Easy Exam Preparation Tips To Make You Confident

6 Easy Exam Preparation Tips To Make You Confident

Updated on July 5, 2024

For many students and their parents, exam season is a very stressful period. There is no need to stress out or bring unnecessary problems. By following easy exam preparation tips, children can become self-confident and ready for anything that comes up in the exam.

Easy Exam Preparation Tips

Instead of motivating, some parents give more stress on their children by forcing them to study for long hours. Some parents often speak comparing with other children and that affects the self-confidence of their children and makes it hard to concentrate on study.

Exam preparation tips
6 Exam preparation tips

1. Make a study schedule

Many students do not study regularly but thrive on last-minute studying. This is not a good approach for examination preparation and also make stress and fear in mind.

What is the best method?

Make a study schedule that fits your way of studying. Make a list of your exam schedule, the days you have left for each exam and the topics and pages you have to learn and the time needed for revision.

This way of proper planning will help to study well. Leave nothing for the last minute. Study at the proper time as per the schedule.

2. Study environment

Easy Exam Preparation Tips
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Select a good environment for study. It doesn’t mean they need for an air conditioner or high-quality furniture. Ensure your study room is bright, with enough ventilation for fresh air and calm.

Ensure you have enough space on your study table to spread your textbooks, notes and other study materials.

Don’t keep entertainment in the room and also avoid using smartphones while studying.

The basic idea is your brain is focused on the study and there is no obstacle to divert the mind.

It is not necessary that you have to study in a closed room, but you can also select the ancient system of studying under a tree.

The most important thing is to make sure your study space is friendly and pleasant to concentrate on your study. Find Easy Ways To Improve Concentration On Study

This is the point we have to think about the children who are staying in a small house or even in a single room and no facility to study well. 

3. Regular breaks

It is not a good practice to study for long hours because long-term retention of knowledge is difficult.

Some parents force children to study continuously during the examination period. Parents do not realise regular breaks are needed for the brain to regain its focus. 

4. Old questions and answer sheets

Many students do not know the importance and the benefits of practising with questions and answers of previous years’ examinations.

Checking through old examination papers will help you see the format and formulation of the questions. If you can get the correct answer sheets, that will be much more helpful. You can contact the particular subject teachers and seek their help to solve your doubts with old questions.

Don’t just read, but try to practice the test just as writing the actual examination. That will help you to understand the questions expected and also for measuring the time you need for the actual test.

5. Group study

Group Study

Group discussion is a good method. But make sure the group members are not easily distracted and focused on the study with full dedication and goal. You can also discuss and ask doubts with family members and friends. Sharing knowledge is a good way to learn.

6. Healthy food

Do not eat unhealthy junk foods. Choose fresh, natural and vitamin-rich food that is good for your brain to improve concentration and memory.

You should drink plenty of water because remaining hydrated is vital and adds to your overall positive mood.

How do be confident on the day of the exam? – Easy exam preparation tips

ExamFear Education presents some very useful tips which would help you be confident and positive on the day of your Examination.

  • Sleep well at night before the examination day
  • Do not panic. Just relax
  • No new topic on the day of the examination
  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Eat chocolates and glucose
  • Carry documents and materials required for the examination
  • Do not carry cheats
  • Reach the examination halls well before the time
  • Avoid taking breaks during the exam
  • Concentrate and relax
  • Avoid conversation inside the exam hall
  • Read the instructions on the question booklet
  • Tick mark questions for which you know the answers
  • Start with answers you know really well
  • Do not spend excess time on a question
  • Ask the invigilator for any query
  • A good presentation can fetch you extra marks
  • Write neatly with good handwriting
  • Draw lines to separate answers
  • Prefer writing in points than paragraphs
  • Draw a neat and labelled diagram
  • Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Revise before you submit the answer sheet

Watch the video and also make use of the tips during your Examination.

How To Solve Study Problems Without Help

Easy Exam Preparation Tips – Infographic

Tips to Prepare For Exams

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These are only a few tips that you can do to get the most out of your exams. There might be other things that work even better for you. Discuss with your friends and family members. They may help you with their experiences and maybe some of their tricks will work for you as well. Your teachers may have some good recommendations too. 

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