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Create Opportunities: Rabbit, Whale And Elephant Moral Story

Updated on July 5, 2024

Create opportunities, little adventurers! This tale is of a clever little Brother Rabbit and the day he outsmarted the Whale and the Elephant. Picture a world where animals talk and scheme, and where our furry friend, Little Brother Rabbit, shows us the power of wit and resourcefulness. Are you ready for a wild ride? Let’s dive into this whimsical adventure full of laughter, trickery, and life lessons!

Create Opportunities: Rabbit, Whale And Elephant

Once upon a time, in the lively world of animals, a clever little Brother Rabbit found himself eavesdropping on an intriguing conversation between a Whale and an Elephant. The ambitious duo hatched a plan to join forces, believing their combined might would grant them dominion over all creatures.

Amused by their grandiosity, Little Brother Rabbit had no intention of succumbing to their supposed rule. Instead, he devised a cunning plan to turn the situation to his advantage.

Armed with a long, sturdy rope and a hidden drum, Little Brother Rabbit approached the Whale along the sandy shores. In a sweet, deceitful tone, he persuaded the Whale to assist him in pulling out his imaginary stuck cow from the mud. The Whale, pleased by the flattery, agreed eagerly.

Simultaneously, Little Brother Rabbit ventured further down the beach to enlist the help of the Elephant. With a respectful bow, he implored the mighty Elephant to rescue his stuck cow, knowing full well that the Elephant’s strength would be invaluable. The Elephant, proud and obliging, readily agreed to assist.

Little Brother Rabbit then cleverly tied one end of the rope to the Whale and the other to the Elephant, positioning himself in the bushes. As he beat his drum, signalling the pull, the Whale and the Elephant began their synchronized efforts.

As the tension in the rope escalated, the clever Rabbit watched with amusement as the Whale, dragged by the Elephant’s strength, unexpectedly slid towards the land. The Elephant, unaware of the Rabbit’s trickery, struggled to comprehend the situation.

In a fit of frustration, the Whale dove headfirst into the sea, causing the Elephant to be jerked off his feet and dragged onto the beach. Anger boiled within them, but their embarrassment over the failed collaboration prevented any further communication.

The rope snapped, and the Whale and the Elephant were defeated, humiliated, and no longer allies. Little Brother Rabbit, hidden in the bushes, revelled in his successful scheme, laughing heartily at the spectacle.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of this tale teaches us that wise individuals, like Little Brother Rabbit, create opportunities rather than waiting for them to appear. They possess the ingenuity to solve challenges and outsmart even the mightiest adversaries.


And so, dear friends, our tale comes to an end with Little Brother Rabbit sitting in the bushes, giggling away as the Whale and Elephant grumble in embarrassment. Remember, just like our clever Rabbit, you too can find creative solutions to life’s challenges. So, whether you’re facing big problems or little hiccups, be wise, be crafty, and, most importantly, always find a reason to laugh, just like our furry friend did in the end. Until the next adventure, keep those smiles wide and your minds sharper than ever!

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