Build Simple Mindful Habits

How To Build Simple Mindful Habits For A Successful Life

Updated on July 5, 2024

Creating mindful habits daily gives you more moments of presence throughout the day. These mindful habits help you to be more productive and create calmer and meaning throughout your days. Continue reading to find how to build simple mindful habits.

Build Simple Mindful Habits

  1. Write down things on a to-do list.
  2. Invest in relationships.
  3. Take a break from the phone.
  4. Mindful eating.
  5. Doing things one by one.
  6. Doing something for fun.
  7. Moment of breath during the day.
  8. Feeling all the feels.

1. Write down things on a to-do list

Many of us forget to do important things timely. Thinking about the task that was supposed to remember, makes us feel anxious and feel disappointed. Have you ever thought about how to avoid that and actually build more trust in yourself? The best method to truly make use of your precious time is writing them down and doing them on time. You can have a note section on your smartphone where you can just jot it down whatever it is. You can create bullet points of all the things that you need to remember to do. That applies to everything from emails that you need to reply to, or things around the house, work in the office, going out shopping, or anything.

All the busy persons like, politicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs have this type of to-do list and they follow the same. Do you think this type of to-do list is meant for such great persons only? Whatever your job may be, you will be busy with your work, household work, and parenting. There is always a chance to forget important things and to solve this problem you should have a to-do list.

2. Invest in relationships

We all have to invest more in our relationships and certain times to connect with them. In the present world, you may be working far away from home, children may be studying in other states or abroad. Today distance is not a barrier because technology allows us to see each other and communicate easily. Try to find a few seconds to call your family members and talk a few words. Especially if your aged parents are staying alone at your home, your one call daily will make them feel happy. Have regular communication with your young children studying far away and staying with children of different cultures and statuses. Ensure that your teenage children do not fall into any teenage addictions. Also have healthy communication with your good friends and relatives.

Set out a certain amount of time according to their convenience that you connect to anybody. You can jot down all the people that you want to speak to on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Remember to connect to people, remember to check in with them, and invest in relationships deeper. This will help people know that you care about them. You are getting some sort of socialising with people that you love and care for. Healthy relationships and healthy communication skills are important for a successful life. You don’t know when you may require other’s help.

3. Take a break from the phone

In the present world, many people are addicted to the internet and smartphone. Do you know smartphone addiction makes you less interactive and engaging with people personally? Some people waste their valuable time on smartphones, frequently checking social media and other entertainments. This affects their daily work and also mental health. Today, small kids are using smartphones continuously for hours and some parents find giving smartphones to kids as a way to keep them silent and not to disturb in household work. These parents do understand that abnormal usage of screentime will affect the physical and mental health of the small child.

Have you heard the terms “NOMOPHOBIA” and digital distraction?

The term NOMOPHOBIA or NO MObile PHone PhoBIA is used to describe a psychological condition when people have a fear of being detached from mobile phone connectivity. The term NOMOPHOBIA is constructed on definitions described in the DSM-IV, it has been labelled as a “phobia for a particular/specific things”. Source: NCBI

Do you like to know more about NOMOPHOBIA symptoms and its bad effects on your health?

Spending too much time with digital devices can affect your physical and mental health. Digital distraction can also affect your personal relationships and become an obstacle to a successful life. Take a break from your phone, use the phone only for emergencies and on free time. Don’t waste time on unnecessary social media and other entertainments, use the time wisely like reading good books to improve your knowledge and completing all works timely.

4. Mindful eating – Simple mindful habits

Many people often forget about mindful eating. Why do we eat? When we are eating it is actually nourishing our body to get the energy to do everything that we want to do every single day. It is probably one of the most important parts of the day. It is true that some people have no time for mindful eating, sit in a quiet place and eat slowly enjoying the taste. After the household works in the morning, they have to run to the office without eating breakfast or eat something in a hurry. Due to the workload and busy in the office have to take lunch also in a hurry. After returning from work, again busy with household works, taking care of children and that lead to eating dinner just before bed.

What is mindful eating means? Sitting in a really peaceful environment or with family members in a way that you can appreciate the food, tasting every flavour, appreciating the look of the food can be such a wonderful practice to have a moment of presence. Usually, we eat three times a day. Many people have 2 times of snacks and tea/coffee also. Whenever you eat you should have a moment of mindfulness and a moment of presence.

Sit in a quiet place and eat. Avoid watching TV or using smartphones while you are eating your food. Try sitting with your food peacefully with no other noise or stimulus around you.

Eat slowly chewing well. Enjoy the taste. Count the number of times you are chewing. Slowly it will become a natural way you’re chewing well while eating.

5. Do things one by one

Many people are multi-taskers. They do different tasks at a time and mess up everything. Set up your days in a way where you have a creative phase at the beginning of the day. Then have time for the works of the day. At the end of the day make the schedule for the next day. This will help you to be a lot more productive and make fewer mistakes.

6. Do something for fun

Mostly we do things for some result, some benefits. Do you do something just for fun and entertainment? According to your interest, you can enjoy singing, playing musical instruments, gardening and other such things just for making your mind happy. That will help to reduce stress, anxiety and relaxation of the mind.

We expect so much from ourselves to perform in a certain way. Sometimes so much ego involved in the activities that we do. But actually trying something of your interest just for fun will help let go of your ego, your inhibitions and you just do it from your heart can actually nourish you. This will deeply bring a little bit more light to your life.

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7. Moments of breath during your day

In yoga they say that breath actually connects the mind and the body and allows you to become present. If you are doing yoga, you might have found that breath work has really changed your life whether it’s doing when you feel anxious, overwhelmed or angry. Some people do breathing techniques during the day having breaks and they say this breath work make a great difference and relaxation. It can be simply just taking deep breaths in and deep breaths out. In the beginning, you can start the practice by counting your breaths so that you will breathe in for a shorter amount of time than you breathe out. When your mind races or you feel anxious this breathing technique actually helps to relax your body and your mind too because you are focusing only in the present.

8. Feeling all the feels

In the life journey many of us have been through so many emotional feelings and many times we are unable to release it and that make us sick. Releasing our emotions is an important part of our wellness. We have to learn our own techniques and the ways that we feel we are able to express our emotions the best. You can share your emotions with friends and relatives or can write down in a book. You can also release their emotions saying it to yourself in a mirror. Some people do that way.

It is not the method you use, but follow whatever helps you. Just make sure you are releasing your emotions. In Ayurveda it says that holding emotions can end up holding traumas in our body. It can lead to physical and mental pain. So constantly cleansing our body is important. You can release emotions through small physical activities and exercises. Walking for a few minutes or doing meditation also will help to release emotions. Main thing is to divert your stressful mind and that will release your emotions.

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Simple mindful habits have an important role in success and happiness in life. From the above, you must have learned how to build simple mindful habits for success and happiness in your life. You are the only person who can stop your bad habits and replace them with a positive attitude and good habits. Some foods also can affect your mood. You can try eating mood-boosting foods to improve your mood and memory. You must eat foods for good mental health.

How do you build simple mindful habits?

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