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5 Body Language Secrets – Be Confident In Any Situation

Updated on July 5, 2024

A lot of people want to know how to have the body language for confidence. Do you like to learn the 5 body language secrets to become more confident, attractive and respected? In the modern world, most people spend their maximum time on the computer and slump and hence they have forgotten how to hold themselves. When talking with another person or in the audience, they get nervous and their body language makes them a failure. You can learn simple ways to boost your confidence in any situation. In this article, you can find the 5 body language secrets of someone who appears to be incredibly confident.

Here are the 5 body language secrets to be confident in any situation

  1. Talk slowly
  2. Put your shoulders back and down
  3. Make Eye contact
  4. Use slower hand movements
  5. Keep your mouth wet with saliva
Confident Body Language
How To Be Confident In Any Situation? 5 Body Language Secrets

1. Talk slowly

First thing is, speak slowly. Don’t wave your hands around. Don’t speak fast and loud. Never shout and don’t get all excited. Because powerful people speak slowly and they are very commanding. They command the stage. Do you know Why Speaking With Candour Is Important For Success?

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2. Put your shoulders back and down

Whenever you’re talking to someone, try to keep your chin up. Keep your shoulders down and back. Have your presence, and you can have it by speaking slowly, taking on the posture, shoulders up and back.

3. Make Eye contact

Make eye contact. When you speak, look at the audience or person. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Speak, and then listen. Listen to other people. Listening is the best sincere form of respect. Make the listener feel interesting. Don’t speak gibberish. Instead, ask “Tell me about you.” Act as if you’re interested to know about them. Listen and smile. Do it many times. Even if you are not interested in their topic, make a point of acting like you are interested. Meet people’s eye level.

Many people make this classic mistake. Someone asks to tell me about you, and they go speaking gibberish. Don’t do that. Say, what you do, the reason you do it, and why you love it so much and take your time. Don’t go into a whole story. Don’t rush who you are and what makes your heart sing. If people are bored, you’ll find out and then you can just say, anyway, enough about me, what about you? But don’t gabble through it. When you’re speaking to someone you’ll know if they’re bored because their shoulders will start to turn towards their door, their shoulders, their knees, their hips. You might have noticed that you do that when you’re bored. You really want to do that.

If you’re speaking to someone who might be going to employ you, no matter how bored you are, keep your shoulders, your knees and your hips faced towards them. Keep that towards them, and then it says, I’m interested in you. I find you interesting. You may like to learn How To Develop Effective Communication Skills With These Simple Tips

4. Use slower hand movements

Body language and posture is very important. Some people show their nervousness by wringing their hands, fiddling with a little hangnail, playing with jewellery, fluffing the hair. Strength is shown in stillness. The more still you are, the more strong and powerful you appear. Try to be still in your movements and not to wave around. Believe in yourself. Walk with confidence and talk with confidence. Find How To Sound More Confident Even If You Are Not Confident?

5. Keep your mouth wet with saliva

Here’s one final thing. When we’re nervous our mouth gets dry. And we’ve all seen people licking their lips because they are nervous. When you are nervous, your mouth gets dry and you lick your lips. And when you’re nervous, you tend to have your shoulders up around your ears. If you’re nervous, push your shoulders down all the way down, and then fill up your mouth with saliva, pump it ’round your mouth. It sounds disgusting, but who knows you’re doing it.

If you can make your mouth wet, you send a message to your mind that says I’m really relaxed. Fill up your mouth with saliva, swirl it around and your brain will think, wet mouth means you’re relaxed. If you’re nervous, do that. Drink water. Swirl it around. It sends a message to your mind that says you are relaxed.

How To Be Confident In Any Situation? (Body Language Secrets) – Marisa Peer

Recap of 5 body language secrets

Keep your shoulders down. It says you are relaxed. Keep your chin up, shoulders back, posture good, and it says you are confident. So you can trick your mind into believing you’re confident and you’re relaxed by the way you hold yourself, by the way you walk, by the way you talk, by the volume of your voice, by the speed of your voice, by your hand movements, by eye contact.

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People who are successful do this naturally, and you may have to do it unnaturally. Who cares if you do? Do you know what happens? It starts being who you are and what you do. And then it is who you are, so it starts by being what you do, and then it becomes who you are. You’ll find that if you keep pushing your shoulders down, filling up your mouth with saliva, holding yourself straight, making eye contact, that eventually, you do it on autopilot. That’s a wonderful thing. It’s a great thing. It’s yours for the taking. It stops being what you do and becomes who you are. Grow in confidence. Grow in self-esteem. Do it today and soon you’ll find you do it every day.

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Your body language speaks better than your words without your knowledge. Actions speak better than words. The person watching you can easily understand many things about you from your body language. So, it is very important to be cautious about your body language and you should have full control over it. You should control your emotions, stress and nervousness. If you have fear while speaking with others, you must learn to overcome public speaking fear.

Are you cautious about your body language while speaking?

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