Stop Bad Habits That Destroy Motivation

How To Stop Bad Habits That Destroy Motivation

Updated on July 5, 2024

We all have some good habits and some bad habits. Environments, situations and bad friends push many people into bad habits. Because of the pleasure, they become addicted to bad habits and that affect their lives. Habits that destroy motivation will affect success in life. Continue reading to know whether you are affected by any bad habits that are destroying your motivation. Also, learn how to stop bad habits.

How To Stop Bad Habits That Destroy Motivation?

Habits control human life. Some habits are the reason for your success and some habits are like magnets that pull you away from your goals. They destroy your motivation and slow down your growth.

Many people do not identify the habits that destroy motivation. Some people want to stop their bad habits, but find it difficult to break because those habits make them feel good. These bad habits take them in the wrong direction they don’t want.

Motivation is important for success in life. Motivation refers to factors that activate, direct and sustain goal-oriented behaviour. Many people have the problem of getting and keeping themselves motivated because their some habits do not allow them for motivation. 

There are certain habits that destroy your motivation and that affect the chances of your success. Learn to identify habits that destroy motivation and how to maintain your long-term motivation and achieve your goals.

Stop bad habits that destroy motivation

In the present world of instant gratification, many times it is difficult to stay motivated because results don’t come quickly as expected. Most people want an immediate result of everything they do. When they don’t notice progress they get distracted easily and discouraged. 

Many people have a wrong thinking that imagining an outcome and goals are genuine motivators. Plans and goals are critical for success but both plans and goals only outline the process and action required. When you have plans and goals, you know the purpose. The purpose and discipline leads to action and visualising the results drives ‘Motivation’.

So, the results give more and more motivation. Daily gratitude is very important. Every evening before bed remember all the things that happened in the day and be grateful to God and to everyone who helped you. Be thankful for every small result. Even from the small steps, you take daily you can always find something to motivate you to keep moving up and onward.

For some people, it all boils down to self-talk. Negative self-talk will lose your motivation. 

Some people say other people see their talents, skills, and knowledge but their anxiety takes over and lose self-confidence.

Giving attention to negative thoughts, negative people’s insults, negative comments and lack of self-worth will affect self-motivation.

Appreciate having thoughts only on positive people who gave positive encouragement.

Even if it was just at special occasions or times you been awarded just go back to those precious moments as that gives self-worth and appreciation to applaud all the good you do.

Take all the little mundane things into account which helped going forward in progress. Be happy with everything in your life because you worth it and you deserve it. Find the reasons in doing so by recalling all worthy encouraging words and compliments to help motivate you to move through getting it done. Fuel yourself with a good self-worth.

Subtract the negative period, negative people and all the negative things. Multiply the positive times and positive people who really care for you. Never Keep Bad Friends.

Do you know procrastination is something that really affects your motivation? What happens when you procrastinate? When you procrastinate, you are lying to yourself. What is the best way to avoid procrastination? Avoid doing all at once. Break down your tasks into smaller bits and clear out all the things that could distract you.

What are some common habits that can destroy your motivation?

Everyone wants success in life. To achieve success, the first step is to identify the purpose of your life, set effective goals and find the requirements to achieve the goal. After identifying you need the motivation to move forward fearless of failures. If you love your motivation, you will not achieve success. Finding methods for motivating yourself can be very effective. It is also important to recognise the habits and things that may weaken your motivation.

1. Failing To Set Goals

Many people start the work setting no goal. They don’t know the correct path and destination. So they waste time and energy for a few days and leave work. Lack of concrete goals can discourage you from doing productive work. Life without effective goals is like driving along a highway without road signs. You will reach a wrong destination or wander looking for a place to stop. Clear goals give your life purpose and motivation.

Stop Bad Habits - effective goals
Life without effective goals

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2. Giving Up Too Easily

Some people give up on their goals easily because their time frames are unrealistic. They expect quick progress and immediate result. When they don’t get it, they get discouraged. You should not expect success overnight. If you read the stories of successful people, you will find that they all have struggled a lot to achieve success.

Habits that destroy motivation
Have Faith And Determination In Your Work

Why do stories of successful people earn our admiration? Because despite setbacks and not achieving immediate results they kept moving forward ignoring failures. If you wish to experience a similar kind of success story, never quit, keep moving forward.

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3. Not Having Faith In Yourself

Most people have the motivation to take action in the beginning stage of work. Later sometimes self-doubt becomes an obstacle and you don’t really believe in yourself. That makes you easily get discouraged and a chance to quit.

