How To Handle When Someone Insults You? Dealing with Rude People

Dealing With Rude People | How To Handle When Someone Insults You?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Some people have the habit of insulting others and feel happy about that. Have you ever experienced such an insult from someone? Personality development tips will help you to learn how to deal when someone insults you. If you don’t know to deal with rude people, that can create many problems. Let’s find a few tips on dealing with rude people who insult and how to respond to them.

How To Deal With Rude People?

The world is filled with good and rude people. Good people are positive and rude are negative. In our daily life, we have to meet different type of people and face insults also. Everyone is unique and some people find pleasure in insulting others. For them, they are the best and others are inferior. Some people make fun of others because of their ego problem.

The clever priest and the rude young man

In one monastery there was a priest who always finds only positive in everyone.  As per the rule in the monastery, Fridays are fasting days and it allowed them to drink only a cup of tea. 

Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay
Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay

On one Friday, after visiting people outside, the priest entered a tea shop to drink a cup of tea. There he found one young inmate of the monastery eating non-vegetarian food. 

The young man asked the priest, “I am eating non-vegetarian food. Do you have any objection for this“?

The priest asked him, “you might have forgotten about the fasting of today“?

He replied “NO,”

The priest asked again, “Then you may be sick and the Doctor might have forced you to take food

The young man replied, “Not that also

The priest raised his head and with a smile on his face said in a calm voice, “How good are these young people. They never lie.”

What did you find from this short story?

The young man was trying to insult the priest with his question. He must have thought the priest will shout on him and take action against him.  On a fasting day, it does not allow him to eat anything. But he is eating, that also non-vegetarian food.

He might not have expected the way the priest responded.

The priest didn’t get angry or said anything against the young man. Instead, he appreciated not only that young man but praised all the youth that they never lie. He stayed calm, ignored the matter.

This is the way you should respond to an insult.

What is an insult?

An insult is nothing but when someone speaks to you or treats you with disrespect.

Receiving an insult is not a pleasant thing. But you might have received insult many times in this life. Sometimes from friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbours, family members and even from unknown persons.

What is your method of dealing with rude people?

  • Fight and insult the person straight back.
  • Break down and cry.
  • Leave the place and avoid the person and situation.

Why people Insult you?

You might have noticed people who insult you are negative people. People who have a positive mind never insult others. They will point out your mistakes and try to correct you but never insult or hurt you with words. They never judge others without knowing the truth.

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What Are The Reasons For Rude People Insult you?

Here are 4 reasons for someone probably insult you

  1. Insecurity
  2. Jealousy
  3. Lack of understanding
  4. Teasing is cool

1. Insecurity

Some people who are insecure don’t feel good about themselves. When they feel the need to control their feelings they try putting other people down. This is a method they use to gain the need to control their insecure feeling. So you can always expect insult or rude comments from insecure people. They may be feeling bad about their look, lifestyle, performance at work or competition. To escape from this insecure feeling they will be insulting you about the way you look, the way you dress or simply about performance.

2. Jealousy

Some people have a bad habit of jealousy. They can’t see anything good in others. They can’t tolerate the betterment of others. Such people would mock you or insult you because they are jealous of you. Jealous people feel that they are not getting enough credit for what they are doing. They feel you have something more than them beyond your capacity. So they want to put you down.

Suppose your manager likes you better than your coworker and appreciate your work. What will happen if you have jealous coworker? That person might end up making fun of the way you dress, talk or about the presentation for which you are appreciated. When it happens in the office, that may be a big insult for you. This is nothing but the jealousy in that person insulting you.

3. Lack of understanding

Some people may not have a proper understanding of a person’s weakness or disability.  While making wrong comments they may not know that person actually have a genuine problem. They are not aware of how their comments affect others.

Some people have speech difficulties like stammer. That is a genuine problem. Without knowing about this genuine problem, some people make fun of that person. Even after knowing also some people make fun of disabled persons.

Even some comedy shows play such roles. People enjoy such shows and laugh. I don’t know why they play such roles for entertainment. If they are telling a story, that’s OK. But why for fun and comedy?

The person who has disability knows the physical and mental pain. Without really understanding how it affects him some people make fun of disabled persons.

Never Judge A Person Without Knowing The Truth

4. Teasing is cool

Some people, your friends or relatives fond of you may want to playfully tease you. You should not treat it as insulting in a negative way. You may ask if they like you and love you, why are they doing like this. They are doing only because they are fond of you and they think that teasing you a little bit is kind of very cool. They think you don’t mind it and realise it is out of their love.

