Health Benefits Of Ginger

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger

Updated on July 5, 2024

Ginger has important health benefits few people know about. Find 12 secret health benefits of ginger for your health and how you should take it to improve nausea, cancer, inflammation, and much more.

Ginger is one of the most commonly used dietary supplements in the world but what does ginger do for you and what are its health benefits?

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger

In this video, you can find 12 health benefits of ginger that you can have daily access to for you and your loved ones.

Dr. Gus is naturopath acupuncture’s conventional doctor. He treats his patients with natural medicine before recurring to the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

The health benefits of ginger are well documented and ginger has been used across the globe as a natural remedy for thousands of years. In fact, Asian, Chinese, Roman and Greeks cultures have well-documented uses for ginger.

You can find it on fresh ground or in capsules. And Medical Research is starting to reveal the wonders of ginger from fighting off infections to cancer. So let’s dive right into the topic.

What Are The Top 12 Health Benefits Of Ginger?

  1. Eases Inflammation
  2. Fights Off Fungal Infections
  3. Treats Nausea
  4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  5. Blocks Bacterial Infections
  6. Improves Brain Function
  7. Relieves Joint And Muscle Pain
  8. Regulates Blood Sugar
  9. Eases Menstrual Pain
  10. Help prevent the formation of Stomach Ulcers
  11. Helps With Digestion
  12. May Inhibit Cancer Growth
Health Benefits Of Ginger
12 Health Benefits Of Ginger

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1. Eases Inflammation – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Let’s not forget that inflammation is normal in the body and it’s a healthy immune response to aggression in our organisms. But chronic and high aggressive inflammation is a major contributor to health conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

A review in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine in the United States pointed out that ginger extract can help innovate the synthesis of certain markers of inflammation thus preventing several chronic conditions. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as gingerol, shogaol, paradol and zingerone.

Rashes inflammation health benefits of papaya
Inflammation – Rashes on the skin

Other studies point out to the fact that ginger benefits include preventing blood coagulation the street thus reducing the risk of a heart attack and which very important.

2. Fights Off Fungal Infections – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Fungal infections cause a variety of conditions. Yeast infections, athlete’s feet, and even candidiasis. An interesting fact about ginger is that it helps kill off diseases by causing diseases that cause fungi infections. Studies have shown that ginger extract was found to be effective against two types of yeast common in fungal infection and in our mouse and including Candida albicans. Studies also show that ginger is more effective actually in killing off fungi that are more susceptible to this.

Athlete’s_foot Wes Washington / CC BY-SA (

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3. Treats Nausea – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger has been used historically to treat seasickness and morning sickness in pregnant women. Ginger is perhaps most well known for its ability to treat nausea and vomiting actually a meta-analysis which is a summary of several systems. Medical studies found that ginger was effective in decreasing the symptoms of morning sickness, in nausea with minimal side effects in pregnant women.

Another study from the University of Rochester Medical Center demonstrated that ginger helps reduce nausea severity and in patients that are using chemotherapy as a treatment. All right. This is very important for people that are treating with cancer.

4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Cholesterol is a very important compound in our body is essentially producing hormones bile essential in overall health. However, you know high levels of cholesterol can build up in the blood causing serious health risks that are very important to prevent and one of the biggest health benefits of ginger is its ability to naturally lower cholesterol levels and increase HDL good cholesterol in the body.

A study conducted by baeble University Medical Sciences found that ginger was able to significantly reduce bad LDL cholesterol and raise beneficial HDL cholesterol. In an animal study ginger was nearly as effective in lowering cholesterol as statin which is a Stan medication used for high blood cholesterol in patients.

5. Blocks Bacterial Infections – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger in addition to its antifungal properties has the ability to fight off bacterial infections as well. Let’s not forget that pathogenic bacteria are common causes for conditions like Urinary tract infections, Pneumonia and Bronchitis. A study that analyzed the compounds in ginger found that it could help inhibit the growth of certain strains of bacteria that cause gum disease in our mouths. And a second study showed that ginger extract was effective against several strains of drug-resistant bacteria as well which is very important in medicine. And by the way, it’s becoming more and more of a problem to medical professionals resistant bacteria to medication.

6. Improves Brain Function – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Alzheimer’s patients and Parkinson’s patients have been linked an oxidative stress in chronic inflammation in brain and ginger has is well documented for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So this is a magnificent route that can actually play an important role in the benefits of our brains. Several animal studies have been found that ginger extract can protect the brain against ageing and cognitive decline. And the second study published in 2012 actually found that ginger was especially helpful in improving cognitive function and attention in middle-aged women.

7. Relieves Joint And Muscle Pain – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Attention to arthritis sufferers. Ginger has a poun anti-inflammatory agent that causes and helps with arthritis-related joint pains. Several medical studies have been done and concluded that daily consumption of ginger resulted in moderate to a large reduction in muscle pain caused by exercise or muscle injury alright

8. Regulates Blood Sugar – Health Benefits Of Ginger

This is very important. High blood sugar can cause diabetes obviously and this causes many Symptoms frequent urination, headaches including migraines. And increased thirst is actually another symptom of diabetes. But pay attention because if you leave diabetes untreated it can cause serious problems like nerve damage and impaired wound healing etc. New research has found that ginger helps promote normal blood preventing symptoms and in one study, ginger daily supplementation reduced blood sugar by 12% and improved long-term blood sugar control by 10% so it’s very important.

9. Eases Menstrual Pain – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Some women suffer from menstrual pain frequently and for some, it might be unbearable. And unfortunately, side effects like headaches are common and are still associated with menstrual cycles women find relief using ginger as a natural remedy that can be just as useful as over-the-counter medications.

10. Help Prevent The Formation of Stomach Ulcers – Health Benefits Of Ginger

Stomach ulcers can be very painful and even dangerous. If left untreated they can cause symptoms like indigestion fatigue, heartburn, abdominal discomfort or even haemorrhage. The good news is that several studies have found that ginger can help prevent the formation of stomach ulcers. And in fact, an animal study in 2011 showed that ginger powder protected against aspirin-induced stomach ulcers and so this is very important for people that are suffering from other ulcers give it think of it a try.

11. Helps With Digestion – Health Benefits Of Ginger

One of the most powerful benefits of ginger is its ability to support healthy digestion preventing reflux and dyspepsia.

12. May Inhibit Cancer Growth – Health Benefits Of Ginger

One of the most impressive benefits of ginger is its anti-cancer properties and this is due to the presses of a powerful compound found in ginger called six ginger roll. Several studies have found that ginger and its components can be effective in blocking cancer cell growth especially ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer and this is an area that leaves a lot of research to be done. Let’s not forget that every cancer is different and needs a different treatment.

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Ginger is a very common spice in the kitchen and you must be familiar with ginger. Hope that in this article you could find some unknown health benefits of ginger. Ginger is good for health but if you are under treatment of any disease, you should seek the advice of your consulting doctor.

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