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5 Brain Foods For Keeping Mind And Body Healthy

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you know the importance of brain foods for keeping your mind and body healthy? We all know the brain controls the centre of our body. The brain is in charge of keeping our heart beating and lungs breathing and allowing us to move, feel, and think. So it is important to keep our brain healthy. This article is based on the video of Jay Shetty, in which he explains about 5 brain foods he takes every day.

5 Brain Foods

  1. Start with a cup of tea (stress alleviation & detoxify immune system)
  2. Chia seed pudding (high-quality protein & lower risk of heart disease)
  3. Hydrate with LMNT (electrolytes to increase focus & energy levels)
  4. Celery juice (remove inflammation & boost hydration)
  5. Variety of nuts (improve blood fats)

5 Brain Foods I What I Eat In A Day For A Healthy Mind + Body

The five things I consume daily to keep my mind and body healthy. A lot of habits and techniques that are healthy for us take some time to develop but if you’re one of those people who’s sitting there, I don’t have time to learn how to do something new, I don’t have the space to add anything to my life or my calendar, then this post is going to make a difference in your life.

Video Transcript – Brain Foods

Brain Foods #1 Start with a cup of tea

The first thing I consume at the beginning of the day is a cup of tea. I find that tea has this unique ability to start your day with stillness. There are so many benefits to having a cup of tea in the morning; stress alleviation, immune system support and detoxifying. It all starts with the process of heating up the water. Now I’m old school. I don’t use a kettle I was always taught to heat up my water on a stove and for me, this is where the mindful process begins from filling it up to watching the water to watching it heat up. Once the tea is poured I take a moment to inhale the scent. This is such a mindful and meditative practice. If you are someone that struggles with being in the moment or meditating this is a great way to start. Start by looking at the colour of the tea, then by inhaling and taking in the beautiful scent and then taking a sip. I promise you it’s an experiment in the presence and you’ll be so engaged and so involved that you’ll recognize what it feels like to live in the now. This is one of my favourite ways to start the day because my mind is at ease it’s calm, it’s peaceful and at the same time my body feels like it’s getting this warm hug and that I’m feeling the energy all across my body.

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Brain Foods #2 Chia seed pudding

One of the things I really struggled with for many years was bloating in the morning I found that no matter what I ate, whatever mixture or choice I made left me feeling heavy and bloated my health. Coach Mona Sharma recently put me on chia seed pudding. Now I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning and it has made such a huge difference in my life not only is it tasty and light in the morning i don’t feel bloated at all anymore and it’s worked wonders for me. Chia seed pudding provides high-quality protein and it lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing blood sugar levels. Studies show that chia seeds have a high amount of fibre which slows the absorption of sugar in the blood and can decrease blood sugar levels. Recently I learned that chia pudding is also great for bone health. So all around it’s been a great replacement to the usual oatmeal or porridge or cereals that I would have in the morning that were high in sugar.

Brain Foods #3 Hydrate with LMNT

One of the other challenges I had for a long time was that after my workout I felt so dehydrated and so tired. I would have to get on with my workday but I’d often resort to feeling lethargic or lazy and I tried for a long time to figure out why that was this changed. Recently when I started using LMNT not only is it one of my favourite things to drink I end up feeling so energized and so rehydrated. Every single time I usually put a packet of it into a glass of water after my workout and the electrolytes make a huge difference to my energy as I said I used to struggle with feeling lazy or lethargic after an intense workout. Now I feel rejuvenated and nourished and can take on the challenges for the day. Element has had a huge impact on my focus levels and energy levels and I carry them around wherever I go. Element has been shown to regulate blood pressure, improve energy levels and it helps muscles contract including your heart for a limited time.

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Brain Foods #4 Celery juice

Do any of you have high inflammation, you’ve had indigestion, or you’ve had acid reflux? I struggled with many of those things for quite a while and again I tried a lot of things. Finally, I discovered celery juice. This really got added into my routine in January 2020. So I’ve been doing it for about 18 months now and I promise you it has changed how I feel. It’s removed that inflammation, it’s removed that negative acidity and now I’m able to just feel so much more clean and fresh. Every time I finish having some celery juice I almost feel like my insides have had a shower celery juice has been known to reduce inflammation, boost hydration, and provide beneficial antioxidants. You can make it at home if you’re someone who feels comfortable in the kitchen or you can pick it up at a store. Either way, it’s had a big impact on my health and I think it will on yours too.

Brain Foods #5 Variety of nuts

Usually, by mid-afternoon I start to feel a little bit of a slump maybe I’m feeling a little bit tired and I found that I’ve tried a lot of snacks to get that energy boost back. And sometimes they’re full of sugar, sometimes you’re getting that high, but then that dip, but one of the ones that has really helped is plain old nuts and now. Since I was a young man my mom told me and I believe this is an old Indian tradition that if I ate five almonds a day I’d have a really good memory. Now I’m really grateful to have a really really good memory and so, of course, my mom takes all the credit for feeding me five almonds a day and I also added two walnuts per day.

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Now if you look at a walnut-shaped like a brain and I was told since I was a kid that if you eat walnuts it would be good for your brain health as well. So for me, five almonds a day and two walnuts have been huge. I’ve also been recently adding brazil nuts. I found that nuts are a fantastic way of finding that energy boost but still staying healthy. Walnuts and almonds are super plant sources of omega-3. They promote a healthy gut and improve blood fats. I really hope that you’re going to experiment with some of these ideas to hopefully help you feel better throughout the day whether it’s finding more energy reducing stress and inflammation or whether it’s just about feeling better at the beginning of the day.

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Now I use the word experiment because that’s what you have to do. What works for me may not work for you. What works for you may not work for me but the idea is that I’m hoping to share insights that will give you an opportunity to try out something new, to try really simple habit changes that can have a big impact on your body and on your mind.

What are the brain foods you eat daily?

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