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How Clever Rich Man Selected A Skilled Driver

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2019)

How Clever Rich Man Selected A Skilled Driver

A clever rich man called candidates for a driving test to select a skilled driver for his car. He took three candidates to the ground for the test. There was a pit in the middle of the ground. He asked the drivers to test drive to prove their ability.

Driving On The Road
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Driving Car On The Road

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Candidate No.1 started the test. He put one wheel into the pit, then turned the wheel fast and rushed out from the pit to save the car stuck in the pit.

Candidate No.2 brought the wheel close to the pit but didn’t allow to enter the wheel into the pit to show his smartness.

Candidate No.3 didn’t go near the pit.

The clever rich man selected the third one as the skilled driver for his car because he didn’t try to show smartness, but used his knowledge wisely.

We can find many people like this in real life. If we take the same example of driving, we can find many people, especially young, try to prove their smartness while driving on a busy road and get injured themselves and also injuring innocent people on the road.

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

Roy H. Williams

The important part of proving the skill is learning how, where and when to apply the knowledge. The good result will come only through the person who knows to apply his knowledge at the proper place and proper time.

A person is worthless if he has knowledge in many things but does not know how, where and when to apply.

The criteria for applying the gained knowledge depends on the ability to understand where, when and how to use. There will be thorns and pits on the way. We have to face many obstacles in life. No need to conquer all the obstacles in life.  Avoid or ignore obstacles that are not important to overcome.

Sometimes the time and energy wasted on fighting with everything and competing on unnecessary matters may become the reason for not achieving the goal.

Face the current problems and avoid inviting unnecessary matters and unwanted thoughts from beyond your area and work. If you feel proud of own skills and talents, but being ignored by others, better to have a self-examination

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