Health Benefits Of Broccoli

What Are The Health Benefits Of Broccoli

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you like the taste of Broccoli, the green vegetable that looks closely related to Cauliflower and vaguely resembles a miniature tree? Some people don’t like the taste and so they avoid this vegetable in their diet. Are you aware of the surprising health benefits of Broccoli?

What Happens When You Eat Broccoli Every day! Dr Michael Greger

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, a nutritional powerhouse full of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants and minerals. Nutrient-rich Broccoli can help you to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar and have many other health benefits.

Broccoli has long been touted as a superfood because of its remarkable nutritional makeup. Broccoli is loaded with beta-carotene, fibre, antioxidants, vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc, and many other vitamins and minerals. Many of the substances found in broccoli can boost our immune system and help us fight off various types of infections. Also, a compound found in broccoli called indole-3 carbinol is thought to be able to protect against cancer. And may be especially powerful in preventing the development of estrogen-enhanced cancers including breast, endometrial and cervical cancers. Other substances found in broccoli may also positively affect our nervous system and heart health. I recently heard Dr. Michael Greger talk about a fascinating study that looked at the effect broccoli can have on our DNA. So let’s hear now from Dr. Greger.

There was a new study on DNA repair and when you study DNA or a pair of these studies study smokers and that’s just kind of the standard. Because they’re the ones who have so much damage to their DNA. Took a group of smokers and just for 10 days had they meet six times the amount of broccoli the average American eats. In other words, just a stalk of broccoli every day for 10 days was very doable very easy and found that those compared to the smokers at Disney broccoli had 30% less DNA damage over those 10 days.

Now we thought that it was due to something we already knew that this glucose in Lacey’s final nutrients in broccoli and cabbage family vegetables, in general, boost your liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens. And so what we’re thinking is happening well by eating that broccoli we’re just boosting the liver’s ability to kind of clear out the toxins from the tobacco. And so it never made it to the DNA but the reason why this new study is so significant is what they did is they tested to perceive that was the entire effect.

They actually took DNA out of their bodies put it in a test tube and exposed it to a DNA-damaging camera and the DNA of broccoli eaters suffered significantly less damage. Meaning the DNA of those eating broccoli is intrinsically more resistant as a subset of the level you take out DNA from broccoli haters and that DNA itself even outside the body is more resistant to damage.

So broccoli is protected from a variety of mechanisms not only does it clear out these toxins before whatever makes them makes it – most yourselves by boosting liver activity but it also even if these toxins get passed our first line of defense actually our DNA is more resistant to damage afterwards that’s why that was so such a significant study. Source: YouTube

From the above video and transcript, you must have understood the many health benefits of Broccoli.

14 Health Benefits Of Broccoli

Health Benefits Of Broccoli Immunity Booster
Health Benefits Of Broccoli
  1. Packed With Vitamins, Minerals and Bioactive Compounds
  2. Contains Potent Antioxidants That Offer Health-Protective Effects
  3. Bioactive Compounds May Contribute to Reduced Inflammation
  4. May Protect Against Certain Types of Cancer
  5. Antioxidants and Fiber May Aid Blood Sugar Control
  6. May Support Heart Health in a Variety of Ways
  7. Promotes Healthy Digestion and Reduced Constipation
  8. May Slow Mental Decline and Support Healthy Brain Function
  9. May Help Slow the Aging Process
  10. Vitamin C Content Supports a Healthy Immune System
  11. May Support Dental and Oral Health
  12. May Promote Healthy Bones and Joints
  13. Nutrient Content May Support a Healthy Pregnancy
  14. May Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Reference: Healthline


Broccoli is a very good green vegetable for your good health. Avoid all type of junk foods and change your lifestyle to organic food. Organic vegetables are easily available in the market. The best thing is to make a home garden of vegetables. If you have short of land, you can grow vegetables in grow bags. This has double benefits, you get fresh organic vegetables and also when you see the growing plants and fruits that make your mind happy.

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