Goal Setting Habits

5 Goal Setting Habits That You Need To Develop (Start Doing This Today)

Updated on July 5, 2024

To become successful in life you must learn some goal setting habits. This article and video explain about 5 goal setting habits that you need to develop from Jocko Willink, Brendon Burchard and more! You’ll get expert advice on how to take daily action, use your calendar, create a plan, set a specific goal, and manifest.

5 Goal Setting Habits

5 Goal setting habits
5 Goal setting habits

1. Take action daily – Jocko Willing

It can be pretty easy to focus on the battle that’s right in front of your face and when you’re doing that sometimes you can lose track of the long-term goal. But I want to have that long-term goal so embedded in my mind that I never lose sight of it ever.

Embed that long-term goal in your mind. Burn it into your soul. Think about it and write about it and talk about it and hang it up on your wall. But most important do something about it, do something about it every day, every day do something that moves you toward that goal. That keeps the goal alive and insight and in focus. However small or insignificant that step might seem, take it, do it to that little piece, make it happen because that goal isn’t going to achieve itself it’s all on you.

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2. Use your calendar – Brendan Burchard

Many people don’t use the strategic 12 months that they are given each year to grow to live a better quality of life to reach that next level of joy and achievement and fulfilment and connection.

Let’s figure out how can you use this more strategically every single month. Set a monthly challenge for yourself, a monthly personal development challenge. This is related to your virtues.

We all have to be on that process of mastery throughout the year. And if we can just set up little things like that every month it’s just it’s a nice utilization of the calendar. Just say okay it’s the first of the month. Here’s my challenge this month every day you journal on that challenge. You see how you’re doing at the end of the month, you say great.

3. Create a plan – John Assaraf

There’s an old saying that says a goal without a plan is just a dream. And most people set goals but they don’t create a plan on how they’re gonna get there.

For every goal that you have, you have to come up with strategies of how can you achieve that goal, and with the strategies, you come up with timelines. Strategies are basically what is it that you can do to achieve that goal.

For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds that’s the goal. If you set goals with what specifically you can do within a timeline what happens from a neurological perspective is you’re giving your brain a path to follow that is based on something that I call fractional goal achievement. If you take any big goal or smaller goal and you break it down into smaller chunks for the day, the week, the month what you’re doing to help your brain not get overwhelmed, is showing it a path that it can follow. And when you give your brain a timeline of what you want to do by a certain time it actually will help you prioritize things in a way that will not cause it to be overwhelmed.

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4. Set a specific goal – Dan Lok

When it comes to goal setting number one you have to be very specific and you cannot be big. So making money that’s a wish, that’s a dream. A goal is I want to make a hundred thousand dollars income by the end of the year or in the next 12 months. That’s a goal. It has to be very specific and very precise. So let’s take money because it’s the easiest. Let’s say your goal is to make a hundred thousand dollars in the next 12 months.

What you want to do is the first verse, very first secret what I always do is I would reverse engineer. So whatever goal that I have I said that’s my goal. I want to reverse engineer and break that down into what do I need to do, what do I need to focus on, what skills do I need to upgrade. Because usually if when you have a goal that you need to learn and upgrade your skills or upgrade your mental capacity. Because chances are whatever that you’re capable of right now, your skill, your mentality gives you this kind of result. But if you want to get to the next step the next level chances are you’re gonna have to be better to learn more to become more. So once I reverse engineer I’ll breakdown break that down into 12 months.

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5. Manifest – Lisa Nichols

Your life is a physical manifestation of the conversation going on in your head.

People who are sad all the time are sad because they’re thinking of things that make them sad and then the emotion follows the thought. So I must say everything starts with your thought but let me just say this when you speak, you speak your future into the world, yous peak your feel. Whatever you say whatever falls off your tongue when you say I am right the unconscious mind says and you are. So whatever comes on the other side of that.

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