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How To Become An Effective Sales Manager

Updated on July 5, 2024

In the current world, many people are in the sales field. Being a sales manager is a team activity. You can develop three simple skills to become a truly effective sales manager and lead your team to success. As you know, the sales team is one of the most important sections of the success of a business. The ability and skill of the sales team in convincing the customers have a major role in getting more business. This post is based on the YouTube video of Brian Tracy.

Your life can only get better when you do something every day to improve your key skill areas.

Brian Tracy

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A Few Skills Required For An Effective Sales Manager

  • Analysis and strategic planning abilities
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Motivation skills
  • Delegation Skills
  • Ability to remain calm under any pressure

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3 Simple Steps To Become An Effective Sales Manager

Being a sales manager is a team activity. If you work in sales you need to be a team player in order to get results through the individuals you’re managing. While most sales managers are trained in sales, they’re not always trained in sales management. They likely came into a sales manager role after proving themselves as a good salesperson. But that isn’t always enough to succeed at the managerial level.

Here’s the good news though all sales management skills can be learned. And a sales manager who intentionally works on these skills will be able to help their team be incredible salespeople while lifting up the rest of the organization as well. Take a look at the three simple skills to develop to become a truly effective sales manager.

Steps To Become An Effective Sales Manager
Steps To Become An Effective Sales Manager

1. Be Result Oriented

Skill number one is to be results-oriented. Successful and effective salespeople and leaders must be results-oriented. But it’s not enough for you just to focus on results, you need to build a team that’s results-oriented too.

How can you create a sales team that cares about getting results?

Be clear with your team about what their goals and end results should be. Explain what you’re trying to achieve and why it’s important. You’ll also want to lay out the expectations you have for your employees. Tell them the specific actions you’re going to take to move toward your goals together. Make yourself available for any questions or clarifications to ensure everybody is on the same page. If you don’t communicate the results you want with your sales team, you’re setting yourself and your team up for failure. But if you’re intentional about your goals you’ll be able to serve as an effective sales leader.

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2. Provide Your Team With Training

Skill number two is to provide your team with excellent sales training. You can’t expect results unless you give your team something to work with. If you want your employees to achieve a certain result, you must make sure to provide them with the proper training. This can be done in a three-part process.

Identify the key skills

First, identify the key skills the salesperson will need to help them make their quota in a competitive market. These skills should be things that are highly relevant to your product or service.

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Teach your new recruits these key skills

Teach your new recruits these key skills. Attend calls with them and watch them perform. Give them audio programs to listen to. Send them to sales seminars or conduct your own.


The third part of this training is follow-up. Continue checking in with your salespeople over time to reinforce what you’ve taught. Create open lines of communication so they can ask you questions at any time. Remember sales training is a process. It continues throughout a salesperson’s entire career. To maintain high levels of performance you need to be continually working on sales training all the time. And by helping your team with their continued education, they’ll be better equipped to get results.

3. Seek Out Opportunities For Growth

The third and final skill to become an effective sales manager is to seek out opportunities for growth. There’s always room for improvement in growth even if you’re at a manager level.

Be humble enough to realize that you still have space to learn. For instance, teach yourself new ways to find and train salespeople, or stay on top of the trends in the sales industry. Get creative about methods that you can use to continue to grow in your sales career.

Identifying your weaknesses will also help you improve. You can make even more progress by working on your weakest area or skill set.

The best leaders are people who will continually evaluate what their weaknesses are and how they can improve.

Finally, keep in mind that all sales management skills can be learned. You can learn any key skill that you need to in order to achieve any goal whether it’s a goal for yourself or your team. So don’t be afraid to dream big. By focusing on results providing high-quality training for your team and continuing to grow your own skills and knowledge you’ll become a more effective sales manager and lead your team to success in their sales careers as well.

Question for you

What is one area where you could improve as a sales manager and what will you do to get better?

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How to Become an Effective Sales Manager in 3 Simple Steps | Brian Tracy


We all know the salesperson’s skill and ability to attract and motivate customers is very important to boost sales. Many times, you might not be interested to buy a product, but the salesperson’s talk and attitude force you to buy the same. An effective sales manager can coordinate and guide the sales team to perform well in their field. The above simple tips from Brian Tracy are really helpful to learn how to become an effective sales manager.

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