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How To Achieve Perfect Health – The Complete Guide For Good Health

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2021)

Are you worried about how to achieve perfect health? If yes, this article is a complete guide for better health through self-improvement. In this article and video, you will learn about how to renew your mind and break your mental barriers. Find expert advice on how to breathe through your nose, exploit the power of exercise, realign now, meditate, fix your diet, take cold showers, activate your systems, get rid of stress, start respecting life and live authentically.

10 Tips for achieving perfect health

Tips for achieving perfect health exercise stress
Tips for achieving perfect health
  1. Breathe through your nose
  2. Exploit the power of exercise
  3. Realign now
  4. Meditate
  5. Fix your diet
  6. Take cold showers
  7. Activate your systems
  8. Get rid of stress
  9. Start respecting life
  10. Live authentically

1. Breathe through your nose for perfect health

Breathe through your nose - Achieve perfect health
Lady breathing through the nose

Why does it matter so much and what are the benefits of breath almost exclusively through the nose?

The nose and the sinus passages take up about the volume of a billiard ball, sometimes even more than that. So this is an incredibly ornate and complex organ that looks so much like a seashell, they call it the nasal-concha. Seashells use their shells the organisms within there to keep out pathogens and to filter stuff out. That’s exactly what our noses do. So air doesn’t just shoot in into our nose into our throat. We have to force it through this gauntlet of turbinates and mucosa and cilia and all of these different structures. And while air is being pressurized and forced through this labyrinth it is moistened, it’s heated, it’s filtered, it’s pressurized, and it’s conditioned so that by the time it enters our lungs we can better absorb that oxygen.

So just breathing equivalent breaths through the nose, then through the mouth will increase oxygenation by about 20 per cent with each breath. So that’s caused by a number of things also Nitric Oxide. Nitro, this wondrous molecule that does is implicated with vasodilation, it helps with gas exchange, it’s essential, we make six times more no when we breathe through our nose and if we make 15-floor fold more.

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2. Exploit the power of exercise – Robin Sharma

Exploit the power of exercise
Man and woman exercising

The first part of the deconstruction about how warriors battle proof elite health is exercise. We know the power of movement and yet so few of us exploit the power of exercising every day. We know that if we exercise we know it will allow us to live longer, it will give us more energy, it will boost our willpower, it’ll release dopamine the inspirational neurotransmitter. So we feel stronger. It’ll release serotonin so we feel more relaxed. Exercise promotes neurogenesis. So you’ll have more brain cells. It actually accelerates learning and processing. It releases BDNF – Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor that John Ratey calls miracle growth for the brain in his wonderful book Spark.

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Why wouldn’t you exercise every single day?

Why would you only do it once a day? So my encouragement with great love and respect is to do it from 5 to 5.20 and then at the end of your workday do a second wind workout. If you believe that exercise increases your energy and your focus and your happiness and your productivity why would you only do it once a day? So at the end of your workday, you do a second wind workout. It could be a yoga class, it could be a soul cycle class, it could be walking in nature, or going for a mountain bike ride. Because when you exercise in nature it’s amazing. What starts to happen? You get the fresh air, you get the sunlight, you get the colour of the leaves, you reconnect to your spiritual self, you get to breed the fresh air. Amazing! So the first point is really warriors understand the power of exercise to strengthen their interior core and their energy reserves and their mindset. So they win in battle.

3. Realign now for perfect health – Brendon Burchard

The major strategy in your health and your productivity right now is to re-align now. Realign now for your three-year plan. What do you mean by that? What I would love for you to do is you know sometimes when you talk about people’s health they’re so focused on right now they’re dealing with that health issue.

so three summers from now I would love for you to think about how do you want to look and feel physically. What do you want to feel like in terms of your physic, your physiology but your overall health? Where would you love to be with your overall health in three years? What happens is when we’re short-term-focused we fail to set boundaries.

