Habits To Increase Confidence

7 Easy Habits To Increase Confidence

Updated on July 5, 2024

We all know confidence is very important for success in life. Do you like to learn easy habits to increase confidence? A lack of self-confidence can be the reason behind your failure. If you are fearful of failures and not confident, you cannot move forward with action to achieve success. An umbrella can’t stop the rain but can make you stand in the rain. Confidence may not bring success but gives us the power to face any challenge in life. Continue reading to know about 7 easy habits to increase confidence.

7 Easy Habits To Increase Confidence

  1. Conquer the past
  2. Construct a high-value skill
  3. Constantly learn
  4. Compassion
  5. Calm responses
  6. Certainty
  7. Competent preparation

1. Conquer The Past

One of the best easy habits to increase confidence is to conquer the past. The first thing that confident people do is that they work through their past. Often our anxiety and insecurity come not from where we are now but from what we’ve been through before. We think that what we went through was something we deserved or we feel what we went through defines who we are today and that makes us feel a lack of confidence. Confident people however don’t let their past live as it is. They try to make sense of it. They try to learn how they can navigate through those past experiences and see how they’ve been affected.

A really practical activity you can do. What are the gifts that you received from your parents? What are the skills, qualities and abilities that you gained from their parenting? When you realize that you’re already reaffirming the definition. As you learn to assure yourselves and become confident about the abilities and qualities you have, you are creating confidence. Now I also want you to reflect on what you believe are the gaps that you may have received from your background. What are the areas of your life that you feel you missed out on that make you feel insecure? When you understand that, you start to recognize that this isn’t a gap in you, it’s a gap or a hole in your experience. Now remember you can always improve your experience, and you can always improve yourself, but first, you have to conquer the past by trying to understand it.

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2. Construct A High-Value Skill

Second among the easy habits to increase confidence is to construct a high-value skill. When we have a high-value skill we learn to value ourselves and we don’t let other people dictate our value. A lot of the time we don’t feel confident because we don’t feel we have something to offer. But here’s the thing each and every person has a genius and unique potential but we have to turn that potential into expertise through practice.

High-Value Skill - Habits To Increase Confidence
Photographer Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

As soon as you start to learn a high-value skill you start to develop your confidence. Young people especially struggle because they feel like a generalist, they feel like they’re okay at everything. When we can actually focus on mastery we start to develop confidence. And this is a healthy way of developing confidence because in the pursuit of mastery, you will overcome lots of challenges. You will have to develop resilience, you’ll actually have to deal with setbacks and failure. Now your confidence is not based on arrogance or cockiness, your confidence is based on your ability to deal with challenging situations. Your skill could be anything, marketing, technology, acting, singing, web design, photography, videography, and the list goes on. Schedule your next four weekends to be experimenting with a new skill or a new class or workshop. Then based on that decide which one you may want to turn into a high-value skill. The more you experience, the more you explore. The more you allow yourself to be exposed to, the more likely you’re going to find something that you want to turn into expertise. Are you Arrogant Or Confident?

3. Constantly Learn

Constantly Learn - Habits To Increase Confidence
Lady learning through laptop – Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

One of the important and easy habits to increase confidence is to constantly learn. Now, this may sound like a lot of work. But actually, learning can be something that gives you a sense of achievement, a sense of drive, a sense of momentum and a feeling like you’re moving forward and towards something. When you dabble in articles, books, and podcasts, you start to feel the sense of being alive. You have something to share in every conversation. You have something to add. You are more inclined to listen, learn more and see how your idea develops. Confidence comes from the ability to engage in a conversation and the feeling that you’re moving forward the feeling that you don’t feel stuck or trapped in a space. Learning and consistently learning can truly transform the way you feel about yourself, you start to trust yourself. You think to yourself ‘wow I remember this from what I read last week, I was able to apply that idea at work today.’ When you start to connect the dots around what you’re learning and what you’re growing in, that makes you feel a sense of confidence. Never Stop Learning And Always Update Your Knowledge

4. Be Compassionate

The fourth easy habit to increase confidence is to be compassionate. When you’re compassionate toward yourself you give yourself a break for not knowing everything or getting everything right all the time. Remember it’s not about being perfect confidence shows that you’re okay with being wrong. You’re okay with not knowing and you’re okay with desiring to learn and research so you can expand your skills. Usually, when people work hard they become more hard-hearted. They become colder. They start to judge people more because they think they’re doing more than others. But when you work hard for the right purpose and the right reasons you actually become more soft-hearted. That soft-heartedness makes you more compassionate and empathetic to realizing if you’ve had to work so hard imagine how difficult it is for others. You start to understand their journey better.

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5. Calm Responses

The fifth among the easy habits to increase confidence is called calm responses. Confidence comes not from reacting fast but from responding slowly. Sometimes the person who speaks the least opinion matters the most because they’re not saying a lot, they’re listening processing and then responding. And when they speak people listen. Why? Because they don’t waste words. They don’t come across as hasty, they’ve genuinely thought about everyone’s opinion in the room. They’ve taken the time to process it. Remember less is more be mindful and calm in your responses. Take a moment and respond at the pace of love or the rhythm of love. Don’t act out of force or haste.

Calm Response
Calm Response Image by jamesoladujoye from Pixabay

How can you feel confident if you feel rushed or if you were forced to say something? Go at your own pace in your own time. A lot of the time we don’t feel confident because we’re desperately seeking validation from others. We always ask ourselves what will people say. What will they think? How will they react to what I feel? And the challenges that we’ve been trained to ask everyone everything from when we try on a new jacket or a new coat and we look at our friend, family member or partner. We say what do you think I look in this? Confidence comes from asking yourself that question. How do I feel, I look in this? Often we message our friends and family and say where do you want to go for dinner tonight, what would you like to do? It’s really important that we also get to know ourselves and ask ourselves what would I like to do.

6. Certainty

The sixth among the easy habits to increase confidence is a certainty. When we start to find certainty and awareness around our likes and dislikes what we feel works for us and what doesn’t work for us. That builds a sense of confidence. Usually, when we spend time with a lot of people we hear a lot of noises, and we hear a lot of ideas, opinions expectations, and even obligations. But when you start to find time with yourself, you can ask yourself deeper questions. Ask yourself how you truly feel about something, and what your genuine beliefs are. Then you can act on that internal certainty rather than all of the external uncertainty.

Competent Preparation

Finally, the people that are confident are confident because they competently prepare. Preparation is so underestimated in every field. If you’re confident it’s not because you just have a sense of self-belief, it’s not just because you act it, it’s because you’ve practised, prepared and worked. You planned, visualized, prepared your energy, and prepared your mindset. That’s why the development of daily habits allows us to get there.

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7 Habits To Increase Confidence
7 Habits To Increase Confidence

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Hope that you could find the above easy habits to increase confidence useful. Basically, you need to change your habits and lifestyle and that itself will help you to boost your self-confidence. You should never stop believing in yourself. Always have a positive attitude and move forward to turn failure into success.

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