Healing Your Body With Spices

Beginners Guide To Healing Your Body With Spices Daily

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you ever heard about healing your body with spices you use daily in cooking food? Do you know many spices are good for immunity boosting? This doesn’t mean overusing spices in your daily food because that may cause many health problems. Most spices are helpful in digestion, and immunity-boosting and have the natural healing power for many diseases. In this article, you will find the top five essential spices that you need whenever you’re cooking Indian food.

Healing Your Body With Spices Daily

In Ayurveda, you will find that your spice box very quickly becomes your medicine box. When it comes to spices they have these incredible magical qualities to be able to protect you almost like under armour or your guardian angel. All the different spices have this unique quality. Some will help you digest your food, others will help you build your immunity and some will even help detox your body. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll understand so much more about the magical qualities of these spices.

When it comes to your cooking you can really tune in to your body and think about what spice your body needs today because every single day the spice will be different and your body will be telling you something new. One thing you should know is when you end up cooking spices they’re best cooked in fats, oils, butter whichever fat that you use to cook. Because the therapeutic value of the spices is actually released once they’re cooked in the fat. So then when it goes into your body, your body digests it so much better and is able to absorb the nutrients from it. In a lot of Indian recipes and in Indian culture you’ll see that they use the word tadka targa basically means adding your oil to your pan, throwing the spices in and sauteing them.

A Few Spices – Healing Your Body With Spices

All the five spices break it down for you into the different forms that you get in stores to the flavour the ayurvedic medicinal benefits and how you can use them best.


cumin seeds spices heal body
Cumin Seeds

When talking about healing your body with spices, Cumin comes to mind as the first one. Cumin comes in three main forms. First, the seeds, second you also have it in powder form usually roasted and the third is one called black cumin which is a darker seed and has a little bit of a nuttier caraway cumin flavour. Cumin has so many medicinal benefits but according to Ayurveda it’s best used for digestion. Actually, cumin can be used in all body types for all seasons. Cumin has this pungent nutty earthy flavour. So when it comes to how you use cumin the seeds are best used in your tadka when you’re sprinkling them into your oil and sauteing them. The powder is best used near the end of your curries when you’re just about to serve to sprinkle it in and give it a big stir.

Many people prepare warm water for drinking by adding cumin seeds to boiling water.


coriander seeds coriander leaves
coriander seeds
coriander leaves
Coriander leaves

Coriander is another one that is helpful in healing your body with spices. Just like Cumin, you can get Coriander in powder and seeds. Coriander actually has quite a unique flavour. It’s peppery citrusy a little bit woody and soapy. Some people have a genetic trait that when they eat coriander they get a soapy flavour. Coriander helps detox your body and it’s a great cooling herb. It’s also incredible for all body types. So even though you get coriander in its seed form you usually use it in your cooking. When it’s a powder you do the same as cumin where you just sprinkle it on top of your curries mix it in and you’re ready to go.

Chutney made with Coriander leaves mixed with garlic, green chillies and salt is good.


Fennel Spice healing the body
Fennel Seeds

Fennel has a good role in healing your body with spices daily. Fennel usually comes if you’re cooking in seed form or you can get it fresh too. Fennel is actually one of the sweetest tasting spices. So tastes sweet and it almost has this liquorice flavour. According to Ayurveda, fennel actually helps digest your food and stimulates your digestion. Actually, when you combine fennel with coriander and cumin in Ayurveda it’s known as the super digestive masala spice which you can add to your curries or even into your sweet foods.

As already mentioned fennel is actually one of the sweeter spices and so it can be used in curries but also it’s using sweeter things. You can put it into milk at night. It gives such a lovely sweet aromatic feel to it and it’s super calming too. You can grab some out of your bag and put them in your mouth and they also can be used as a mouth freshener minty fresh. Just like with cumin seeds it’s best used sprinkled into oil and sauteed.

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asafoetida spices

Asafoetida has a major role in healing your body with spices. You can find asafoetida in either a rock form which is its original form almost like rock salt or you can get it in the powder form. But just be careful because a lot of the powders that you can find in stores often have so many additives or wheat flour or rice starch added into them to bulk them up. So if you really want to find a good one, try and look for one that says 100 % asafoetida. When it comes to the taste of asafoetida, it’s often used as a replacement for onion and garlic. So you can imagine it’s got quite a pungent smell.

If you put asafoetida into a box and then put it into another box and then another box after that you can still probably smell it outside of the door. But the reason it’s often used in Vedic or yoghurt cooking is because it doesn’t have the inflammatory properties that onion and garlic do. Asafoetida is actually a warming spice and in India, they often use asafoetida powder around a baby’s stomach to help with any discomfort or bloating in the stomach after eating. It’s added to a lot of curries or Indian dishes because it really helps break down a lot of the food in your stomach to avoid any gas or bloating. Asafoetida is very very strong, especially in its pure form and so you just need a little bit. Usually use about an eighth of a teaspoon in a curry for four to six people.

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turmeric healing the body

Turmeric has an important role in healing your body. Turmeric is usually grown like this and then it’s dried and ground up into a powder. Usually, this is used in curries. They sprinkle it into the curry when they’re heating it and cooking but often use this grated. Turmeric has so much more of a stronger flavour and actually probably holds a lot more medicinal benefit in this little thing. Turmeric has an earthy little bit bitter almost gingery taste but it’s a little bit sweeter.

When it comes to its uses in an Indian household, especially what is turmeric not used for. If you have cold turmeric in hot water. If you get a cut turmeric pastes lapped right onto the cut. If you fancy a nice glowy complexion add a bit of turmeric into your avocado slap it onto your face. Its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-everything properties pretty much make it a go-to for everything.

So you can use the powder in curries, you can use the root grated into your smoothies or your juices, and you can make a face mask from it too. Just remember that turmeric is actually best absorbed when it’s combined with black pepper. So whenever you’re using it in your food make sure you sprinkle a little bit of black pepper in there too.

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Beginners guide to healing your body with spices daily


From the above, you must have understood that many spices that you are using in your daily diet have the power of healing your body with spices. You can also include immunity-boosting foods in your diet. Do you know there are some mood-boosting foods that can be included in your diet to help you overcome stress and other mental health problems?

Do you like to add more items in healing your body with spices?

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