Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

What Are the Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer?

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2021)

Do you know concentration in prayer brings happiness and peace in the mind? Many people do not have concentration while praying. Their eyes are closed, prayers come out from the mouth but the mind will be travelling somewhere else. What about you? Are you also one of them?

Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer

We all pray at least once or twice a day. Some people pray many times in a day on a special routine or as and when they get free time.

Is our prayer an act only just to fulfil the routine and tradition? Do we remember prayer is not an activity but an attitude? Are we able to control the mind from wandering during prayer? 

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Woman Praying With Closed Eyes
Woman Praying With Closed Eyes
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Moral Story – Concentration In Prayer

A king went to the forest for hunting. At the sunset, he kneeled down and prayed. A farmer’s wife came through that way in search of her husband who did not return even after the sunset.

Because of the sadness and stressful mind, she could not see the king praying in the dark and hit the body of the king. Since she was in a hurry, she moved away without asking pardon to the king. That made the king angry, but he said nothing.

The king sitting after the prayer saw the lady with her husband returning happily. He questioned her undisciplined behaviour of moving away without asking pardon.

She apologised, “in the thoughts of my husband I could not see you. How did you see me when you were in prayer?”

Hearing this, the king kept silent because he could not open his mouth to reply to her unexpected question. He understood he was not keeping concentration in prayer.

What is prayer?

  • Spiritual communication between man and God, not only talk to God but also listen to Him.
  • A Spiritual journey with full concentration of the mind focused only to the Almighty.
  • A precious time for self-examination and trial in the witness of God.

When praying, we should concentrate our mind only to the almighty. But how many of us can follow this?

You may ask me, do I follow? No, many things pass through my mind and sometimes I forget what I was praying.

But on some days I could concentrate for a few minutes with closed eyes and I try to visualise things for which I pray. That gives me a free mind, but that is not always happening.

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Unwanted negative thoughts

Many times, negative thoughts and stress disturb our mind and we cannot concentrate on the prayer. This is common with the human. If you recall your memory you may find many times.

You hear sounds or talk while praying with closed eyes. After finishing the prayer you ask about that to your family members. How many times did it happen with you?

Give thanks to God

Sometimes, in the prayer, our mind will recall the happenings of the day. This is a chance for us to give thanks to God for all the good, ask pardon and also take a decision not to repeat any wrong things again. That will help to clear the tensions and bring peace in the mind.

When searching for the best, we must dismiss trivial ones. Giving attention to another person while talking to someone is the biggest insult to the person with whom you are talking. In the same way, while praying we should not give attention to the happenings around. Prayer is not an activity but an attitude.


Those who are engaged in many things at the same time cannot enjoy or dissolve in anything. They will not get satisfaction in anything. We cannot concentrate or get satisfaction on the work forcibly doing with strict rules and restrictions.

The same thing happens when you pray just to fulfil the routine or to please others. The prayer or work will be effective and satisfactory only when self-inspiration is added.

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Prayer is a direct talk with the almighty God. While praying you should have full concentration in prayer, your mind should not be disturbed.

Do you pray daily? Is your prayer just an activity or a prayer with full concentration and spiritual mind?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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2 thoughts on “What Are the Benefits Of Concentration In Prayer?”

  1. I have always found it difficulty to consetrate every time when i start paying, what can i do or what the technique, I need your help.

    1. Don’t worry much about that. That happens with many people. Try praying with closed eyes, even then you thoughts will come into mind, just ignore that. Slowly you will learn concentration.

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