Arrogant In Short Life In This World

Why Some People Are Arrogant In Short Life In This World?

Updated on July 5, 2024

Are you an arrogant person? Do you feel family members or friends are arrogant? When we go to bed at night, we have no guarantee to wake up and see the next morning. We don’t know what will happen to us in the next minute. That is life. So, the question is “Why we are arrogant in short life in this world?

In life’s fast-paced journey, arrogance can be a tempting but treacherous shortcut. It’s that misplaced confidence that often leads to unnecessary stumbles, missed opportunities, and strained relationships. But what exactly is the price of arrogance in our short lives? In this exploration, we’ll take a quick yet insightful look at arrogance, its impact on our life’s brief timeline, and the wisdom of embracing humility for a more fulfilling journey. Join us as we uncover the perils of arrogance and the benefits of embracing a more humble approach to life’s challenges.

Are You Arrogant In Short Life In This World?

In this world our life is short. The sad thing is we don’t realise this fact about life. Many times our words and actions are filled with arrogance. What is the benefit of being arrogant in short life? No benefit, but this arrogance is damaging our life.

Some people say they are confident but their behaviour is arrogant. They do not understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Anyone can give pain to our body. But only the persons whom we loved with the whole heart can give pain to our mind.

Why many families are not happy?

Many families are not happy. Differences in thinking are natural. But you should be careful in your words and actions with your loved ones.

Children should respect and obey their parents. Proper care and love should be given to aged parents.

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Many parents struggle and sacrifice a lot for their children. Words from life’s struggle experience may not have beauty. That may be the reason sometimes children don’t like the advice of parents. Children should not forget parents struggle and sacrifice for their success.

Do you have healthy relationships with parents?

Solve Arguments

We should erase persistence, solve arguments and correct all the misunderstandings.  We don’t know who among us will be alive tomorrow. Never judge a person without knowing the truth.

Must Read Bible Quotes

Read this beautiful Bible Quote about life. We know about the life of grass and flowers. Our life in this world also is the same.

One earthquake, storm or flood will wash away everything.

Arrogant in short life
Bible Quote Psalm-103:15-16

15 As for mortals, their days are like grass;
    they flourish like a flower of the field;
16 for the wind passes over it, and it is gone,
    and its place knows it no more.

Bible – Psalm 103

History says people have taken advantage of the innocents. So, don’t be innocent in everything. You should be a little selfish wherever necessary.

Don’t Waste Money And Time

While alive we build multistory houses, buy luxurious vehicles and earn good bank balances. For many people, it is a competition to waste money and time on this kind of things which are not necessary for a successful life. Time is precious and priceless. Never waste time.

They think life is to earn maximum money and money can buy everything. But later they realise money can’t buy everything required for happiness and success in life.

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What Money Can Buy And Can’t Buy

If you want happiness and success, you should live a humble life, help others, spread happiness and love. This should be the main aim of your life.

Friends And Frenemies

Colour of sugar and salt is the same, but the taste is different. Some friends are like this. Their words and actions make you feel like best friends. But in reality, they may not be true friends.

Do you know the difference between friends and frenemies?

Try to make more good friends and never keep bad friends because they will damage your life.

All human has flaws. But flaws have no place in a love-filled mind.  When love forgets the flaws that become true love. 

Peace And Happiness

Poor people stay in small huts and the rich stay in palace or palace-type houses. If there are peace and happiness in the hut, that hut is better than a palace.

Many rich people do not sleep well at night. Business and other related problems do not allow them to sleep peacefully. They don’t have enough time for the family and children.

Helping Others

Some people help others for publicity or other benefits. That is not a help. You should help others without looking for any return.

If you can’t help others, that is not a problem. But never hurt others with your words or actions. Not hurting others is greater than helping others.

When you see people above your status, you may feel sad. But when you look at the people below your status, you will realise how lucky and high you are.

Always stay happy with whatever you have. Think about the people who don’t have food to feed their children, no shelter to sleep at night and no clothes to hide nakedness.

That time you will realise the blessings and gift you received from the Almighty God.

Healthy Communication

You are responsible for whatever you speak. But you are not responsible for what meaning the listener give and understand from your words. Be careful while speaking with others or an audience. Avoid communication mistakes and control your life

We can speak anything to whom we treat as own. But unexpected hurting words from the mouth can make a big wound in the mind. Speak words carefully and avoid hurting the listener.

Think before you speak. Never hurt the listener because wounds from words are more painful than a wound from a sword.

The bird flies from one branch to another teaches us a good lesson. The lesson to not to depend too much only on one branch. 

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Relax And Forgive

When bad incidents happen in life, relax and be happy. Tell your mind to be happy because nothing happened bigger than what happened.

Before going to bed, close your eyes for a few seconds. Bring everyone who hurt you in the day with words and deeds. Forgive everyone in your mind and sleep with a free mind. This will help you for better sleep at night.

Do you know the benefits of forgiveness and self-forgiveness

Facts About Love

In childhood, we get love free, at a young age have to hard work for love and in old age have to beg for love.

Your aged parents need your love. Do you know it is the responsibility of children to take care of their aged parents?

There are two types of relationships. Some people come into your life as a blessing, but others will be a lesson to you.

Keep Smile On Your Face

You might have seen some people have a smile always on their face. When you see them, do you think they have no problems in life?

Always smiling faces do not mean they don’t have problems, but they have learned to hide and handle their problems. 

What about you? Are you able to handle problems and hide your pain from the facial expression?

Don’t Waste Opportunities

Some people ignore opportunities waiting for a better opportunity. Later, they feel sad about the same. Don’t waste opportunities, because life itself is an opportunity. 

Express Love While Alive

Some people fight for skin colour, religion and caste. What is the benefit of this kind of fight in a life which can end by the slip of a leg?

People have no time to look on the live face. In this new technology world, many people look and enjoy more on smartphone screens.

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They have no time to look at the face of family members or other people around them. But some people rush and take a lot of trouble to see the same face after the death of that person.

Remember, it is better to smile looking at the live face than take the trouble to see the same face of the dead body. 


The main problem with many of us is we are ignoring the fact about our lives. When we get wealth, status and other powers we become arrogant in our short life in this virtual world. We forget the reality of life.

Help others to understand life is short and hence there is no benefit to being arrogant in a short life.

I got the inspiration to write this article from a WhatsApp video. I thought it would be better to share the beautiful messages helpful for us to think about our daily life.

What about you? Are you arrogant in short life?

Let me know your experiences and thoughts in the comment box below.

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