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How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself 

Updated on July 5, 2024

Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Are you worried about how to be the best version of yourself? Whatever dream you have, use all your energy to make it into reality. On the road to success, you will fall down many times. But the most important thing is that you should never quit on your dream and give up. You get back up stronger and wiser than before with self-confidence and a positive attitude. In this article, you can find easy self-improvement steps helpful to becoming the best version of yourself.

What is the best version of yourself?

The most important thing is to stop comparing yourself to others because everyone is on their own unique path. Being the best version of yourself is all about you and not about other people. To become the best version of yourself, you need to push yourself every day. You don’t need to compete with others but just hard work on becoming better every single day. Your actions could help you become the best version of yourself.

9 Steps – Be The Best Version Of Yourself

  1. There’s only one you
  2. Be greedy and hungry for your ambitions
  3. Do not compromise on your Dreams
  4. Be Fearless of failures
  5. Surround yourself with the right people
  6. You can never please anyone all the time
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  8. Help others
  9. Never forget your roots
Steps Best version of yourself
9 Steps Best version of yourself

1. There’s only one you

The first and most important thing is to identify the core of you. Realise who you are inside, how valuable you are, your beliefs, skills and flaws, and what is the real value of your life. Once you understand all about yourself, you would have taken the first step in finding you are unique identity, and that is the best version of you. Remember, you are unique, and no other person is like you in the world.

One of the key problems with most of us is that most often we don’t allow ourselves the ability to dream beyond our imagination. Sometimes, we are too rigid to let our dreams develop. Do you know the power of dreaming big? Are you afraid of changes and moving away from what is familiar to you? If yes, you do not allow your mind to think about a better future. You should loosen up, and shake it off a little because change is the only constant thing in life. Remember, age is just a number and you are never too old or never too experienced to learn something new. Successful people never stop learning. Always believe that you have everything to achieve your dreams.

If you read the stories of successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella or any other highly successful human, you find they are successful because they never waste their precious time and they commit to learning new things every single day. Never waste your valuable time because time is precious and priceless.

Use your valuable time wisely, be productive, and set up your life so that you can spend your future doing more things that you want to do. Never waste your precious time on meaningless things and unnecessary entertainment like video games and social media. Use your time on gaining more knowledge by learning new things, and reading good books.

2. Be greedy and hungry for your ambitions

Some people have wrong thinking that being ambitious is not good. As long as you are not harming someone or doing something wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. Don’t feel scared of being ambitious for wanting more for yourself than you ever thought you could have. From childhood, you have been told several times that you should do this, you should not do this, it is your responsibility, and this is how you should be. These words do not allow you to do anything on your own.

Who can tell you who you should be? Don’t live on others’ benchmarks. Don’t let situations or people dictate to you who you are and who you can be. Fight for your dreams because except you no one else is going to fight for your dreams. Turn down the rules and opportunities that don’t fit into what you think. Your failures, successes, life journey and all of it is yours. Your path is just your own and doesn’t belong to anyone.

3. Do not compromise on your Dreams

You will fail many times, and that is as certain as night and day. Failure is part of life and there is nothing you can do to stop that. All successful people have failed many times in their life. It’s what you do after that defines your success. Never quit or feel self-pity for failures. Control your emotions, dash yourself off, and drive straight back into life. The only way to push failure aside is to move ahead, not by ignoring it, but by analysing and learning from it. Without tasting failures, you will never truly enjoy success.

What is life without challenges and risks? Take risks and challenges because that will make you strong. If you do not truly explore the full extent of your possibilities, you’ll always remain stagnant. Don’t worry about failures because a better result is awaiting you. Never allow obstacles to break success in your life. Always believe in yourself and move forward with a positive attitude to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

4. Be fearless of failures

Many people do not achieve their goals because they are fearful of failure. Once they fail, they quit their goals. If you want to achieve success, let your dreams fly, give them wings, and move forwards fearless of failures. Learn to turn failure into success. Knowing opportunities is an important part of being fearless. Opportunities don’t come very often. Once you waste a wonderful opportunity, you will never get it back. Your job is to recognise and make the most of them through hard work to squeeze every drop out of these opportunities. No matter where you are in life, your ambition and hard work will help you become the best version of yourself. Never stop believing in yourself. Push yourself to become the best version of yourself.

5. Don’t take yourself too seriously 

You are not making rockets and hence don’t take yourself too seriously. Problems are part of life’s journey. Calm down, have fun and just enjoy this beautiful journey. The biggest favour that you can do to yourself is to laugh at yourself, at situations. Find a moment to appreciate every single day and heal emotional pain. Smile at life and make others smile. Always stay happy and smile at life. Find a few simple ways to increase daily manifestations that can help to access your potential.

6. Surround yourself with the right people

Friends, family, the people you work with, and the surrounding people are the greatest influencers on your journey to success. So choose them wisely. No matter what you do, someone will always be unhappy. You can never please everyone all the time, especially in this age of social media. You will get confused between the voices that actually matter and the opinions of faceless people writing behind anonymity or fake ids. Ignore baseless comments because they don’t matter. Never keep bad friends because they will damage your life. Make more good friends.

7. Help others

It’s really not that hard to be kind, to be compassionate, to be human. You will never know someone else’s full story. So don’t be quick to judge others without knowing the truth. Don’t think that you only have weaknesses and suffering. In this wonderful world, there is always someone who will be less fortunate than you. So give back, and help others wherever you can. Never belittle anyone by making fun of their weaknesses. Remember, we have one world and it is ours. We need to heal it, and that starts with us. Helping others will brighten your life.

8. Never forget your roots

Finally, the most important one. Always remember where you came from. It’s truly what defines you. There are many people behind your success. Your parents, family members, relatives, friends, teachers, people who helped you financially with your education and career, and the list goes on. Never forget your parents’ struggle and sacrifice for your success. You may say you achieved success through your hard work. Yes, that is true, but without the help of others, nobody can achieve success. Never forget the steps you climbed to reach the top. Create a growth mindset that does not allow you to quit or stop believing in yourself.


Hope that you could find the above helpful to become the best version of yourself. Believe that you’ll be successful and one day, you’ll live the life you deserve. If you wait for the best version of yourself to happen, you’re forever going to be stuck with the current version. Start making progress today. Sometimes, you need to make big changes in order to unleash the best version of yourself. Empty your mind with things that don’t matter and focus only on the things and good people that truly matter. Stay focused on your goals. Never stop learning. Being successful is about being the best version of yourself. Remember, there’s nothing IMPOSSIBLE because the word itself said: “I’M POSSIBLE”. Success is not about earning huge money, fame or a big house, it’s all about becoming the best version of yourself.

How do you launch the best version of yourself?

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