Do you know your beliefs directly affect your motivation? If you don’t control negative thoughts and overcome self-doubt, that will eventually seize control of your motivation. Time Is Precious And Priceless. Never waste your valuable time getting down on yourself because that will make you a failure.

habits appreciate praise
Appreciate And Praise Yourself

Whenever you feel such negative things or feel dejected, convert your mind to thinking about something you are great at. Appreciate and praise yourself for the abilities and good qualities you possess. That will help you realise that you are doing much better than you expected.

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4. Indecisiveness

Indecisiveness stop bad habits

You should have self-confidence in your decisions. That confidence will help you be motivated to work hard and achieve success beyond your expectations.

The best is to set a deadline for making decisions depending on the importance of the work. Try to analyse all the factors to consider and make a final decision within the set time limit. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to follow this method and may need some practice to become more decisive. Slowly you will boost your self-confidence and will feel more motivated.

5. Waiting For Motivation To Strike

If your emotions and environment are negative, motivation will not work but will drag you down. Hence, ensure that your emotions and environment are positive to increase motivation.

Motivation Positive emotion stop bad habits
Positive Emotions And Environment

Motivation works in both ways, motivation is good for action and action is good for motivation. When you get a good result in your work, you get the motivation to do more and more.

If you have a routine of morning walks, you must have experienced how motivation works. Sometimes in the morning, you feel in no mood for the morning walk, but after a few minutes, you think of walking a small distance and coming back. Once you start your mood changes and you get the self-motivation to complete the full round.

From this, you found that taking action is motivating. Waiting around for motivation to strike is a waste of your precious time and sometimes that can bring you down. So, don’t wait, get started as early as possible. Your emotions will get in tune with your actions and you will get the motivation to achieve success.

6. Working On Too Many Things

Humans are at their best when they concentrate on one thing at a time. If you are multitasking, you won’t get a good result as expected.

Many people have the habit of multitasking. Efficient multitasking is difficult. When you are multitasking you are just alternating your attention between different things and not focusing on multiple things together. You can really concentrate better on one thing at a time. So the best is to focus on one task and try your best to make it a success and then move on to the next.

Make a list of work on a priority basis and focus and work on priorities to achieve success. Concentrate only on those tasks that will lead to results. That is the best way to get motivated.

Self-confidence is very important to take action on any work. Lack of self-confidence leads to indecision. The fear of making bad results causes you to over-analyse decisions. Since you are uncertain about the results, you don’t commit even your good decisions. This affects your performance. Learn How To Increase Confidence?

7. Frequent Procrastinating

Many people are facing the problem of procrastination. Are you one of them?  If yes, you might have noticed that it is difficult to handle this problem, because many times you may not know that you are procrastinating until it’s too late.

Do you know it definitely lowers your motivation? What is the solution for this?

The solution is simple. Always maintain a list of work, organise, schedule and get things done as per the list. You may find it as extra work, difficult and unpleasant. But if you follow this, you realise that it reduces the pressure that procrastinating creates because it helps to finish your tasks timely and more efficiently.

Learn to start and stop working at the same time every day. It is crucial to start a routine for daily work. But once started, your mind and body will adjust to maintain the work on a schedule and you won’t feel the need to procrastinate. Learn How To Reset Your Mindset | Stop Procrastinating

8. Not Taking Enough Rest And Sleep

If you drive a vehicle continuously for long hours, the engine will get heated and it will stop working or even smoke and fire come out. So, what do you do on a long trip? After a few hours of running, you stop the vehicle and allow the engine to cool. You also take a hot or cold drink and take a rest for a few minutes to relieve the pain on muscles.

Our body and mind also need enough rest and sleep for cooling and energising. When you take rest your body muscles relaxed. When you have enough sound sleep, all the junk of the day is empty from your memory. You get up in the morning with a fresh mind well organised, indexed and capable of handling more storage and fast solution searching for problems.

Some people work day and night ignoring good sleep at night. Lack of good sleep can really hinder your motivation.

What happens when you are sleep-deprived? You feel sleepy, tired, in no mood to work, not unable to focus on your work and function well.

So, ensure you have a better sleep at night. Good sleep will keep you refreshed and energised. Get up in the morning full of energy and a fresh mind. That will help you to focus better and do your work more efficiently bringing better results. Learn Easy Ways To Get Better Sleep At Night.