4. Meditate for perfect health – Ray Dalio

meditation benefits covid19
Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is the biggest gift that I can give anyone and I would say more than anything it is whatever reason for success. When you look at neuroscience and psychology that there are different parts of your brain that want different things. So in the simplest sense, there is a theological part of the brain that you’re conscious of it’s called the conscious and you think you’re being logical and you want to make those decisions. Then there’s the subliminal below the limbic system part of the brain which is emotional. And it’s not as conscious to you but it has more of an influence on you than really the logical one and so they’re not aligned. And so when you’re experiencing that pain or let’s say the ego right there were two main things you got an ego barrier and a blind spot barrier.

If you can get past your ego barrier and you get past your blind spot barrier you can accomplish anything because you also know that you don’t have to do everything to you have to figure it out yourself. You can take in from other people the different ways to approach things in the best possible way. And so the realization that we all are really struggling with ourselves and to think which are which is in control. Meditation helps to deal with the alignment of those two things.

5. Fix your diet for perfect health – Dr Steven Gundry

Lectins are plant proteins that are one of the major defence systems of a plant against being eaten. One of the things that’s hard for us to con conceptualize is that plants do not want to be eaten. They actually have a life and they were actually here first. When insects arrived plants had a problem because they couldn’t run, they couldn’t fight, they couldn’t hide, but they have a huge advantage and that’s their chemist. They can turn sunlight into the matter and we haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

So what they do is they make proteins that are sometimes called sticky proteins or lectins that stick to certain sugar molecules in us particularly in our gut lining. Just by the way if anybody has sinusitis or runny noses when they eat certain foods you are actually producing sugar molecules in your mucus to trap lectins. And I have so many people who had chronic sinusitis including myself. When we finally got lectins out of our diet they completely went away. So lectins bind to sugar molecules. Lectins cause the wall of our gut to actually separate and people have heard the term leaky gut used.

The first thing you do is get major lectin-containing foods out of your diet.

6. Take cold showers – Jim Quick

It lowers inflammation

One of the things I do every morning is, I take a cold shower or an ice bath here. So there are a number of reasons why you want to take a cold shower. And starting with number one it lowers inflammation. So one of the challenges to your brain which also is part of your body is high inflammation levels and if you listen to our morning routine we do things like have turmeric tea and such which sounds really good right after you take a cold shower. By the way cold reduces inflammation. It’s like you bang your knee on a coffee table what do you do? You put ice on it to reduce swelling, inflammation. But we also have inflammation in our body so cold is very powerful.

It’s like a nervous system reset

Why do you want to take a cold shower in the morning? I don’t go through specifics on how long and such. the second reason is that it’s like a nervous system reset for me. It’s better than coffee. When I go into the cold I feel like after when I come out of it it’s like I’m brand new. And you can attest to this. Have you ever gone into a cold lake before or just like when you go out in the cold you come in and you’re like you feel refreshed? It helps to reset your nervous system.

7. Activate your systems for perfect health – Wim hof

Immune system
Protect Immune System

If you learn how to deal with cold water which is very stressful which goes directly into your emotion you learn also to deal with your emotion with your mood. This has now been shown in the brain scans that I’m able to connect with the areas where emotion is residing where while stress is coming upon my body I was able to feel euphoria. And you could not miss because you could see the brain and within the brain, you know where is the area of emotion and where’s the area of pain and sensation. And they saw it all and that was for the first time all learned in the cold water. Then I took that breathing those became techniques. I took them home began to do them and it’s amazing What I also and then I went to the university and they gave me an injection. I began to do these breathing techniques and the bacteria had no chance.

8. Get rid of stress for perfect health – Dr Joe Dispenza

Stressful Man Image by Davidqr from Pixabay

The definition of stress is when your brain and body are knocked out of balance, out of homeostasis the stress response is what the body innately does to return itself back to order.

You’re turning on those chemicals because they’re pushing all your emotional buttons when you turn on the stress response and you can’t turn it off. Now you’re headed for a disease because no organism in nature can live in emergency mode for that extended period of time. It’s a scientific fact that the hormones of stress down-regulated genes and create disease long-term effects on human beings because of the size of the neocortex. We can turn on the stress response just by thought alone. We can think about our problems and turn on those chemicals. That means then our thoughts could make us sick. So if it’s possible that our thoughts could make us sick is it possible then our thoughts could make us well? The answer is an absolute yes.

