COVID Vaccine Second Dose

Is COVID Vaccine Second Dose So Important?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you ever thought about why is it necessary to take 2 doses of the COVID vaccine? Is COVID vaccine second dose so important? Many people have this doubt in their minds. They think one dose is enough for protection. Others ignore the second dose because they might have experienced mild fever and other health problems after taking the first dose. And some others think what is the benefit of taking the COVID19 vaccine because the experts say taking the vaccine does not guarantee that the vaccinated person will not get an infection of COVID19. This article and video will clear your doubts.

Is COVID Vaccine Second Dose So Important?

There are many conversations rife with rumors that one does not need the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as the first dose is enough.

In this video talk, Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS Delhi clarified and cleared all the doubts about the importance of the second dose of the COVID19 Vaccine.

Why COVID vaccine second dose so important?

COVID vaccine prime dose

I think it’s very important for everyone to understand why this vaccine has two doses. That’s because when we take the first dose it’s the dose which is known as the prime dose. It primes your immune system to really build antibodies and if you take the first dose you will get some antibodies but they will not last for a long time and it gradually vain with time.

COVID vaccine second dose (Booster dose)

If you take the second dose which is known as a booster dose it really boosts your immune system to produce a large amount of antibodies. It gives you good cell-mediated immunity which is another defence mechanism against the infection. It also stimulates what we call your memory cells. So that the body remembers this infection for the long term and is able to quickly produce antibodies later on also if you get this infection.

Therefore two doses is essential if you really want to get good protection against COVID19.

Why Should follow COVID Appropriate Behaviour, even after vaccination?

Even after you’ve got the second dose of the vaccine, it takes at least two weeks for sufficient antibodies to develop and in some individuals may take even a longer time. Therefore during this time, you are still vulnerable and if you get exposed to COVID19 you can get the infection. That is why despite having the vaccine it’s very very important to have code-appropriate behaviour wearing a mask, physical distancing, and washing your hands is still as important as a vaccination. Because when we combine both of them they would give you the best amount of protection that you need against COVID19

Remember, even after taking 2 doses of the COVID19 vaccine, you have to follow the necessary precautions and guidelines of the health department. You must follow SMS – use sanitiser, wear the mask, and follow social distancing. If you are infected or in quarantine at home, follow Home Care For COVID19 Patients And Precautions. You should learn to manage COVID19 isolation.


Hope that it is clear now that you have to take 2 doses of the COVID19 vaccine without fail. This is very important for better protection and safety. It is a fact that there is a scarcity of vaccines, but it is our responsibility to search for the available date and get both doses of vaccines. Stay safe, follow the guidelines of concerned authorities, and self-protect and protect others by controlling the spread of the COVID19 pandemic. Don’t listen or spread fake news, learn coronavirus myth busters.

Have you taken both doses of the COVID19 vaccine?

What is your opinion or result after the vaccination?

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