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How To Manage COVID19 Isolation – Useful Things You Can Do

Updated on July 5, 2024

It is true that many people are bored in this COVID19 isolation period. Some are making use of this free time in a very useful way, enjoying their skills and talents and learning new skills. But some are simply sleeping and spending precious time on entertainment and become lazy. This article is about 7 useful things you can do in COVID19 isolation. You can find more yourself and practice more and make this time useful and enjoyable.

7 Useful Things You Can Do in COVID19 Isolation

  1. Learn to meditate
  2. Change your mindset
  3. Read more books
  4. Feed your mind with greatness
  5. Exercise more
  6. Practice Dance
  7. Learn household work

1. Learn to meditate

Meditation is something that would be really helpful and useful. One of the most effective things about meditation is its ability to train you to focus. Meditation will give you powerful insights and can help you reduce anxiety and stress. The really powerful element of meditation is that by training yourself to come back to the breath. You will find that the length of time in between your mind wandering gets longer and longer over time and actually able to stay focused. It’s a great way to train yourself for that.

meditation benefits covid19
Benefits Of Meditation

2. Change your mindset

Money mindsets are something that is not talked about enough. You can go from wherever you are today to tripling your income. Would your money mindsets magically change?

You may not make a lot of money in one year but you can start now. Think about what else can you do. Today is never too late. You can adjust what your expectations are, but let’s start.

Remember, money can not buy everything in life. There are many things which you can not buy with money. Hence don’t worry much about earning a lot of money, but take care of your health and happiness in life.

Do you know your mindset affects everything in your life and controls your actions and reactions to the world around you? You must reset the mindset to build a positive mindset and avoid a negative mindset. Train your mindset every day for a happy and successful life. Check the empowerment checklist for a growth mindset and ensure your growth mindset is in operation.

3. Read more books

Reading good books and good articles on the net is a good habit. Reading improves your knowledge and is also helpful to reduce stress and anxiety because when you read your mind is focused on the topic of your interest. You have no time to think about other things that disturb your mind. Today many good digital books are available on the net for free. Start with a few minutes and once you get interested, you will find reading is very useful.

Read books covid19 isolation
Reading improves knowledge

4. Feed your mind with greatness

As you know coronavirus (COVID19) is infectious, and fear is also infectious. Feed your mind with hope, kindness, compassion, love, and wisdom and spread these.

Don’t use this COVID19 isolation time to feed your mind with negative stuff all the time. Stop negative self-talk. Negative thoughts disturb many people. Stop Dwelling On Negative Thoughts. Sometimes people tend to have entitlement where they make excuses. Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get by the actions you didn’t take. Use this time intelligently. Here you can find 8 Proven Self-Care Tips That You Can Implement In Your Life Use it for self-care for you, for your loved ones and also for the community.

5. Exercise more

In normal working days, many people don’t get enough time for exercise. You can do more exercises in COVID19 isolation period. If you are sick, follow the advice of your doctor. If not sick, you can do simple exercises for good health. Exercises are not only good for physical health but also very beneficial for mental health. Some people find excuses for not exercising enough. This is not good for your health. Simple exercises are enough, you don’t need to do heavy exercise. Do you know you can manage workplace stress with physical exercises?. These days many people have a good habit of the morning walking. Do you know If You Walk Every Day What Will Happen To Your Body?

Small physical activities like gardening, cleaning, washing the vehicles etc are very helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and such mental health problems.

Flowers Gardening
Flowers from my small garden

6. Practice Dance

You may have an interest in singing, dancing or other arts but you could not practice much because of many reasons including busy life. You can make use of this COVID19 isolation time to learn new skills and also improve your hidden talents. Many online free training videos are available on the net. Dance is a good art form that gives happiness in your mind and also in the mind of the people watching. Dancing is good for your physical and mental health.

7. Learn household work

Many people don’t know about household work like cleaning, washing clothes and vehicles, ironing clothes, cooking and such works that are being done by maids or women. Those people can learn and become masters in all kinds of household work. This will also help them to realise the difficulties in handling such jobs because most of them have a wrong understanding that these jobs are very easy.

Couple Kitchen
Couple Working In The Kitchen – Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay 

If you are a man never entered the kitchen, this COVID19 isolation period is the best time to learn simple cooking, and prepare a cup of coffee and tea. Your spouse will be very happy to see you in the kitchen and she can master your cooking. It is necessary to learn cooking because it will be useful if you are stuck alone in this type of isolation and lockdown.


Don’t get upset or bored in the COVID19 isolation period. Make your mind realise that this is the best time to learn new skills. Make use of the time for creative works. You can help others by sharing your knowledge and skill online. Helping others will brighten your life. Remember, you can’t grow without facing struggles, and you can not get stronger without resistance. Tough Times Can Make You Stronger. Make use of tough times like COVID19 isolation to become mentally strong to face challenges.

How do you spend time in COVID19 isolation period?

What are the creative works you done in lockdown?

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