9. Letting Temporary Feelings Get In Your Way

What is short-term motivation and long-term motivation? You may have the motivation to achieve a goal, but sometimes circumstances or moods might temporarily demotivate you from continuing the work.

Sometimes thinking about the great effort required to achieve the goal may discourage you from moving forward. Sometimes your work will be fun and sometimes it may not be fun and encouraging.

You can’t expect to feel the motivation all the time. Start with small steps. That will help you feel less daunting and feel better and able to maintain your long-term motivation.

10. Getting Distracted Easily

Distractions force your mind to try to concentrate on two or more things at once. But they actually take things one step further.

The technology is improving day by day and many entertainments are easily available now. Entertainment is good, but sometimes it distracts your work. A lot of things seem more interesting to you than what you really need to get done.

The smartphone is distracting many people in their work. Smartphone addiction is a major problem preventing many people from completing their work timely.  Ensure that there is no such type of equipment in your work environment which can distract your work. Sacrifice your emotions and pleasures and do whatever it takes to avoid getting distracted.

11. Being a “Yes Man”

Many times it’s challenging to overcome the social pressures and say ‘Yes’ to please people who approach you for help. But you will get more respect if you are open and honest about your priorities.

So, don’t feel bad or afraid to inform people you value your own time. Learn to say ‘NO’ as and when necessary. 

12. Comparing With Others

Do you have the habit of comparing you with others? If yes, stop comparing now because that will make you lose your motivation. Comparing wastes your time and also discourages you from moving forward with your work. Remember, each one is unique. Your friend may not have the skills like what you have. 

It is not necessary that you should have enough money, self-confidence or authority as others to do something.

Comparisons are unhealthy, lower self-esteem and ruin relationships. It also becomes an obstacle in taking steps towards your goals and makes you feel insecure. 

But never make the mistake of belittling your own aspirations because of this kind of silly problem.

Hence, instead of comparing, you can try to learn from successful people how they are doing and what makes them better. Learning good things from others will increase your motivation.

Since you don’t let their successes stand in the way of your own, there is nothing wrong with learning from people you admire.

Get in contact with successful people and learn their secrets to success. You need not follow the same secrets, but you can get an idea and try your best to achieve success in life.

13. Dwelling On Temporary Setbacks

Most people wish for success in everything. But things will not always go according to our plan. It is a fact that setbacks can frustrate and demotivate.

What to do on setbacks? Accept the fact that setbacks are normal and can happen at any time. If you look at them as challenges and learn lessons from failures, that will help you to do better in the future. Failures are not the end.

Challenges give you an opportunity to analyse deep into yourself identify your weaknesses and help to grow to convert the weaknesses into strengths. Remember, every challenge overcome is a step closer to achieving your goals. 

14. Insisting On Perfection

Many people have a wrong understanding that to be more productive, they have to do everything perfectly.

They waste their valuable time and energy by doing overtime work to ensure every little detail of the work is perfect. They will end up with no time to do other important work.


Are you also looking for perfect results all the time? Do you know that way of thinking will negatively affect your motivation?

Perfectionism has nothing to do with how much you care about your work. It often comes from a fear of failure and hurts your work.

Because of the unrealistic standards you hold yourself, perfectionism can affect the quality of your work.

Perfectionists have a wrong mentality that if things don’t work out the way they want, they do not stay motivated and will give up the work. 

How many times does a child fall while learning to walk? Does the child stop learning? No, the child will smile, get up and try again, because the child has no fear in the mind. Continue working toward your goals and be patient. Don’t be afraid of any setbacks. Move forward fearless of failures and success will follow you. 

15. Negative Self-Talk 

Some people have the habit of negative self-talk. They always talk about their weakness. When you talk negatively about yourself, your mind loses the courage to accept challenges. You should always talk positively about yourself. Every human has weaknesses. The one who ignores thinking and talking about weakness and takes everything positively will achieve success.  Learn Negative Self Talk | Bad Effects And Solutions


You must have found some habits that can destroy your motivation. So, what should you do? You can take preventive measures to stop bad habits. Learn to maintain motivation to increase the prospect of achieving success in life.

Learn to stop bad habits that destroy your motivation and block your success and happiness. It is difficult to break bad habits because your mind will remind you of the pleasures of those habits.

Remember, it is not possible in a short time, but if you have a will, you can take control of your mind. You can break bad habits to bring happiness and success in your life.

How do you stop bad habits that destroy your motivation?

How do you stop bad habits?

Do you help others to stop bad habits?

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