What are the emotions that are connected to survival?

So then what are the emotions that are connected to survival? Let’s name them, anger, aggression, hostility, hatred, competition, fear, anxiety, worry, pain, suffering, guilt, shame, unworthiness, envy, jealousy those are all created by the hormones of stress. And psychology calls them normal human states of consciousness. I call those altered states of consciousness. So then we tend to remember those traumatic events more because in survival you better be ready if it happens again that’s and the survival gene is switched on you could have 10 really great things that happen to you in your day and you just have one bad thing that happens and you cannot take your attention off that bad that unhappy thing because the survival gene is switched on.

9. Start respecting life – John Assaraf

People have to make a decision what they want to trade their life for yes because every day we’re trading our life for the people that we associate with for the business or job that we have. For what do we eat? For the health, for the enjoyment, for the fun, for the experience? And you have to ask yourself is my life worth trading for that? If it’s not, today is a good day to stop. But most people don’t think that they’re trading their life for something they think that there’s tomorrow and there’s next week really well. I have evidence to prove otherwise that we have no idea when the last breath will be.

So let’s trade our life every day as it’s the most important thing in the world and not from an ego perspective, from a humble grateful perspective of wow I get another day to live and to enjoy. Be grateful for that but then respect it. See respecting your life means you’re going to trade it for things that you feel are worthy of it. Most people ask themselves the wrong question. They ask themselves ‘Am I worthy of the goal and the dream that I have?. And they should be asking themselves is that goal, that dream, that I have worthy of my life? Change the question and if you say yeah I’ll trade my life for that good then go and do that.

10. Live Authentically for perfect health – Gabor Matelet

Let me tell you about a friend of mine who lives in Calgary. Her name is Shannon Duke and Shannon is 48 years old now. When she was 37 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Stage 4 meant that the cancer was already in her bones by the time it was diagnosed. At that time she had two young children age one and three and was married to a well-to-do businessman. She herself was a very high functioning executive for Microsoft in Calgary and then she’s diagnosed. She had a perfect life, perfect marriage, perfect home of course, and then she’s diagnosed. And healthy, physically fit always, ate well, and then she’s diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. And she has a transformation now. She gets the best medical advice she can get anywhere in North America and she travelled to New York and elsewhere She got the best medical treatment. And with that, she was given one year to live because that’s the prognosis stage four despite the medical treatment chances are you’ll be dead in one year now.

A year ago in February just a year ago now, Shannon travelled to the Napa Valley of California with some of her friends and they celebrated her 10th-year survival and her 47th birthday. And the transformation that she experienced was that when she was diagnosed and started paying attention she realized that her life had not been her life. Because she was sexually abused as a child and her response to the abuse was of course as many children will experience it can’t be about the adults it’s about me. If I would if this terrible thing happened to me I must be a very bad person.

I have to be very good to compensate. So the good daughter who doesn’t talk about it doesn’t disturb the waters, the good employee, the good student, the good wife who doesn’t talk about the husband’s addiction issues because that would again disturb the waters. And when she’s diagnosed and she decides she wants to live. She says the hell with all this perfection and goodness and she confronts her family a virgin about the abuse that she had endured and she confronts her husband and.

She starts leaving an authentic and she leaves the job by the way which wasn’t her wasn’t really expressing who she was now. 11 years later the cancer is still in her bones but it’s completely inactive but she knows that if she wants to stay alive she needs to stay authentic.

So that I believe that many of these issues are reversible like I’m not promising a cure here to anybody but Shannon really underwent a major self-journey and she continues every day to work at it and she practices her spiritual ways which she ignored all those years. And she pays attention to herself and she keeps clearing the stuff out and she is the picture of health her.

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If you want perfect health, you have to be conscious about what you focus on because that’s what is going to turn up. You also trade your life for those precious seconds. Time is precious and priceless. You cannot get any of that time back. Make sure you are chasing down the goals that are going to lead to a better quality of life for you.

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