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Best Sleeping Positions To Sleep At Night For Good Health

Updated on July 5, 2024

We all know that good sleep at night is very important for our well-being. But most of us do not know the best sleeping positions to sleep peacefully at night. Most people do not pay attention to the best sleeping positions to sleep. Many people are not aware of the importance of good sleep and the bad effects of wrong sleeping positions. In this article, you will find the best sleeping positions and their benefits and also the bad effects of wrong sleeping positions. Continue reading till the end and also don’t miss to watch the video by the expert Dr Hansaji Yogendra to learn the best sleeping positions to sleep peacefully at night.

Importance of best sleeping positions

Do you know your sleeping position plays a very important role in deciding the quality of your sleep and other health conditions? Are you aware of the fact that wrong sleeping positions will create various health problems related to orthopaedic, digestive, heart and other?

Many people are not aware of the importance of good sleep and the bad effects of wrong sleeping positions. If you have any concerns about your sleep or think you may have contact sleep apnea, it is important to see a specialist.

After a busy schedule of travel and hard work, you must be tired and just want a place to take a little rest. Some people say, just need a place to lie down and they get to sleep immediately. If you are one of them, when you are on the bed and curl up under the covers at night, without thinking much about the effects of sleeping positions, you probably settle into your favourite position. But have you ever heard that one sleep position is better than another for your good health?


What is the healthiest position for sleep?

Health experts say, sleeping on the side or back is more beneficial than sleeping on the stomach. These sleep positions keep your spine supported and balanced. This helps to relieve pressure on the spinal tissues and enables your muscles to relax and recover.

Is it better to sleep on your back or side?

Health expert suggests side sleeping is the most popular and best sleeping position. According to experts, side sleeping offers better health benefits, such as reducing pressure on the heart, reducing snoring problems and acid reflux symptoms and also obstructive sleep apnea. Back sleeping is good for spine alignment and it is helpful for people suffering from back pain.

Let us try to understand the best sleeping positions.

What are the best sleeping positions?

Adverse effects of sleeping on the abdomen

Sleeping on abdomen
Sleeping on abdomen

Many people feel comfortable sleeping on the abdomen. But that is a wrong position. Sleeping on the abdomen should be your last choice for sleeping at night. When you are sleeping on your back throughout the night, your spine is never in its natural alignment.

  • Leads to severe neck pain and back pain.
  • Your lungs cannot expand, hence there is always a strain on your breathing.
  • Despite sleeping the entire night, you feel fatigued and your digestion might also get affected.
Neck pain
Neck pain

Pregnant women, heavier adults and aged people should avoid sleeping on their backs. Because it may sometimes aggregate your back pain. People suffering from acid reflux and flatulence should totally avoid sleeping on their backs.

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Advantages of sleeping on the back

People suffering from cervical spondylitis, neck pain, and stiff upper back should definitely lie down on their back with proper support of a pillow below the head up to the shoulder. This would help them release the pain.

Sleeping on back
Sleeping on back

You can sleep on your back for 15 mins to 30 mins but after that, you should always sleep on your sides. As far as possible should not sleep the entire night on your back.

Sleeping on sides

Amongst all the sleeping positions, sleeping on your sides is the best sleeping position. The left side and right side, both sides are very healthy for your body.

Sleeping on the left side

According to Ayurveda, sleeping on the left side is the best position for your digestive system. Digestion, absorption, and assimilation will be proper. When sleeping on the left side, the right nostril is functioning, and that helps in improvising your digestive capacity. That helps in better absorption, better assimilation, proper nutrition and proper energy and that will automatically prevent heartburn and all other digestive issues.

Snoring can handle very well. When lying down on the left side, keep a pillow on your head so that your head is in a little tilted and sideway position. In this position, you will automatically stop snoring.

Snoring couple
Snoring couple

In couples, snoring is a big problem in couples. This would really help in good sleep and a good partner along with you.

Sleeping on the left side is good for people suffering from colds, coughs, sinusitis, and asthma. If your right nostril is blocked, sleeping on the left side will automatically open your right nostril.

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Best sleeping position for pregnant women

This is the best sleeping position for pregnant women with knees bent, which enables good blood flow to the fetus, to the liver, to the kidney, to the heart and to the uterus. During pregnancy, the belly is growing big and the pressure in the uterus becomes very strong. So sleeping on the left side really helps to reduce the pressure because of the growing belly.

Best sleeping position for pregnant woman
Pregnant woman sleeping

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Back pain

Human spine
Human spine

The human spine is S-shaped. When this curvature of S increases, people get a backache. Sleeping on the left side position helps in the management of backache problems. A person who has back pain should definitely lie down on the left side and keep one pillow in between both thighs. That would help in releasing the pain. The left side is the best sleeping position for people suffering from backache. Sleeping on your left side helps increase the heat in your body and the right nostril will function.

If you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room, the temperature is cold. If you sleep in the left-side position, that would help you manage the temperature nicely without getting hurt by the chilly atmosphere.

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Right side sleeping

Right-side sleeping also is the best sleeping position.

Right side sleeping
Right side sleeping

The right-side sleeping position also gives you all the benefits that you are getting from left-side sleeping. But you should not sleep on the right side immediately after eating your food because that doesn’t help better digestion. So first allow the body to digest the food. When your stomach is empty, sleeping on the right side would give you very good relaxation.

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When you are sleeping in the right-side position, your left nostril (cooling nostril) is functioning very well. This helps to cool down your body.

Remember, sleep makes up one-third of your life. Proper sleep is important for good health and can solve enormous problems.

When you are angry, lie down on an empty stomach on the right side position. That will handle your problem very well.

If you have constipation, when you wake up in the morning, lie down on the right side and take a few long breaths. You will feel much relief from constipation and you will be able to evacuate your bowels very nicely.

For better digestion and better absorption, you will lie down on the left side position. But you should sleep in the right side position also to get good relaxation for your body. Good hormonal secretions, maintaining body balance, and preventing and healing diseases and problems are possible only with good sleep at night.

Always give importance to good sleep and the best sleeping positions.

When you have a lot of gas problems, lie down on your stomach for 10-15 minutes.

For spinal disorders, backache and neck problems, lie down on your back.

Lying down on the left side would help you with irritable bowel movements, irritation and indigestion.

Lying down on your right side would be good to make your mind calm.

The Best Position To Sleep Peacefully At Night | Dr Hansaji Yogendra

 The most important is you should maintain a better sleep routine. Many times, thoughts from the incidents of the day disturb sleep. There are powerful techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind before you sleep every night. Learning how to get better quality rest and better sleep at night is important for good health.

Many people are not aware of the importance of good sleep and the bad effects of wrong sleeping positions. If you have any concerns about your sleep or think you may have contact sleep apnea, it is important to see a specialist. The team at Sleep Apnea Clinic in Sydney can help you diagnose and treat your condition so you can get the restful sleep you need.


From the above, you must have understood the importance of good sleep at night. In the present busy world, many factors interfere with your sleep that is not under your control. Still, you can follow the best sleeping positions and also adopt a few good habits that encourage better quality sleep at night. This will make you feel fresh and energetic in the morning and also help to maintain good physical and mental health.

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References and screenshot credits: YouTube video advice from Dr Hansaji Yogendra, The Yoga Institute.

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