They may call you chubby, childish, or tease about your food habits. Their comments could hurt you a little bit. But actually they are doing just playful teasing. Later when they find you are hurt, they may hug and console you and even ask pardon for it.

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What are the best methods of dealing with rude people?

1. Stay Calm

The important thing is to avoid reacting to insults but respond to it. If you react with words coming out from your hurt mind may worsen the situation. At that time you may speak words which you never wanted to speak out. So, control yourself and stay calm.

As mentioned insulting people are not positive minded. They want two things from your side. Either get angry or you just break down and cry.

What should you do? You should not give them the satisfaction of that kind of reaction.

Before responding to the insult, take deep breaths, control your hurt mind and stay calm. This will help to composed enough to give a very effective reply to them.

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2. Simply Ignore

Sometimes, ignoring an insult is the best thing to do. You may ask why would you ignore an insult and not respond to it? As mentioned earlier many people insulting you expect a reaction from you. When you ignore the insult completely, the person who has insulted you feel that it is not affected you in any way. He will avoid insulting you in the future.

How would you ignore an insult?

You can just walk away from the place that you are having this conversation. You can change the topic of conversation. Start talking about something entirely unrelated to the insulting words. Your this action will make them understand the things clearly.

3. Express, How you exactly feel

Staying calm doesn’t mean you don’t have to express your feeling. It is your duty to ensure that the person who is insulting you knows the deep of the wound his words made in your mind.

You can make them understand through calm and simple words that what they are doing is illegal, and it can have unpleasant or unforeseen circumstances for them in the office. Your words must make them understand that you are not very happy about what they’re saying. It is may affect your relationship with them. When you are faced with an insult, it is important to make understand the responsible persons about what you actually feel.

4. Use Humour

When you have to attack an insult humour is probably one of the best defence mechanism. Now you may ask how can you respond with a humour? You can put the joke at him by using that person’s joke on you.

Ensure they don’t feel offended with your joke and makes the atmosphere very easy and tense free. You should respond in a very nice light-hearted way with an appreciatable smile. Don’t raise your voice, speak in a natural tone.

5. Indulge in self-care

Insults hurt and the wound in the mind will give you pain. How can you relieve the pain? Some people ignore the matter and as mentioned earlier that is the best.

It is true that most of us can’t ignore, because the mind will recall it again and again. You can try doing good things for yourself and that will always help you feel good and forget the pain. Going for a walk, sitting in a garden, listening to the music of your choice or any other such activities will divert your mind. Don’t expect everyone will make you feel good, but you can do that for yourself. The best method is to indulge in self-care.

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7 Phrases for responding to rude people

  1. Say A simple “Thank you.”
  2. I appreciate your perspective, but….
  3. We should stop this conversation right now….
  4. These words have really hurt my feelings.
  5. Yes, you are right……
  6. I love you vs I am sorry.
  7. Laugh it away.

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How can make this world wonderful?

Many people are slaves of self-justification. They find happiness in insulting others by putting all the fault on others or speaking about the weakness of others. They are ready with a huge list of faults and weaknesses of others. Then wait for the proper time to display the list before the audience and receive happiness and benefits for their living.

None can live in this world only by doing negative or earning from a negative way. When doing many things, some mistakes can happen because of situations and temptations.

Are you ready to find the positive things and appreciate a person? If not, then you have no right to search and go deep into the fault of that person.

How wonderful would be this world, if everyone finds only positive of others and never look for the negative?

Are you a rude person who insults others?

Think about yourself. Are you a rude person who insults others? If yes, you must change your attitude. Every night before bed, recall activities of the day to check whether your words or acts were rude and hurt someone. If found any, don’t forget to ask pardon to the person on the next day. Remove your ego, forget your status, ask pardon to the person. Your one word will remove the pain from his mind.

It is possible that many times you were rude in the family, office or community. But you are not a bad person. Situations or your mood made you become rude.

When you feel someone is rude in his talk, remember that he is also a human just like you. He also may have some problem to behave rudely in that situation. Rudeness alone doesn’t mean a person is bad.

If anyone hurt you with words or deeds, forgive him in your mind. Free up your mind and sleep with a calm mind.


Hope that you found some useful points about what you can do and what you must not do in a situation where you feel mocked or ridiculed. Don’t react in an angry mood. Avoid any fight which can damage your future. Keep calm and ignore. You know who you are. Many other people know about you. So, what is the problem if someone makes fun of you. That is the weakness of that person.

What is your way of dealing with rude people?

Could you learn how you can respond to insults?

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