Apple And The Strawberry

The Apple And The Strawberry: Moral Story For Kids

Updated on July 5, 2024

Have you ever heard the story about the apple and the strawberry? Picture a classroom full of colours, like a garden in springtime, where learning is like the petals opening on a flower. A teacher and her young student stumbled upon a fun mystery. It all began with a question about apples and strawberries, but it turned into something much bigger—a lesson that showed them how amazing it is to see things from different points of view. Let’s dive into the tale of “The Apple and the Strawberry”

The Apple And The Strawberry: Moral Story

Once upon a time, in a classroom filled with colourful posters and eager young minds, a teacher posed a simple question to a six-year-old student: “If I give you one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?”

Now, most of us might think the answer is straightforward: three apples, right? But this young boy, had a different idea. With a confident smile, he answered, “Four!”

The teacher, taken aback by this unexpected response, tried again, thinking perhaps the boy hadn’t heard her. “Let’s try again. If I give you one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?”

Once more, the boy answered, “Four,” though this time with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. The teacher, now puzzled, decided to change tactics. Knowing the boy’s love for strawberries, she asked a similar question, but with strawberries instead.

Surprisingly, the boy’s answer was different this time. With a careful count on his fingers, he replied, “Three?” The teacher’s face lit up with joy. She had found the key to unlocking his understanding.

But just when she thought she had succeeded, the boy’s final answer to the apple question remained the same: “Four!” The teacher, bewildered, demanded an explanation.

And then came the revelation: the boy already had an apple in his bag. Suddenly, everything made sense.


The moral of this story is simple yet profound: sometimes, people see things from a different perspective. Just because their answer doesn’t match ours doesn’t mean they’re wrong. There might be factors we haven’t considered.

Instead of insisting on our viewpoint, we should take the time to understand others’. We can ask questions like, “Can you please help me understand?” This way, we not only broaden our perspective but also show respect for the unique viewpoints of others.

So, the next time someone gives you an unexpected answer, don’t be quick to dismiss it. Take a moment to listen, learn, and appreciate the different ways of seeing the world. Who knows? You might just discover a whole new way of thinking.


So, what did the apple and the strawberry teach us? They showed us that there’s more than one way to look at things. Just like a red apple might be seen as three apples to one person and four to another, our perspectives can vary too. By understanding and appreciating different points of view, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities. So, let’s remember the lesson from our classroom adventure and embrace the beauty of seeing the world through different lenses. Who knows what wonderful discoveries await us when we do?

So, after hearing about the apple and the strawberry, what do you think? How do you see the world around you? Do you think it’s exciting to look at things from different points of view?

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