. Embrace your uniqueness, have faith in your abilities, and never forget the incredible transformations that can occur when we believe in ourselves.

So, my young adventurers, let your hidden potential shine brightly. Embrace the challenges and obstacles, knowing that within them lies the opportunity for growth and brilliance. Remember, your journey has only just begun, and the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of your remarkable hidden potential.

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